Traveling across this vast world is getting easier and easier every day thanks to the efforts of some truly intrepid engineers. Surely, people have to get from one place to another, but looking at some of these bridges you have to wonder if there wasn’t a better direction that could have been taken.

Have a glimpse of scariest walking bridges in the world

1. Royal Gorge Bridge, ColoradoRelated image

Coming up on nearly 100 years in use, the Royal Gorge Bridge was built on the cheap in 1929. Until now, this is highest suspension bridge in the world, dangling precariously 956 feet above the Arkansas River.

2. Vitim River Bridge, SiberiaRelated image

This converted train bridge was built across one of Russia’s busiest tributaries, the Lena River. Covered in slick ice most of the year, the six feet wide bridge can barely fit one car at a time. The Vitim River Bridge is considered so treacherous that simply getting across it, alive is an accomplishment. Seriously, “34 people who have done it created their own Facebook page.”

3. Bamboo Bridge, CambodiaRelated image

Located in Kampong Cham, a city in the East part of Cambodia, the Bamboo Bridge is the major means of access to a nearby island in the drier seasons of the year. Even crazier, the Bamboo Bridge is rebuilt every year and is expected to hold hundreds of people at any given time.

4. Captain William Moore Bridge, AlaskaRelated image

Named for Captain William Moore, “a pilot, prospector, packer, trader and riverboat captain.” The bridge runs 110 feet over Moore Creek Gorge, allowing traffic to pass through it. Moore Creek Gorge flows through an active fault line.

5. Sidu River Bridge, Hubei Province, ChinaRelated image


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The Sidu River Bridge is the current record holder for the highest bridge in the world, “which hangs over 1,600 vertigo-inducing feet above a canyon floor, connecting what amounts to two mountaintops.”

6. Hussaini Hanging Bridge, Pakistan

And you think your daily commute is stressful. How would you like to traverse this wildly swaying rickety footbridge across the raging Hunza River every day? It looks as if any of those twigs or ropes could snap at any moment, and leaping between the broken planks is a life-or-death risk. It’s one of the deadliest bridges in the world.

7. Quepos Bridge, Costa Rica

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