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Mysterious temples- Entry is restricted for Men

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Throughout the previous half year or somewhere in the vicinity, we have been perusing about news, perspectives, and articles on sanctuaries in India where ladies were not permitted section.

India is a religious nation, the issue of ladies entering limited commence at blessed places, for example, Shani Shingnapur or Sabarimala or Ayyappa sanctuary turned into a consuming point the country over.

As of late, the Bombay High Court had decided for women entrance in sanctuaries, expressing that they can’t be banished from Shani Shingnapur as it was their essential right.

Be that as it may, why discuss ladies alone. There are spots of love/sanctuaries in India where men are banished from entering the introduce at all or on select days and events.

Yes, sanctuaries where just ladies are permitted. Regardless of whether the men will dissent or look for Court mediation for entering such premises remains an alternate issue, we might want to feature six such sanctuaries in our nation where men are not permitted.

8 Mysterious temples- Entry is restricted for Men

1. Attukal Temple

Attukal Temple:
Via: myoksha.com

The Attukal Bhagavathy temple situated in Kerala and is the among temples where only women are allowed. Pongala festival is celebrated in the temples where the majority of women participate and also made Guinness records.

The festival will last for 10 days and it falls during February and March offer bangles to Devi (Goddess).

2. Chakkulathukavu Temple

Chakkulathukavu Temple
Via: blogspot.com

It is another temple that is located in Kerala and dedicated to the Devi Bhagavathi. Some rituals followed and the most popular among there is Nari Puja.

it is celebrated on the First Friday of lies in December. The festival is named as ‘Dhanu’.

3. Santoshi Maa

Santoshi Maa
Via: santoshimaa.org

Santoshi Maa pooja is only attended by unmarried girls and women. It is prohibited to consume pickles, fruits during the fast. Very few time men are allowed to enter the temple for worship.

4. Lord Brahma Temple

Lord Brahma temple:
Via: cloudfront.net

This temple is located in Rajasthan and also the most prominent temple of goddess Brahma.  In this temple entrance for married men are not allowed.

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5. Bhagati Maa temple

Bhagati Maa temple
Via: hindudharmicsabha.com

It’s the place where Parvati Ji did Tapasya fro Lord Shiva to her husband amid the ocean. So, in the middle of that, her marriage with Lord Shiva was interrupted by Narada Ji in order to make her worthy for killing Banasura, whose fate, he will attain death by a virgin teen girl. And as per Puranas, Sati’s spine fell right on the temple, so, the goddess is famously known as Goddess of Sanyasa too. Because of these reasons, bachelor men or Brahmachari or sanyasi are allowed to have the entrance to the temple’s gate whereas married men are restricted to enter the premises.

6. Mata temple

Mata temple
Via: esamskriti.com

The temple is situated in Bihar, and also one such temple where men are not allowed to enter.  Even you will be shocked to know that the temple pujari is restricted to enter the premises.

7. Kamrup Kamakhya Temple, Assam

Located in the western part of Guwahati city on the Nilachal Hill in Assam. It’s a popular temple which is devoted to 10 Mahavidyas whose names are: Bhairavi, Bagalamukhi, Bhuvaneswari, Chhinnamasta, Dhumavati, Kali, Kamala, Matangi, Shodasi, and Tara.

As per Kalika Purana, the temple of Kamakhya depicts the place where Devi Sati used to retreat at a hidden place to satisfy her liaison with Lord Shiva, and also, it was that location where Sati Ji’s yoni fell after Shiva danced (Kamakhya) with the carcass of Sati.

So, this temple only allows women to enter the temple premises at the time when they are going through the menstrual cycle. Only sanyasis or women priests can serve the temple where the cloth of mensuration is considered highly prosperous and is distributed amongst the devotees.

8. Trimbakeshwar Temple, Nasik, Maharashtra

The entry of women is restricted the inner sanctorium of this temple dedicated to Lord Shiva until 2016, which follows the Bombay High Court order mentioning that men should also not be allowed to enter the inner sanctorium, as the rules should be same for men and women. And since then men are also restricted to enter there.

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