IndiaShocking! 11 Places where Indians are banned in India

Shocking! 11 Places where Indians are banned in India


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Getting places, mapping the separations and bon voyage! My travel definition is something like this. What is yours?

Voyaging and investigating your local place has dependably been the main thing in our touring plans. And keep in mind that doing this, we frequently run over cases where misguided judgments and deceptions rose around.

We hear a thousand stories and encounters throughout the day, in view of which we make a presumption. One such story is the thing that I am will impart to you folks today.

An anecdote about how the discussions go ahead about a few places in India where Indians themselves are prohibited from entering.

You won’t know. This isn’t an extremely glad thing to report however at that point, we need to realize what circumvents us and the insane reasons these individuals took lead in their own hands. So underneath are a few spots you didn’t think about.

It’s an ideal opportunity to check your travel agenda once more. This is peculiar and crazy!

List of places in India not allowed to visit Indian People

1. Uno-In Hotel, Bengaluru


This lodging in Bengaluru was set up in 2012 only for Japanese individuals. Nonetheless, the lodging was soon closed around the Greater Bangalore City Corporation in the year 2014 on charges of racial separation.

 2. Free Kasol Cafe, Kasol


This bistro in Kasol, Himachal Pradesh shot to popularity in mid-2015 when the proprietor of the place declined to serve an Indian lady while inviting just the Israelis. But this is not true, Indians are allowed at Kasol it was just the misconception.

3. “Foreigners Only” beaches in Goa


There are various shoreline shack and eatery proprietors in Goa who transparently favor outside travelers over Indian individuals.

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4. Lodge in Chennai


Given the alias ‘Good countries’, a specific lodging in Chennai just serves clients who have an outside international ID. As indicated by a story on Deccan Herald, an obvious ‘No Indian’ approach is entirely upheld in the lodging, whereby just Indians possessing a remote international ID may remain.


As Goa beaches, Pondicherry beaches are also a very popular tourist destination.  The restaurants, shacks are very popular there but only for foreigners.  The place is restricted for Indians.

5. Red Lollipop Hostel, Chennai

Red Lollipop Hostel was the international classic hotel located in Chennai that doesn’t allow Indian Travelers. The place is situated in the city’s heart, as it is reserved for foreigners and entry is done only if you’re having a passport. In Chennai, it claims to be one of the extraordinary hotels who serve first-time travelers to India. They are having “No Indian” policy, still, Indians who are having a foreign passport, might have an entrance or can stay at the hotel. It is crowned with the professional name and serves the visitors having a foreign passport only.

6. Puducherry’s “Foreigners Only” Beaches

Puducherry beaches are similar to the stories of Goa where Indians are not allowed in order to make sure that their foreign guests don’t meet an unpleasant happening. Here, the place consists of shakes, beaches, and restaurants that only offer their facilities to foreigners and the entry of Indians is prohibited.

7. A Few Islands in Lakshadweep

The islands in Lakshadweep are equal for both Indian as well as the international tourists. People of both nationalities need permission to have the entrance on a few of the Lakshadweep islands. Nonetheless, there are some archipelagos where only foreigners have their entrance. To name a few are – Agatti, Bangaram, and Kadmat. On the other hand, Indians can visit islands such as Amini, Minicoy, and North Sentinel Island in Andaman.

8. Broadlands Hotel, Chennai

The hotel came in the headlines when some Indians complained that they were denied a room in this hotel in 2010. They alleged that they only allow room to be booked when the visitors are having a foreign passport.

9. Sakura Ryokan Restaurant, Ahmedabad

Sakura Ryokan is a Japanese restaurant located in Ahmedabad where Indians are not permitted. This is one of the places in India where the entry of Indians is restricted and their servings are only Japanese people. Nevertheless, the owner of the place belongs to India and the reason behind this not so tolerable discrimination is justified with the reason that the waitresses in the restaurant were suffering from continuous glaring by Indian guests. Hence, the owner applied this rule.

10. Russian Colony, Kundankulam

According to the reports and claiming, there is a “Russian colony” in the residential complex located near the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project, where Indians are not allowed to enter.

This colony only allows Russian citizens, working on that particular project. Apart from this, it is self-reliant with hotels, clubhouses, houses, and other things like that.

11. Norbulingka café, Dharamshala

Norbulingka is a beautiful cafe offering beautiful views of gardens, monasteries, buildings, half, and doors. It is a well-furnished cafe with an amazing atmosphere and ambiance. But in spite of being such a beauty, this is another example Indians have to face racism. In fact, the place doesn’t allow the people who even by chance look like Indians.

So, these were a few of vile places in India where Indian people are banned regardless of the legal code. Most of these places justify their prohibitions. Apart from this, there are several places such as Dapsang, Saser La, and China-engrossed-Arunachal where people having Indian nationality are rigidly barred from the entry.

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