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Things You Should Never Wear To The Airport

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If you head into the TSA line outfitted with the right clothes, you can make your next security stop much less aggravating, for you and the other passengers around you while you’re at the airport. Especially, if you’re a first-time flyer, some questions like comfortable airport outfits, what to wear on a plane, what to wear to the airport, what to wear to the airport in the summer always pops up in your mind, right? So, here are the answers to your queries!

Firstly to start with- 

Dont’s of Air travel:

1. DON’T Wear a Skirt

DON’T Wear a Skirt

TSA agents are obligated to make sure that your flowing skirt isn’t hiding some contraband.

2. DON’T Do Anything Fancy With Your Hair


Updos might get you singled out because they could be hiding some kind of illicit substances. Too many bobby pins in your hair might set off the metal detector, which could get you pulled aside. In the eyes of a TSA agent, even long, flowing hair holds the possibility of some possible harm.

3. DON’T Wear an Underwire Bra

DON’T Wear an Underwire Bra
Via: LiveAbout

If you wear an underwire bra, you’re upping your chances of tripping the metal detectors.

4. DON’T Leave Liquids and Gels in Your Carry-On

 DON’T Leave Liquids and Gels in Your Carry-On
Via: airport-technology.com

If you’re the kind of person who likes to keep a bottle of water on you, you can always carry an empty one through security and then get it filled once you’re through security. In fact, a lot of restaurants on the other side of security will fill up your water bottle with ice and water for free.


1. DO Leave the Lace-Ups At Home

lace ups

Unless your a geriatric or you’re in a wheelchair, you’ll likely need to take your shoes off when approaching security. So, unless you want to eat up valuable minutes unlacing your boots or tennis shoes, you should consider just wearing some slip-on.

2. DO Wear Clean Socks


Since you can count on having to take your shoes off, you should know that you’re going to be walking around without them for at least a few feet.

3. DO Wear Easily Removable Layers

Airport wears
Via: Pintrest

The more layers you’re wearing when you try to get through the scanner, the tougher a time you’ll have. If you need to wear a hoodie, make sure it’s a zip up so you can easily put it on and take it off.

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4. DO Leave the Metal Bracelets and Necklaces at Home

DO Leave the Metal Bracelets and Necklaces at Home
Via: Gaatha

Not only is jewelry a great way to set off metal detectors, but it can also be time-consuming as heck to remove and then put back on.

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