Trip ideasPlaces That Are Safe To Travel Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak

Places That Are Safe To Travel Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak


While the world is struggling against Coronavirus, finding remedies against the deadly COVID-19; surely you may have dropped all your trip ideas and travel plans for the season. Well, even if you’re not expecting a holiday at a new place, there are various other reasons that require you to travel. And if you cannot resist the urge to travel and explore, this guide listing down the safest countries in the world would surely help.

Is It Still Safe To Travel? 

Well, this isn’t predictable. However, everyone really needs to be careful and take precautions. Although Asian countries are believed to be unsafe, travelers should know that there are still some Asian countries that are safe to travel.

This is probably the peak travel season in Asia. Subsequently, the prices for flights and stays have been dropped down considerably. We still advise travelers to set out for any journeys with utmost safety and precaution.

Safe Places That Can Be Visited Right Now 

There are still countries where no cases of Coronavirus have been recorded. Considering the fact that the government here would be following all possible measures to keep the deadly virus away; you can still plan to visit these countries. Here are countries that are still safe to travel:


If you wanted to plan a romantic getaway then you can be happy as this piece of paradise is a coronavirus-free area. You may explore beaches, spend time sunbathing and set out for under-water discoveries.

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It may be more like exploring an entirely new world. Make sure you do not miss the amazing trek trails that offer you the sight of amazing natural treasures. While its one of the best travel destinations, the time between March to April is great for swimming and sunbathing here.

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Sri Lanka

This island country has a lot to offer you when it comes to nature, wildlife, beaches, and history. It’s one of the places in the world that would offer you rich experiences. Whether family vacations or honeymoons, Sri Lanka has the best to offer in all situations.

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Right now Sri Lanka could be a great place to explore and grab amazing experiences at. March can be a good time to discover pleasure here. Further, there are various events that you may take part in. These include the Festival of Lights and Sinhalese New Year in April.


Since there are no cases of coronavirus in Mauritius so far, this can be a place you explore. Stroll around in the village Flacq, or move across the streets at Port Louis.

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Explore the Black Gorges National Park. Also, head out to Ile aux Cerfs. While you visit Mauritius in spring, you will have plenty of cool breeze and sunshine.


Take up a Hot Air Balloon ride and enjoy watching the enchanting landscapes and backdrops of Cappadocia. The breathtaking architectural insights at Istanbul will let you forget everything else. The place boasts a vibrant nightlife and intoxicating lifestyle that will surely help you implement change.

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Late March is a perfect time to explore places that hold on to the best of flora and fauna in Turkey. Turkey will turn out to be one of the travel destinations you will never regret planning your holidays at.


March brings one of the best times to explore Nepal. And Nepal luckily being away from coronavirus, can be an option among your travel destinations. Nature’s enthusiasts and adventure buffs will find this place to be absolutely amazing.


You can go for bungee jumping or take up appropriate helicopter tours to get the most suitable glimpses of Nepal. You will experience pleasant explorations here from March to May. This is a great place to explore cultural diversities.

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Travel With Utmost Safety

Let’s not underestimate the disease and be cautious enough to protect ourselves. It is highly advisable to set out for explorations only when you’re prepared with all suitable protection. Read more and more about the disease before you step out of your home.

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Do not forget your mask, sanitizers and basic medications. People are continually being advised to avoid public places. Therefore, we don’t guarantee that you will be able to experience everything as written above. You may better proceed with clear plans so that you don’t get stuck at unexpected places. Airport regulations are now strict considering the active spread of viruses, get to know it all well in order to avoid any delays.

Although the ones listed above are the safest countries in the world, the future is unpredictable. It would be better if you keep your plans flexible. Trip ideas can be executed next year too. Till then travel safely.

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