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10 Perfect Children’s Museums For A Virtual Vacation With Kids

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While the world has been locked down, it may get difficult to convince kids about no weekend plans. Since it’s important to stay indoors, you should look for ways to keep them happy and entertained. Well, there are various children’s museums that can be perfect for a virtual vacation.

This would not only be a great way to let young ones learn history, science, art and archaeology but also keep them entertained. Virtual travel will surely keep them at ease while they cannot really go to new places for now.

Best Museums You Explore With Kids At Home

1. Children’s Museum, South Dakota

Since children now have to spend all of their time indoors – learning and playing, museums like this prove to be a great aid. Such museums are known to have a well-defined curriculum, blogs and webinars that make it easy to study at home. With Seize the Play, kids can pick up a topic and indulge themselves in completing the challenge.

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There are numerous activities that kids can enjoy including baking prairie bread, making puffy paint, building an indoor fort, creating fizzy bubbles, paper making and much more. There’s also a special page where parents can seek extra resources to keep up with the activities of their kids.

2. The Strong National Museum Of Play, Rochester

Although this amazing museum in New York has been closed, for now, you can certainly grab a few virtual travel experiences with your kids. Hop on to an online tour that takes you through the firest and second floor of this museum.

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Watch your children astounded and answer their questions as you move through the exhibitions and art galleries. There are several different online exhibits that can be enjoyed with kids. You can easily view the exterior and interior of the museum with the help of Google arts.

3. Children’s Museum, Houston

The Children’s Museum of Houston offers various virtual events for kids. There are bilingual virtual-story times that families can take part in. There are also activities like toddler playtime and more.

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Take a virtual walkthrough science experiments and let them learn at home. You can geta list of virtual events at the museum’s website. There also activities that kids can enjoy with their caregivers.

4. Chicago Children’s Museum

If your kids are fond of arts, this museum is a perfect place to let them learn making coloured foam, stained glass, finger puppets, playing dough etc. The Children’s Museum, Chicago also has a list of recipes that kids can learn making at home.

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There are activities for all age groups that you can choose from and plan a great day for kids at home. The Museum’s Facebook Page also has some interesting ways to keep children engaged.

5. The National Museum, Australia

A virtual vacation here would be fun irrespective of where the children live in the world. Children from different countries can make a visit to the museum through the web. There are interesting online activities that will keep the kids engaged.

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There are instructional guides that let children learn to make dragon puppets, robots, flipbooks, stick art sculptures, wearable art and much more. For a more interesting self-guided tour, download the app.

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6. Glazer Children’s Museum, Florida

The Glazer Children’s Museum in Tampa, Florida, aims at bringing up life-long learners. This museum will really help the children in e-learning during lockdowns.

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They can learn about atmospheric pressure with hands-on experiments, make Rube Goldberg activities or enjoy colouring activities right from home. The museum has arranged for various programs that can help caregivers to aid the educational growth of children.

7. Boston’s Children Museum

Boston’s Children Museum works in collaboration with educators, having founded in 1913 by several science teachers. The museum brings up free online courses and resources that aid learning for students.

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There are interesting guides for caregivers like 100 Ways to Play which help them keep the kids engaged. This museum also offers virtual tours for children that lets them explore all the stuff in here.

8. Kohl Children’s Museum

Kohl Children’s Museum lets you access various opportunities of remote learning via the Home Zone. There are web series that cover art projects, science experiments, music and much more. While at home, kids will surely enjoy doing this.

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They can learn to make art using a fly swatter tool, know how different materials absorb water and create a ball out of recycled material. Keep in touch with the museum’s website for some activities encouraging well being and good health.

9. Minnesota Children’s Museum

The large video library held by Minnesota Children’s Museum will leave you in awe with their amazing activities for kids. Kids will be able to learn how to create a time capsule, colour wheel by mixing different painting colours, gnome home and sensory bins.

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You can visit the website for various exhibits, helpful blogs and activities for home. The museum offers various educational resources online that can help children learn.

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10. Pretend City Children’s Museum, California

This museum in Irvine, California features 17 interactive exhibits, that are specially designed to encourage imaginations skills in children.

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Kids can stroll around virtually through the farm, cafe, gas station, grocery store, post office etc at the Matterport 3D Space. There are a lot of interesting things to witness within the museum.

Ready for a virtual vacation?

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