Haunted Places13 Most dangerous beaches in the world

13 Most dangerous beaches in the world


Beaches promise the sun, surf, and the sand; everything you need for a paradise vacation or getaway. But all that beauty can be deceiving. Beneath its emerald waves, there can be all kinds of dangers. And it’s not just the water that you may have to worry about. Here are some of the most dangerous beaches found around the world.

Vacations on the beach are one of the most popular choices for winter getaways. Imagining the sun reflecting off the waves and glittering sand beneath your toes. But it’s not always as serene as it appears. Whether it’s dangerous rip tides, shark attacks or massive overcrowding, some beach dreams can soon turn to nightmares.

Nestled in some of the most incredible locations around the world, these beaches hide a deadly secret. Before booking your summertime getaway, it may not hurt to do a little research into your destination.

1. Gansbaai, South Africa

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Known as the Great White Shark diving capital of the world, the stretch of water between Gansbaai and Dyer Island in South Africa is also known as “Shark Alley“.

These sharks are drawn to the area because of the Colony of 60,000 Cape Fur seals living in and around that small channel of water. Instead of driving people away, the sharks are The main source of tourism in the area. Visitors from all over the world come to go cage diving in order to see these predators up close.

If you’re up for adventure travel, then this would be the perfect vacation for you. Without the cage, it is One of the most dangerous areas to go for a swim in the world. Only because a person swimming might look a lot like a seal.

2. Chowpatty Beach, India

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Chowpatty Beach is both India’s most famous beach and One of the most polluted in the world. Even though the sea is unfit for swimming, every year hundreds of locals celebrate the Hindu festival of Ganesha Chaturthi on the beach. During the festival, it’s a tradition to wash their idols of Lord Ganapati in the ocean water.

Because of the high amount of pollution, celebrants are more likely to catch nasty diseases like Escherichia coli and Hepatitis. The causes of the pollution can be traced to discharge from sewage pipes, waste from storm drains, and open defecation.

For a long time, the beach itself was covered in debris and scraps from salvaged ships. In August 2016, the sands of the beach mysteriously turned black. An oil slick was blamed, but the source of the oil was never found.

3. Fraser Island, Australia

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Fraser Island, off the coast of Australia, is the world’s largest sand Island. This paradise is extremely popular for camping and ecotourism. But before you go, you should be aware of what lurks beneath the sand and sea.

Sharks and plenty of jellyfishes fill the waters around Fraser Island. Rip currents also pose a threat to swimmers and surfers and therefore known to one of the most dangerous beaches in the world. The beach isn’t much better, either.

The island is home to some of the world’s most dangerous spiders, wild dingos, and large crocodiles. Spinal injuries are common from visitors careening around the sand dunes on four wheelers.

4. Virginia Beach

This marine base is a famous Southern sunning vacation spot, with its comfortable proximity to Washington D.C and Baltimore, making it optional for a long weekend. As per travel agent, Greg Antonelle – the foxes have attacked the beach-goers and their pets and several occasions. he further adds that ferocious hogs, which too can be violent, have been spotted here.

5. New Smyrna Beach, Florida

This beach is known for deadly shark attacks. Often, the sharks are mistaking people’s legs or arms for bait or larger fish, Antonelle said. So, while you’re in Florida, choose the safer beach to relax, like Destin, Miami, or others.

6. Kilauea, Hawaii

It’s one of the most dangerous beaches in Hawaii. Here, the beach is affected by the nearby volcanic fumes. These fumes and ash are often annoying. But children, young ones, and aged visitors especially should be careful to protect their eyes and lungs from so much exposure. Also, when the hot lava enters the ocean, it’s best to avoid swimming here.

7. Playa Zipolite, Mexico

Also known as Playa de los Muertos, meaning “the beach of the dead.” Here, visitors who entered into the water might put themselves in a powerful undercurrent.

8. Praia da Boa Viagem (Recife, Brazil) – Sharks

In Recife, approximately 56 people lost their lives because of sharks since 1992. The death rate due to shark attacks is the highest in the world, which is nearly 37 percent.

9. Darwin (Australia)

Every year in this area, in between October and May, dangerous box jellyfish are seen, but crocodiles are the subject of a problem all year round and of course, the sharks too.

If you are in Darwin and want to swim, then do it only at guarded beaches and always be careful with warnings from lifeguards.

10. Copacabana Beach (Rio De Janeiro, Brazil)

RIO’s most famous beach attracts thousands of tourists every year, but be safe from the dangers that await you there too: immense levels of bacteria present in both sand and water and frequent happenings of insignificant crime, especially theft

So, do not leave your precious items (especially your phone) unattended, or, still, leave them at home.

11. The Red Triangle (California, USA)

From the Bodega Bay in the north to the Big Sur in South, this 200 miles of California coast is home to an approximate 38 percent of all great white shark attacks in the United States.

The population of a large sea lion, seal, and sea otter means an abundance of food for sharks. So, why do they attack humans? A question forces you to think deeply!

12. Playa Ziplote (Mexico)

This beach is known for its beauty, isolation, and free-spirit atmosphere (including a naked bath area), but its strong rip currents have resulted in many drownings.

Since 1995, a volunteer lifeguard force has been in place to reduce the problem, and flags on the beach, point out specific danger areas to swimmers.

13. Cape Tribulation (Queensland, Australia) – Jellyfish and more

Located on the northern point of Queensland, this beach is home to toxic box jellyfish, crocodiles, poisonous snakes, stinging trees (yes, trees) and huge scary birds, called cassowaries, which look like emus or ostriches, growing over 160 pounds, and might be extremely threatening when provoked.

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