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12 Christmas in NYC- Top things to do

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New Year is one of the most anticipated important events in the calendar. As people from all over the world make their own countdown for a new year, everyone prepares their own rituals and beliefs before the hands of the clock ticks to midnight.

From the new year’s eve kiss to the medianoche, fireworks musical display to the traditional way to spend the holiday, the sky is illuminated with different colors of lights and the world is covered with cheers and numbers. New York is a magical city, especially during holidays.

Christmas is coming that means holidays are on the way and we would love to give you best suggestions regarding what to do in New York at Christmas time.

1. Rockefeller Center

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This is one of the most crowded areas in NYC at this time. Try to come early or late and avoid the crowd!

2. Sacks Fifth Avenue Light Show

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Right across the street from the Rockefeller tree is Sacks Fifth Avenue. Their holiday light show gets better every year; so don’t miss it!

3. Holiday Window Displays

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Start at the bottom of Central Park and walk down admiring the incredible Holiday Window Displays at some of New York’s most famous stores.

4. Macy’s Believe Campaign

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Believers of all ages can bring their stamped letter to Macy’s addressed to ‘Santa at The North Pole’, and drop it into the special letterbox. You can also create and send a letter online at macys.com/believe. For each letter received, Macy’s will donate $1 to Make-A-Wish, up to $1,000,000!

Also, if you’re looking to shop at Macy’s. For the three days leading up to Christmas, it is open 24 hours and it’s nearly empty if you go late or early. It’s almost unheard of to shop in a store that’s not crowded at Christmas time in New York.

5. Holiday Markets

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New York’s Holiday Markets are the perfect place to find a unique gift. With hundreds of vendors from all over the markets – you are sure to find something for everyone on your list. Some of the biggest markets are at Union Square, Columbus Circle, and Grand Central Station.

6. Ice Skating

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Ice Skating in New York is a Christmas tradition! The best and most iconic ice skating rinks are at Rockefeller Center, Bryant Park, and Central Park.

7. Explore!

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The best thing about New York is that you can walk everywhere. Take ‘wrong’ turns and see what magic you find. Little Italy will be one of your favorite areas to go at this time of year.

8. Rooftop Bars

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Rooftop Bars are a must in New York any time of year. But don’t be discouraged by the cold! A nice warm drink and some heat lamps make them a great winter activity – and a perfect date idea! Some of the famous rooftop bars are – The Ides, Hudson Hotel and Refinery Rooftop.

7. Nutcracker Rouge

The company XIV make its comeback with its full-mouthed spin on Tchaikovsky, a shiny exhibition that has top-level artists in opera singers, aerialists, circus performers, and farcical or comic artists. Explore everything from everywhere that rolls out Mother Ginger’s dress.

8. The Christmas Truce of 1914

Peter Rothstein, the writer-director draws from nationalistic anthems, war songs, Christmas carols, and medieval ballads from different countries, along with texts written by World War I soldiers—in his original musical referring 1914 ceasefires between British and German troops that welcomed brief yuletide goodwill to the Great War. Being played in over 50 cities all over the United States and Canada since its 2007 premiere, the show now starts its debut off-Broadway.

9. Dyker Heights Holiday Lights

Residents of Dyker Heights take vacations very seriously: the dwellings in this ambiance are decorated with thousands of attractive lights, life-size toy soldiers, beautiful artwork of Santas, and more. Enjoy the best 3.5-hour bus tour and have the top views.

10. Bryant Park Winter Village

Of all things to do in NYC, no other thing or event, or holiday market receives this much attention as the Bryant Park Winter Village. The reason is the 17,000-square-foot ice-skating rink and over 170 shopping stalls and food vendors open for business, indicating that Christmas has arrived officially!

11. A Christmas Carol at the Merchant’s House

Charles Dickens in late 1867, hiked across the Atlantic to spend a month to perform his Christmas Classic in NYC. The Merchant’s House Museum illustrated this hour-long performance for today’s world audiences in its ancient museum.

If you think a Christmas Carol is charming now, then just wait until you witness it being performed by candlelight in a 19th-century home by Dickens – or instead of an actor essaying the role of the British author. (Bonus is available earlier for mulled wine and delicious snacks!)

12. Central Park Holiday Lighting

For more than 20 years, the Central Park Conservancy has enwrapped Charles A. Dana Center in holiday flashlights and ringing on the occasion along with a hot-cocoa-bearing Santa.

For some holiday carols, families can hear or open a songbook to join Mistletones. From Okamoto Studios, Ice Carvers will be engraving a nutcracker and a polar bear at the place and everyone can see while they have the bite of some cookies and cocoa.

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