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7 Important Air Travel Passenger Rights You Need To Know

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While you travel across the world there are a lot of things you need to know. Although you got the best travel packages, it is important to be ready for any uncertainties. There are many air travel passenger rights that you may not be aware of. Well, we’re going to discuss them here.

Air Travel Passenger Rights You Never Knew

Airlines may not share all the policies regarding the services they offer. However, there is a myriad of rules and regulations. There are more things to handle apart from airline tickets while you’re traveling abroad. Knowing your rights will help a lot in a distant land. Here are some passenger rights that you never knew.

1. Voluntary Bumping

Although there are thousands of flights every day, there can be cases where passengers get into an oversold flight. In case this happens, the airline prefers to look for volunteers who can opt for some other flight later. They additionally offer vouchers that can be used by passengers when they travel in the future.

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They not only receive compensation but also a priority seating on whichever next flight they take. Considering the airline and the seriousness of their requirement for a seat, you may ask them for perks like food vouchers and premium tickets.

2. Involuntary Bumping

In case of involuntary bumping, travelers are entitled to compensation in the form of cheque or cash based on the price of airline tickets. Airlines cannot settle the matter by offering you vouchers that are valid for a limited duration.

Instead, they are obligated to make cash payments. However, if the airline successfully gets you to your destination within one hour of the originally scheduled time, there would be no compensation.

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Passengers receive compensation that’s 200% of the original one-way fare in case the substitute transport is 1-2 hours late. In case there’s more dealy or the airline doesn’t arrange any substitute transportation, the compensation would be 400%.

Frequent flyers are compensated according to the lowest cash settlement via cheque, or debit card or another ticket for their next flight. The airline must refund payments for all the services on the original ticket.

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3. Ticket Changes Or Cancellations

Done with advance bookings? Well, the passengers who’ve booked ticked at least 7 days in advance are allowed to make any changes or cancellations without a cancellation fee within 24 hours.

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Also, if the airline refuses to carry passengers due to any reasons, they are entitled to a refund even on tickets that are non-refundable.

4. Flight Delays Or Cancellations

In case of delays or cancellation of flights, the compensation depends on the airline and the reason for cancellation. Compensations are generally given for reasons that are manmade. If the delay has occurred due to inappropriate weather, there’s not much that the airline can do.

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All airlines have a carriage contract which specifies what will be done in such situations. Travelers can ask for phone calls, meals or stays. You can also ask the airline to endorse the airline tickets to some other carrier who has a seat available, without being charged extra.

5. Lost Luggage

As per the basic regulation, in case you lose your luggage, the airline will provide you reimbursement based on the type of your flight (i.e domestic or international).

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Many of the airlines also offer basic necessities to the passengers including toothpaste and other personal items to you. In case you were traveling for a special event, you have the right to ask for reimbursement in order to buy replacement clothing.

6. Flight Change By Airline

Due to aircraft changes or scheduled flight changes, airlines have to accommodate travelers to a different flight. If this change is not acceptable, the passengers can ask for a schedule that suits perfectly to them.

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It would be suggestible to directly call the airline to make appropriate changes. In case of major changes, you can ask them for a refund.

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7. Damage to Luggage

If your luggage gets damaged, reach out to the baggage claim area in the airline’s office. You will have to document the issues and file a report. It will be great if you submit pictures of the luggage before the flight.

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If the airline is at fault you can look for a settlement that may either be about repairing or replacing the bag if it can’t be fixed.

These air travel passenger rights will surely help you during your next flight. Travel Safe.

Keep Traveling!

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