Germany is an astonishing nation to visit and go through. This article covers the things that vacationers and voyagers shouldn’t do when they are going to Germany.


The Don’ts of Visiting Germany

bastei bridge
  • Don’t Assume but Germans are “the Cold Stereotypes”.
  • Don’t Jaywalk, and follow the rules in Germany.
  • Don’t Forget the Pfand or deposit that you may put down for beer mugs, bottles, cans, and other things. You can get that money back.
  • Don’t forget to bring flowers or a small gift when visiting a German’s home. Also, don’t wear your shoes inside their homes.

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  • Don’t be disrespectful at the Nazi concentration camps and memorials around the country.
  • Don’t Wait: when at restaurants or bars, order as soon as you can as waiters do not come through to check on tables as often as they do in other countries.
  • Remember, not to put your elbows on the table, while you’re eating; only out hands on the table.
  • Also, don’t wait for anyone while at the restaurants, sharing a table with strangers is pretty common.
  • Don’t use your fingers to eat.
  • Never ask for tap water at a restaurant as you’ll be considered having a lack of generosity
  • Public drunkenness is disapproved, so, don’t be drunk in public.
  • Don’t Experiment on Driving on the Autobahn. It can be very dangerous for first-time drivers.
  • Don’t Expect to Shop on Sundays in Germany.
  • Don’t forget to bring cash. Germans love to pay in cash and some places will only accept cash. So, be ready.
  • Don’t expect to see just half-timbered houses in Germany. It is a thriving modern country with tons of amazing culture, architecture, and technology.
  • Don’t get late anywhere as Germans pay high attention to punctuality. You will have their faith if you’re right on time.
  • Don’t behave as a jaywalker, else you’ll be fined.