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Why The World Islands In Dubai Should Be Your Next Dream Destination?


Dubai is among the most popular travel destinations in the world, known for its modern, stunning creations that always host something more interesting for visitors. Amid all of Dubai’s amazing attractions, the World Islands is the next mindblowing travel idea you need to hop onto.

This group of manmade islands resembles the world map, situated on the outskirts of the city. Started off as a real estate project, the World Islands turned out to be a top-rat tourist attraction within ‘no time.’ While you’re flying to Dubai the next time, don’t miss the aerial view of this marvelous creation. This place is so amazing, that you won’t be able to resist, planning your next trip here.

We have brought to you some interesting facts and details that you should know about the World Islands, Dubai. Give it a read.

Back Into History Of The World Islands

The ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum initiated the idea of the incredible World Islands. It handled by Nakheel Projects and managed by Van Oord and Boskalis, the constructors of the popular Palm Jumeirah.

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Started in the year 2003, the construction began for a group of 300 islands however, it was put on hold in 2008 considering the financial crisis. Currently, only 2 to 3 of the Dubai world islands are functional and open for commercial use. There was also news saying that the islands may sink back into water due to improper foundation.

What’s Unique About The World Islands?

The concept of the World Islands is unique in itself. It is, of course, the first group of man-made islands, forming the world map. Apart from this, you have all the desirable luxuries of the world available here; hotels, spas, restaurants, everything.

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Further, the most interesting fact is that it’s the fastest and the most affordable way to travel from one continent to another. You can experience visiting all seven continents in just one day without having to really do that. Isn’t it great! Well, ‘great’ is way too less to express it.

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Best Things To Do At The World Islands, Dubai

While some of the islands here are functional and open for public visits, here’s a list of some interesting things to do.

1. Some Time At The Beachside

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If you’re seeking for different beachside options in Dubai except for the Jumeriah beach, head out to the World Islands. There are two beaches that are open to the public now. Soak your feet in the chilled ocean water, spend time sunbathing, enjoy the calm music of the waves. You can also find some lip-smacking food at the cafes and shacks. Also, consider trying some good cocktails.

2. Play Volleyball

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Little sports and friendly competitions contribute to a perfect holiday vacation. While you visit here with family and friends, make teams and enjoy a volleyball match together. Let the losers treat everyone.

3. Into The Pool

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If holidays for you mean relaxing, dipping into the pool or spending time relaxing around. You may finish reading one of your favorite books while basking in the sun. There’s a separate kids’ pool where you can let children enjoy. The pleasant water in the pool will make you feel fresh and cool.

4. Toro Blanco

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Seeking the best restaurant experiences? Toro Blanco is one of the best restaurants you will visit the World Islands. Since crowds are expected here, make sure you have reserved your table in advance. This would be a great place for a perfect romantic candlelit dinner. Enjoy dining at this unique restaurant with your loved one.

5. Thrilling Water Sports

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There is a wide range of water sport activities on the Lebanon island. You can go for parasailing, banana boating, jet skiing, and many more activities that are available for people of all ages. There are boat tours also, that takes you deep into the sea and let you look around at other islands around.

6. Attend a Night Party

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Although the islands aren’t completely developed, you can have a lot of fun there. There are several nightclubs that play the best tunes along with some of the best drinks. You can party and dance to the amazing beats till dawn. Party souls should not miss being here.

7. A Night Stay at “The Island”

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A luxury hotel in the Lebanon island, Dubai, The Island is one of the first hotels settled here. With spa services, beaches, pools and fine dining restaurants, it is one of the best hotels to stay at the World Islands.

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Some Important Details You Should Know

  • While you may be expecting a memorable day trip, plan at least 8 hours here.
  • If you’re here for a day visit, boat rides are available to families from 10 AM to 6 PM.
  • In the evening the World Islands are only accessible to adults.

The World Islands, Dubai is surely an amazing place to enjoy a holiday. Once things settle down in the world, this should be the first travel destination you head over. Explore this manmade marvel before it sinks.

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