AustraliaSydney Opera House: Take A Glimpse Of 20th Century...

Sydney Opera House: Take A Glimpse Of 20th Century Extraordinary Architecture


Sydney’s Opera House is truly an architectural beauty. The great American Architect, Louis Khan once quoted, “The sun did not know how beautiful its light was until it was reflected off the Sydney Opera House” How rightly said?

The glimmering white shells of Opera House distinguish the bright blue water of the Harbor. Being a UNESCO world heritage site, Sydney Opera House is one of the most recognizable buildings in Australia. The breathtaking architecture made it a host of live entertainment venues.

Let’s have a close look at it from a historical, architectural, and tourism aspect.

History Of Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House: Take A Glimpse Of 20th Century Extraordinary Architecture

The construction of this 20th-century miracle started in 1959 and it got finished in 1973. Who designed the Sydney Opera House? The credit for its beautiful structure goes to Jorn Utzon, a Danish architecture. He is best known for his visionary design. Many of us don’t know, the architecture of Sydney Opera House was an inspiration from Aztec and Mayan architecture. The construction was abandoned halfway due to a lack of government support and funds.

If you have ever been to Sydney Opera House, you can see a motto behind it that reads, “It was to help the enlightened community & mold a better society.”

Not to mention, Opera House is home to many renowned and great artists. Since its opening, it has become a place of meeting for local and international.

Being a multi-venue performing art and cultural center, Sydney Opera House has a capacity of 5738. This makes it the world’s largest house.

Presently, Sydney Opera House is experiencing a $202 million renovation just to upgrade the technology, performance space, acoustics, and public area. It was expected, the project will be completed by 2021 end.

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About Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House: Take A Glimpse Of 20th Century Extraordinary Architecture

Sydney Opera House consists of a huge-shell-like roof that blends beautifully and perfectly with Sydney Harbor.  The gleaming harbor is surrounded by palm-studded Royal Botanical Gardens. The structure also encompasses a concert hall, rehearsal rooms, reception rooms, studios, a spectacular open-air forecourt, and a restaurant. You can overlook the harbor and city from Sydney Opera House.

The structure and design of Sydney Opera House give a look like a “Lotus” Because of this interesting fact; it was listed in National Heritage 2005. Also, it was categorized under the Biodiversity Conversation Act 1999 and Environment Protection.

Throughout your way to Sydney Opera House, you will come across iconic structures, and landmarks.

Sydney Opera Tour

Australia gives you extraordinary opportunities when it comes to traveling. You can learn not only about its historical era but also about world-famous personalities. You can dig the secrets of Sydney’s architecture and enjoy live entertainment performances hassle-free.

Sydney Opera House: Take A Glimpse Of 20th Century Extraordinary Architecture

In addition to this, you can enjoy the cultural and visual beauty of Sydney Opera House and make good memories of your lifetime.

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Entry Ticket:

Sydney Opera Tour offers various types of ticket variations. For adults, it’s AU$30, and for children, it is AU$15. The family ticket might cost AU$70-AU$105 depending on the size.

Sydney Opera House: Take A Glimpse Of 20th Century Extraordinary Architecture

The amazing structure and design of Opera House made it enter the UNESCO list. Some people call it a “series of large precast concrete.” When you enter the Opera House, you get to meet the real game-changer.

Best Time To Visit Sydney Opera House

There is no best time to visit Opera House as you can visit Australia around the year. However, if you are visiting Opera House for attending any concert or play, you should get your tickets in advance.

Sydney Opera House: Take A Glimpse Of 20th Century Extraordinary Architecture

Once you are here, you can explore the famous stairs of Sydney Opera House and click wonderful pictures with your family members or partner.

Sydney Opera House Facts

For the Opera House design competition, 233 different designs were submitted. Out of all, Jorn Utzon has announced the winner and was awarded ₤5000.

Paul Roberson was the first to perform at Sydney Opera House. He sang Ol’ Man River after climbing the scaffolding.

Sydney Opera House has 1 million roof tiles spread over 1.62 hectares.

Opera House can manage seven A380s (wide-body aircraft) on the site.

Queen Elizabeth II opened the Sydney Opera House on 20th October in the year 1973.

The construction of Opera House took around 14 years for its complete.

The temperature inside the House is kept 22.5 degrees to make sure all the instrument stays in tune.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, a former Austrian-American actor won Mr. Olympia in 1980 for bodybuilding in the Opera Concert Hall.

Each year, approximately 10.9 million tourists visit the beautiful Opera house.

All in all, visiting Australia without experiencing the Opera House is simply not worth it. Make sure you visit musical operas and attend live entertainment plays with your friends or family. Surely, the great architectural view of Sydney Opera House will satisfy your hunger for heaven.

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