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15 Things to know before visiting Prague

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Heading to Prague? Then this article will help you a lot. If you are visiting Prague for the first time and don’t know how you are going to spend your vacations there? Today, we bring you the details of about the best things to do in Prague and the best places to visit there. Well, here are five tips to help travelers, tourists, and vacationers enjoy Prague even more.

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  1. Prague is even more beautiful than you imagined. Having not been destroyed during World War 2, Prague retains much gorgeous architecture around town. Also, there are a number of amazing sights and places throughout the city, St. Vitus Cathedral on Castle Hill, the statues and views from Charles Bridge and the amazing Old Town Square just to name a few.
  2. Prices vary widely throughout the city. So, look around and you will surely find a great deal!
  3. You will eat, drink and make merry very well in Prague.
  4. Pay Attention: With all the tourists around Prague is known to have more than a few tourist scams and pickpockets around. So, make sure you do pay attention.
  5. Use transport to get up to the top of Castle Hill and then walk down leisurely to enjoy the view and shops.

Detailing the points:

1. Beware of pickpockets

Be a bit more careful with your luggage and never keep your wallet and phone in your back pocket.

2. The public transportation is well-established and economical

A drive at 24 CZK (valid for 30 minutes) or 32 CZK (valid for 90 minutes), buying tickets at Newsstands/Yellow Vending machines is actually cheaper than a bus driver. The price of 1-day tickets is 110 CZK and 3-day tickets are 310 CZK.


3. Avoid cabs and taxis

If you need to go to the next destination or keep heavy luggage with yourself, use Uber, ask the local app Liftago, or ask the janitor of the hotel to call you a cab.

4. Most tourist landmarks are at walking distances

Make sure to plan your route properly and expertly avoid additional transportation costs! It’s being said, wear some comfortable shoes because there will be tons of walking

5. Currency in Prague: Czech Crown (not Euro!)

Beware of currency exchangers who promise rates which are very good to be true – they will charge an excessive exchange fee.

6. Beer is cheaper than water

So why to go for expensive water when you can grasp a cheap pint? Prague is actually the largest beer consumption in the world – more than 156 liters of beer per capita every year. It includes old, newborns and dogs. 7. Lunch is the Czech’s main dish of the day

Soup is generally eaten, followed by the main course. For a specific Czech food, order vepro-knedlo-zelo, gulas or svickova. You can also come to the restaurant serving Czech dumplings. You’ll not be surprised if they serve you a plate of meat and bread, drenched in a delicious sauce!

Alternatively, enhance your palate by tasting some delicious Czech snacks: utopenec (small fat pickled sausage), nakladany hermelin (pickled camembert cheese), tatarak (raw shaved beef).

7. Tipping is a standard

You should tip near about 10% of the total bill. Otherwise, approximate the bill up to the nearest 10 goals.

8. Czechs do not have the affectionate faces

Czechs do not always provide the best service. It makes window-shopping a bit scar and waiting for the meal to be served at the restaurant a little disappointing and frustrating.

9. Smoking is welcomed in indoors and in dining areas.

10. Most museums are closed on Mondays. Many shops are closed on Sundays.

Mostly the restaurants here serve meals until 21:00. If lucky enough, you may be served until 22:00. If you want to have food beyond that, then stop your hunger by having fast food.

11. Billa, Tesco, Albert, Zabka

Common supermarkets that can be easily found on every street are the ones mentioned above.

12. Don’t use ‘Czechoslovakia’

The natives don’t like to use ‘Czechoslovakia’. The state concluded its existence in 1993 with the peaceful separation of the communist rule in favor of calm “Czech Republic”.

13. Trdelnik, not a local dessert

Although there are dozens of streets which are selling this snack, it actually has its origination from Slovakia. It was allegedly popularized in 2010 when street vendors sold it as a local snack to tourists.

14. Russian dolls are not local

Many souvenir shops befool tourists by selling these Russian dolls. They often mislead tourists by telling them that they’re local souvenirs. Just think, they are Russian dolls, not Czech dolls.

15. Czech marionettes and puppets

If in search for local souvenirs, then look for local Czech marionettes and puppets instead.

Prague is one of the most beautiful European cities; it is very different from the rest. Its luxurious medieval architecture not only contributes to making your click perfect, but they are also the remains of rich and prosperous history left behind this ancient city Prague.

Beautiful Places to Visit In Prague

1. Bohemia Karst

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It is situated in the southwest. It’s a protected landscape area near the Berounka River valley. It is one of the most beautiful locations in Prague.

2. Brady Ridge

Brady Ridge

It is situated in the south. It’s a narrow forested ridge starting between the Vltava and the Berounka rivers valley continuing to the south side of the town of Horovice and Dobris.

This place is not so popular as compare to Bohemian Karst, but it is really a wonderful place for tough and long hikes and backpacking. It’s one of the most beautiful places to visit in Prague.

3. Sazava region

Sazava region

It is situated in the south-east. it is the most beautiful area covered by Sazava river beginning from the Town Davie far away to Moravia. It’s one of the best places to visit in Prague.

4. Botanical garden

Prague is another natural precious gem of Prague, located not far from Prague Zoo – Botanical Garden includes good gardens of Japan and also offers spectacular views of Prague and the nearby Troja castle.

You can sit back and relax at so many benches present here. The Botanical Gardens are located in Prague’s Troja district.

5. Fata Morgana Tropical greenhouse

One of the major and biggest attractions of the Botanical Gardens is its large Fata Morgana Tropical Greenhouse, which is located next to the Botanical Gardens in Trója district.

If you want to glare how tropical jungle looks like in the middle of Europe, then there’s no better place in Prague, other than the Fata Morgan Greenhouse. It is open throughout the year from Tuesday to Sunday.

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