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10 Best Places to Spend Christmas Eve This Year

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While December is the time when you prefer to light up your fireplace and cuddle inside your blanket, you can make it worthwhile, exploring interesting vacation spots over the world. There are various cities throughout the world that will let you witness the liveliest Christmas celebrations. 

Christmas celebrations are held differently over different places. You will certainly have a great time knowing varied cultures that make places unique. 

Beautiful Places for Christmas Eve Celebration 

Christmas celebrations are absolutely charming all over the world. Strolling around streets allured with twinkling lights, lively ceremonies, carrols, and sweet treats is certainly going to keep up your Christmas spirit. 

The places listed below are some unique places to spend Christmas.

1. Copenhagen, Denmark

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This vibrant Scandinavian capital is a welcoming Christmas getaway with plenty of Christmas activities to take part in. 

With the arrival of Christmas, the city streets are transformed to form fairy-tale backdrops with millions of glittering lights. The world’s happiest country, Denmark holds the best in store for you. 

Christmas Special: Savour the traditional Danish holiday treat that serves, crispy roasted duck with cabbage and potatoes.

2. New York City, USA 

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You may have already set Christmas goals in NYC from various movies. It is likely to be a happy time amidst dusting snow, colorful Christmas lights and cheezy muzak. 

Visit the Rockefeller Center to see the tallest Christmas tree. Ice skating is the best thing you can do here. If you’re desirous of some miracles, go and stroll around 34th Street. 

Christmas Special: Watch the Radio City Christmas Spectacular for the Rockettes.

3. Prague, Czech Republic 

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Christmas amidst old European buildings that are unaffected by any wars or disasters may be beautiful. This place takes you to distant cultures and surroundings that will surely mesmerize you. 

Throughout December, there are locals and travelers savoring delicious food and wine and jovial environment. Markets are the best explored in Old Town. It is a perfect place to witness the best Gothic architecture

Christmas Special: Book your tickets for the National Theatre; watch “the Nutcrackers” giving their Christmas special performance. 

4. Quebec City, Canada

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No matter when you reach here, this city is simply magical. With its old-world charm and family-friendly environment, this is a perfect holiday place. This is probably one of the highly sophisticated travel destinations for people who want a usual, historical getaway. 

Beautifully decorated cobbled streets and colonial french architecture would greet you all around in this North American city. 

Christmas Special: Catch up with one of the oldest city traditions, toboggan run at Château Frontenac. It continues from mid-December to March.

5. Tokyo, Japan 

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The illuminated city seems magical during winters and lets you experience the most beautiful holidays. Although people here are more excited about the New Year celebration than for Christmas, enthusiasm is going to keep you alive. 

There are stunning displays arranged every year within the city. Tokyo Midtown and the Yebisu Garden Place will let you capture the most sensational views. Over several years winter illuminations had been the most popular aspects of Tokyo; making it one of the best places to spend Christmas

Christmas Special: Reach Shibuya for the Blue Cavern illumination. It is known to be inspired by the Blue Grotto in the Mediterranean.

6. Dublin, Ireland 

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This Irish Christmas getaway will take you to lively surroundings. Of course, different cultures and beliefs also follow. All those cozy bars in Dublin are perfect to keep you warm till New Year. But things don’t end up with just bars and drinks. There’s a lot more. 

Stroll through the Christmas markets, watch the twinkling Christmas lights, go ice skating and try out the cheesy pantos. Visit Grafton Street to witness spectacular tree lighting ceremonies. 

Christmas Special: Visit St. Patrick’s Cathedral to see the performances of the Irish Baroque Orchestra.

7. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 

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Absolutely one of the most unique places to spend Christmas, you may stroll around the beaches and markets that tell you how interesting Christmas can be. 

At the statue of Christ the Redeemer, you would come across artworks of various artists. You will find this place to be hosting the largest scenes portraying nativity and varied cultures. 

Christmas Special: Rio De Janeiro beholds the best sights of the world’s largest floating Christmas tree. It floats on the Copacabana Beach util January, slaying the festive ambiences. Rent a bike for better experiences.

8. Rome, Italy

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Home to Catholicism, Rome takes you through alight streets and cultural beliefs will let you have a more sacrosanct Christmas experience. The Christmas mass given by Pope is the most popular event for which people gather at St. Peter’s Basilica

Explore Christmas markets for the varying elements they allure. There are many events where you can get free entry. However, it is important to make arrangements regarding them in advance. 

Christmas Special: Hear the mid-night mass echoing at Pantheon, cherish the atmosphere at the architectural marvel, dating back to 1900 years.

9. London, England 

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With absolutely appealing festive vibes,  London is probably the best place to spend Christmas. Alluring world-class shopping experiences, packed pubs, Georgian townhouses, and decorated streets, the place gets you all that you want in a perfect winter holiday. 

Go gift shopping during the day and sip your favorite martini on the Christmas Eve. Get your guide to holidays in London and hop on to the best activities. 

Christmas Special: Go out skating in the frozen courtyard at Somerset House. Situated off the Strand, this neoclassical building lets you catch up with numerous magnificent views.

10. Salzburg, Austria 

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This place could be listed among the best vacation spots for chocolate box lovers. Amidst snow-capped peaks, baroque-style architecture, market stands, and mulled wine, there are a lot of interesting elements to grab. 

Things don’t end here. Traditional music and singalongs will also mesmerize you. 

Christmas Special: Watch the most popular Mozart performances that are conducted at the Hohensalzburg Fortress every night from 23rd December. 

Plan your winter vacation at one of these unique places to spend Christmas. Witness exuberant cultural variations throughout the world. Merry Christmas!! 

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