Dangerous water slides

If you want to get your adrenaline flowing in the best way possible then I would suggest water slides at any time of the day…but only in summer and spring.

Most of these slides are made in some inventive ways: they can be tall and straight, curved while bringing you a leisurely ride or they can take you right under an aquarium.

Overall, there are some really crazy water slides out there… TRUST ME. And within this countdown, we are listing 5 MOST INSANE Waterslides YOU WON’T BELIEVE Actually Exist! Let’s begin!


1. 1. X-Treme Faser – Galaxy Erding, Germany

This one has certainly lived to its name. X-treme Faser water slide in Germany is 220 feet long and has gotten its riders to a speed of over 45 miles per hour. It is not devoid of injuries as its victim’s list has a number of people.  It is labeled ‘’only for the brave” and “men only” for security reasons.

Some women are not allowed because there’s something about their anatomy that makes some susceptible to danger. So far, the waterslide has injured 6 women because of its intense speed, drops and use of water. Some good news though: they are working on making the waterslide safer and available to everyone. But before that happens, make sure you book yourself a trip to ‘Deutschland’ for the most intense ride of your life!

Via: 2.bp.blogspot