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Romantic Getaways: 7 Cities to Visit this Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day will soon knock at our doors. What’s your surprise for them? If you’re planning for romantic getaways, here are some worthwhile suggestions. 

Efforts keep up the freshness and passion within romantic relationships. This valentine’s day, plan a romantic vacation with your partner and let them know how special they are. While many of you may be doing this for the first time, the others may be confused about how to make it different this time. 

Romantic Vacation Ideas for Valentine’s Day

A getaway is undeniably the best idea to spend time with each other and get to know something new about your person. Away from everyday life, you will be able to look for even more solace. While traveling is an amazing idea, it would really be fun if both of you are passionate about new explorations. 

If you are not sure about where to go, here are some unique Valentine’s Day plans in different cities around the world. 

1. Miami: Rediscover Romance 

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Miami holds on to richer experiences while you’re exploring it with your partner. This city houses some of the most romantic attractions, including the Villa Vizcaya. The interesting public exhibits and eye-popping tile murals will give a nostalgic swing. 

Stroll around the Winewood Walls and visit the Design District for last-minute purchases. You can also visit the Perez Art Museum if art interests you. Do not miss the boat tours at HistoryMiami and catch some worthwhile glimpse of Biscayne Bay. 

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2. New York City: A Date of Your Kind  

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This place has something interesting for people of all kinds. For classic events and wine tasting, visit Wave Hill this Bronx estate is perched beautifully over a cliff, overlooking Hudson. Wine and chocolate tasting are held here especially on Valentine’s Day. 

You can further go on exploring local museums. Here you will have all the interesting activities including stargazing, insect shadowbox workshops, and the Bronx Zoo. There are the best cafes and restaurants in the city to let you experience a romantic evening, dining together. 

3. Melbourne: Love is in the Air 

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This time you seriously need to think of something more than candlelit dinners and roses. While you’re in Australia, there are a hundred different things you can do to celebrate your togetherness uniquely. It is one of the best vacation ideas.

Go for a hot air balloon ride and watch the beautiful views of the city together. Rent a hand-built skiff and row it along in the Yarra River. Go out for a picnic in the Rippon Lea Estate. Opt for the most favorite High Tea at Langham’s Aria Lounge. After everything, go to midnight cinema at the Royal Botanical gardens. 

4. Paris: Offbeat Romance 

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While the “City of Lights” is among your favorite travel destinations, you can find newer definitions of romance here. It’s more than chocolates and flowers. Participate in the five-mile Love Run. It turns out to be interesting as couples are tied by their wrists; having to face whimsical challenges on their way. 

There are already various options for romantic stays. Stroll around, capture each other and cherish little activities together. 

5. Amsterdam: Lost-in-Love 

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Yeah, you will surely lose yourself to the beautiful backdrops here. Whether, the architecture or canals and boat rides, you will be offered by all mesmerizing elements here. Amsterdam is a perfect alternative for Venice. You can take up private boat tours to grab excellent views all around. 

Taste specialty chocolates, go around strolling and enjoying observing the streets. Find a good place to dine based on your mood and taste. 

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6. Udaipur: A Royal Love Affair   

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Udaipur is a beautiful city offering breathtaking lake views, natural expanses, royal palaces, and engaging activities. This place will always bring you the freshness of new love. Amidst surreal backdrops with lakes and hills, you can cherish being together. Udaipur is one of the most popular romantic getaways in India. Explore the palaces in and around the city, take up a boat ride and collect the best memories of a lifetime. 

7. Chicago: Dance to Your Favorite Beats 

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Chicago is a  perfect place to do something different from the norms. Take a helicopter tour; watch the city from a higher perspective. Visit the GoldCoast, hit one of the best bars. Take Salsa lessons, move out for historic and architectural tours around the city. You will surely enjoy various activities here. 

While these places offer you worthwhile romantic getaways, make sure to make the best use of your creativity to make your partner feel special. Partners who travel together, stay together. 

Keep Traveling! 

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