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10 popular places that are famous for sex tourism

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Sex tourism is an industry worth billions of Euros with millions of sex workers around the world. Every year, about three million people travel on sex tourism trips. These figures are on a rapid rise.

Prostitution is not legal in all of the following countries; nonetheless the ‘world’s oldest profession’ is still widely practiced in some of the countries.

Here are the 10 biggest sex tourism destinations

1. Kenya

Via: The Independent

Kenya is one of the most relatively stable and safe countries in Africa. It has one of the largest tourism industries on the continent, and that includes sex tourism.

The Kenyan Tourism Board doesn’t discourage it in practice despite, the high levels of STI’s and HIV in the country. Kenya is a popular destination for older white women, from mainly the USA and UK, who want to purchase a holiday romance with a local man.

2. The Netherlands

Via: jwesthardin.com

The Netherlands, due mainly to the famous in the city of Amsterdam, is one of the world’s sex tourism capitals. Prostitution is legal and regulated; this includes brothels. Amsterdam’s, De Wallen, is the largest and most famous red-light district in the city and a famous destination for international sex tourism.

3. The Philippines

The Netherlands
Via:L Travel and Leisure

Amazingly, prostitution is illegal in the country, and technically, it can come with harsh penalties. Nonetheless, the industry is massive in the country and not really frowned upon. The female company usually comes in the form of ‘bar girls’ who often wear ‘bargirl’ ID tags.

These girls are supposed to come with a guarantee of being regularly tested for STDs. Amazingly, it is estimated that 60% of tourists that visit the country, come only for sex tourism.

4. Spain

Via: asialyst.com

The sex trade exists in a legal loophole in Spain and has been on the rise in recent years, combining effectively with the country’s massive tourism industry. Ninety percent of prostitutes in Spain is illegal immigrants, many of which arrive in Spain through illegal human trafficking.

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5. Colombia

Via: newsnish.com

Colombian women are undoubtedly among the most beautiful in the world; this certainly is one of the factors that has aided its reputation as a global sex tourism capital.

While the sex trade is completely legal and accepted in the country, the Government of Colombia is making efforts to fight child prostitution, sexual slavery, and human trafficking.

6. Brazil

Via: newsnish.com

Brazil is a country with an extremely supportive outlook on legal prostitution. They also launched an ‘I’m a happy prostitution’ campaign to promote a more positive outlook on the industry.

Brazil looks set to become the number one sex tourism destination in the world in the next few years, despite that fact that brothels are still illegal.

7. Thailand

Via: thailandchatter.com

Thailand takes the number one spot even though prostitution is not strictly legal there. However, in reality, it is partly regulated and tolerated and a vital part of the country’s tourism industry. The industry really started in the country during the Vietnam War and hasn’t slowed since.

There are over three million sex workers in the country. Sadly, a third of this massive figure is believed to be minors.

8. Germany

Contrary to many other EU countries, prostitution, even street prostitution, is comprehensive, organized, and fully legal in Germany.

A long history has been associated with the country of laying the foundations of the sex tourism industry, with the organized prostitution in the country dating to 1200 AD.

9. Malaysia

Prostitution in Malaysia is illegal, however, laws are not applicable at all and sexual services are extensively available. It is all under the radar, but in cities like Penang, Kuala Lumpur, and Ipoh, the demand is pretty high.

With the trafficking of many sex workers from neighboring countries like China, the dark side of the industry is powerful.

10. The Dominican Republic

The industry of sex has actually gone away in the Caribbean and the Dominican Republic is its best example. It is legal but no third party can be involved in the money exchange.

The United States has a close location with the country and it’s a famous scandal in which the US Senator’s ‘services’ is used, both have helped to rise in the industry on the island.

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