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How to Get Airport Lounge Access All Over the World


From radiant to reserved, even the most basic airport lounges have a different picture of what’s gripped behind their doors of the actual airport. Once you experience the life of the lounge, it would be inflexible for you to give up. Go through the details of Airport Lounge Access below in this section.

airport lounges access

Journeyers having access to airport lounges are guaranteed with relaxed seating in the time waiting for their flight.

Airport lounges hit with facilities of free Wi-Fi internet, computer terminals along with complimentary food and beverages (even alcoholic drinks), newspapers, magazines, all-in-all make your entire travel experience better.

A few luxurious lounges even offer showers, sleeping pods, and spa treatment rooms to undo the button of boredom with refreshment for travelers before boarding.  

A number of travelers feel in a way that the access to these lounge comes with lifetime commitment for the same airline – that a bonus reservation only for the frequent fliers who frame up an impossible amount of miles to open lounge doors where their preferred airlines will take a fly off.  

Access to lounges is served to passengers flying in premium cabins.

In contrast, Priority Pass members are not bounded to fly with a single airline – or spend lavish time on first tickets – to enjoy the lounge access. Having  Priority Pass Membership, travelers can enjoy more than 1,000 lounges in more than 500 cities around the world.

The best thing is that you don’t even need to sign up for one of the airline’s loyalty programs. Here are a few tips and tricks picked up from the conversation.

  • How to Join Priority Pass?

airport lounges access

Floaters can become a member of Priority Pass either by buying a membership directly from the company, or by receiving a complimentary membership as a credit card perk.

Passengers who buy membership have three options directly. Firstly is Standard membership, second is Standard Plus membership and the last one is Prestige membership.

The initial price of Standard membership starts at $99 per year (which costs $27 each in all lounge visits), while Standard Plus membership cost $249 (the first 10 lounge visits are free, and all later visits will be charged $27) Travelers who go for a Prestige membership ($399 per year) will have the pleasure to enjoy unlimited, free lounge visits,  costing $27 per person per visit for guest access.

Various credit card offers Priority Pass membership, however, the terms of that membership depend on the card.

Get free access to Chase Sapphire Reserve cardholders and their guests, for example, enabling free entry to Priority Pass Lounge – as the Ritz-Carlton rewards and Citi Prestige cardholders do.

Also, cardholders of Platinum and Business Platinum American Express gain the free access to Priority Pass Lounges, and complimentary access for two accompanying guests.

In the meantime, Hilton Honors Surpass cardholders also enjoy free Priority Pass Membership, but lounge visits are not for free. Both members and their guests will have to pay $ 27 per person per visit to get access.

  • Priority Pass Lounges

John F. Kennedy International Airport

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In order to decide if a Priority Pass is a fit for you, it would be intelligent move to see if lounges are available at your preferred airport.

For example, at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport, Priority Pass members are welcomed with open arms as they free entree to these three lounges: the Air France and KAL Business Class lounges, both in Terminal 1, and the Wingtips Lounge in Terminal 4.

However, only one lounge is available to Priority Pass members at New York City’s LaGuardia Airport, (that’s the Air Canada Maple Leaf lounge, in Terminal B).

Travelers should keep in mind that every lounge has clear-cut conditions that may apply.

At Dubai International Airport, the Dubai International Business Class lounge, for example, allows Priority Pass members stay for five hours. On the other hand, at the SkyTeam Lounge in London’s Heathrow Airport, Priority Pass member stays are limited to three hours only.

Thai Airways Royal First Lounge & Spa

Quite a few world’s best airport lounges include Air France’s La Première Lounge in Paris, the Qantas International First Lounges at Sydney, Lufthansa’s First Class Terminal at Frankfurt, and Melbourne, Swiss First Class Lounge in Zurich, In Bangkok, there is Thai Airways Royal First Lounge & Spa and Dubai airport is adorned with Emirates First Class Lounge.

Benefits Of Airport Lounge Access Includes- 

  • Free Lounge Access for Premium/Elite Travelers

airport lounges access

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Premium offer 

One who prefers a business class or first class in international travels should get complimentary one-time access to the airport lounge or that of an alliance partner.

Talking of the US domestic flights, Premium class passengers, however, often are deprived of the facility to get automatic lounge access – airline club membership is required.

Elite status

Travelers with top-level or mid-level elite status in a usual flyer program generally get lounge access even though passengers prefer flying on an economy class ticket.

  • Airline Alliance Lounge Access

airport lounges access

Airport lounge access rules for the 3 main alliances

1. Oneworld Alliance Lounge Access

There are about 650 lounges in the Oneworld Alliance worldwide.

Travelers can have access to first class,  business class or frequent flyer lounges having Emerald tier (AA Executive Platinum, BA Gold, Qantas Platinum/Platinum One etc). Travelers possessing Sapphire tier (AA Platinum, BA Silver, Qantas Gold) can use a business class or frequent flyer lounges other than Qantas domestic business lounges.

One guest can be invited so long as they are also flying a Oneworld carrier.

2. Skyteam Alliance Lounge Access

Passengers of international First and Business Class in addition with Skyteam Elite Plus members (Delta Medallion Gold/Platinum/Diamond, Flying Blue Gold/Platinum etc) preferring Economy Class enjoy access to 629 plus lounges worldwide flying on a same-day international flight operated by a SkyTeam airline. One guest is allowed if they are also on a Skyteam flight.

3. Star Alliance Lounge Access

Star Alliance gets hands on over 1,000 lounges worldwide.

The members of Star Alliance Gold Status (Lufthansa Senator/HON Circle, United Premier Gold/Platinum/1K etc) can access

  • Any lounge of their choice with the Star Alliance Gold Sign at the entrance
  • 1 guest is allowed.

Note: to access the United Club in the United States, Gold members must fly internationally.

  • Free Lounge Access as a Guest

In a possible manner, knowing a friend or colleague who can make you a guest in an airline lounge as a freebie, as long as they are traveling at the same time. Otherwise look for some air travel forums (Flyertalk, Insideflyer) where members can meet at the airport and the guest each other.

If you are eager then stand outside the lounge and ask someone if they can possibly guest you in!

All the particulars who don’t travel at the pointy end of the plane or have a wallet filled with the shiny gold card, you may have to buy your own way in the lounge …

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  • Paid-for Airport Lounge Access

There are several ways to purchase airport lounge access if you are not flying in first class or business class. It’s one of the top tips to get airport lounge access. 

The options count to include, getting an annual membership to an independent lounge program such as Priority Pass,  joining the airline club lounge scheme or getting one-time airport lounge access. 

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