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8 Ways Travel Will Change When The Global Quarantine Ends

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The major shut down throughout the world has made lives stagnant and its absolutely difficult to figure out the execution of any travel tours at least now. While it sounds gloomy for travelers who are not much into staying home, we cannot deny the need of the hour.

Well, we certainly know that this is going to end and things are going to be better someday soon. Of course, there is no change in people’s perception towards traveling but whenever in future travel sets back to normal, travelers are likely to move out with more safety than ever before. Maybe there will be times when they will have to be persuaded and convinced that it’s safe to move out.

Although in the present there’s no picture of the pandemic clearing away, whenever it happens, travelers will witness some considerable drops in various prices along with the change in flight rules and many others. Let’s get to know it clearly.

1. Cheap Hotel Rooms

Hotel rates within the US have already declined to about 30 percent as per March-end reports. Moreover, according to one of the industry experts, “rates will definitely go down before they come back up.”

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There had been many instances when priced dropped in the industry during crises or situations like this. This pandemic is, however, the worst among all. It cannot be denied that there will be no major issues to handle. Numerous hotels are likely to face lodging disruptions but it would be hidden from the public. Brands can manage things behind the scene.

2. Cleanliness Will Be A Major Concern

Be it cruises or hotels, everyone will need to reassess things and monitor ways in which they had been managing cleanliness. Also, travelers or consumers have to be concerned about how they interact with the ‘world’.

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In order to ensure that visitors stay comforted and safe, sanitation is also a major aspect that needs attention. While efforts like sanitizing and disinfecting surfaces have to be a regular chore for hotels and cruises, the customers should be informed about how they are being kept safe. Certainly, this way they can explore their favorite travel destinations at ease.

3. Cheap Cruises

Travelers who’re head over heels for cruising will find deals at really cheap rates. As per industry experts, in order to attract more customers “which will be essential to survival,” this is necessary. The news regarding coronavirus outbreaks on ships has affected the interest of people to much extent.

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Cruiselines will have to come up with newer ships that have greater spaces. Also, guidelines regarding lower passenger density need to be introduced. Passengers would now not appreciate buffet food services and this fact will have to be worked on.

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4. Hotels Over Vacation Rentals

It is predictable now, that customers would find hotels to be more reliable than other rental options like Airbnb. These properties will have to make an earnest effort to communicate and standardize their take on cleanliness.

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If vacation rentals bring in the required changes appropriately and convey the same to the customers, the negative impact can be settled for less loss.

5. Booking Flexibility With Airlines

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While we make our way towards 2021, the airlines offering flights for international travel tours will continue their policies for lower prices. Prices were already low since the coronavirus outbreak. The airlines are likely to be flexible towards cancellations and change in fees.

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6. Business Tours Will Aid Airlines

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Although companies throughout the world are now comfortable with virtual meetings, in-person meetings will keep the industry going. The major activities cannot be done without interaction and this will help Airlines recover soon. Certainly, until the panic entirely vanishes, business travel will be more frequent than vacations.

7. Demand For Empty Planes And Low Airfare

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When people set off to their travel destinations in the future, they are likely to seek empty flights with fewer passengers. Flights should take off with empty middle seats. People will want to maintain healthy distancing for longer. Not only this, but it’s important for airlines to keep their airfare low in order to attract customers.

8. Sustainability

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Much before the coronavirus outbreak, the global travel industry had been talking about the environment, over-tourism, and the significance of sustainable travel. Considering the scenario now, it’s certain that there can be more realistic changes in this respect. While pursuing travel tours, people are now expected to act more ethical and responsible.

Ready to travel as things get better?

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