Haunted Places15 World's most deadly places to take a swim

15 World’s most deadly places to take a swim


Our Earth consists of 70% of water. So, it is actually good for us in many ways. We can grow food in it, we can drink it and can also swim in it. But certain water bodies are surprisingly dangerous for us. Interacting with some rivers and lakes can make us sick, hurt us, and can even kill us.

10 Water Bodies That Want You Dead

1. Boiling Lake Dominica

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Whoever named this place was certainly no fan of subtlety, Boiling Lake is exactly what it sounds like. Discovered in 1870 by two Englishmen, temperatures taken five years later ranged anywhere from 82 to 91.5 °C.

2. Citarum River West Java, Indonesia

Citarum River West Java,

Here, we have a body of water that can destroy us, but only because we screwed it up. Citarum River might well be the most polluted, trash-filled bit of water on the planet.

3. Rio Tinto Spain

Rio Tinto Spain
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Rio Tinto is among the most acidic bodies of water around, with a pH balance of 2, at best. This means the Rio Tinto is as strong as stomach acid and is more than powerful enough to kill any fish that dare swim in it.

4. Lake Kivu Of DRC And Rwanda

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Three hundred meters (1,000 ft) below the surface of Lake Kivu lies a ticking time bomb. Over 250 cubic kilometers (60 cubic miles) of carbon dioxide, along with around 65 cubic kilometers (15 cubic miles) of methane gas, lurks under this body of water, enough to provide electricity to several countries.

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5. The Rivers Of Johannesburg South Africa

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Catching E. coli is no fun under normal circumstances; now imagine you were literally swimming in the stuff.

6. Blackwater River Virginia, USA

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Too much water can be a bad thing, even if the water can’t kill you otherwise.

The Blackwater River is really a Blackwater river. The water here is dark, clear, a little acidic, and tannin marked. There are many swamps in its drainage basin. The floodplain of the river is mostly forest and swampy, which includes Tupelo Swam forests and Bald cypress.  Blackwater River’s upper part is called the Blackwater Swamp.

The Blackwater River in Virginia is one of those minor locations which consist of more tahn thirty species of amphibians.

7. West End, Grand Bahama Island

West End comprises of the most shark-infested beaches all around the world. Rightly named, Tiger Beach off of Grand Bahama is one of the world’s top spots for seeing tiger sharks.

8. Condado Beach, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Condado Beach is having some big rocks on both sides of the bay, which increases the danger of you getting hurt while swimming in less-than-ideal conditions.

  1. Bolinas Beach. California

Hollywood films like Jaws and Deep Blue Sea will make you feel terrified to ever go swimming in the sea again. The beach is apart of the “Red Triangle” and immensely popular as the greatest predator of all, the Great White Shark. The sharks are very much attracted to this region.

10. Hanakapiai Beach, Kauai, Hawaii, USA

One of the most beautiful travel destinations is Kauai fabulous Nā Pali Coast. It’s Hawaii’s most beautiful place; also, one of the dangerous sites because of the threats of Hanakapiai Beach.

Forceful rip currents, high surf, and unreliable shore openings have taken the lives of several tourists, visiting this seemingly extremely pleasant place.

Now, a wooden board sign welcomes would-be swimmers with the warning of staying out of the water and to remember what percentage of life has Hanakapiai taken.

11. Lake Karachay, Russia

Karachay Lake is acclaimed as the most polluted place on earth. In the 1950s, the lake was known to be used as a dumping site for radioactive material from the close-by nuclear waste stockpile and reprocessing facility. A series of disasters and accidents polluted the nearby area more badly, which resulted in making 65% of the native residents falling ill with the radiation sickness.

Some sections of the lake are so hazardous that they can give a deadly dose of radiation in an hour. Karachay Lake is gradually filling with concrete and soil so that the radiation can be sealed.

12. Shark Alley, Gansbaai, South Africa

Shark Alley is definitely one of the most dangerous places to swim. Located off the South African coast, near Gansbaai. It’s a hunting spot for sharks. As a matter of fact, the place is home to the largest populations of the world’s great whites. It’s good to swim here amid steel cage safety, but not to swim here, without the enclosures.

Tourists are drawn to this place as cage diving is the most popular water activity here. You can also witness whales in Gansbaai.

13. Queensland, Australia

Queensland is known for its world-class beaches, there’s beautiful, the abundant marine life. And the two most noteworthy and spectacular nature’s gems are the Great Barrier Reef and the Whitsundays. Although, there’s so much of danger lying in waters of Queensland.

One should be aware of the sharks, stonefish, box-jellyfish, saltwater crocodiles, and blue-ringed octopus. If a box jellyfish stings, then you may suffer from cardiac arrest and you can die within minutes.

14. Lake Victoria, Africa

One of the dangerous lakes, Victoria Lake is Africa’s largest lake in terms of area; also, the world’s largest tropical lake, and the world’s second largest freshwater lake, when considering the surface area. Its expanding coast borders three countries – Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya – and for generations, it has been an important resource for millions who live in the close proximity. But it is not without its dangers.

As per the local officials, 5,000 people die every year on the lake, due to unpredictable weather conditions and other unlucky instances. Therefore, it falls in the list of most deadly places to swim on earth.

15. Amazon Basin, South America

The Amazon Basin is spread throughout South America, comprising approximately 40 percent of the continent, including countries like Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru, Suriname, and Venezuela.  A breathtaking series of flora and fauna contributes to the Basin and Amazon Rainforest home. And these awesome species of both plant and animals might even kill you.

Dare to immerse in the water here and you will meet endless alligators, piranhas, eels, anacondas, or the candiru, a bloodsucking freshwater catfish that has an awful habit of attacking and encroaching human body openings, as per the reports.

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