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Top-rated places to visit in Honduras City

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Many tourists and travelers across the country avoid traveling to Honduras due to its bad reputation as a dangerous country. But very few know that it is one of the safest and the easiest place to travel.

The country is home to diverse plants and wildlife, beautiful beaches, archaeological sites a well as stunning coral reefs.

Have a look at these breathtaking spots in Honduras

1. Roatan Bay Islands

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Roatan Island is one of the most developed and the largest bay Islands. Now, it becomes a cruise-ship port and a very popular holiday spot. This place is heaven for snorkelers and avid divers.

2. Museum of Mayan Sculpture, Copán

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This Museum shows a number of original; pieces of stelae, sculptures, as well as altars that are recovered from the site. The masterpiece of this museum is the duplicate of the ornate Rosalila temple.

3. Utila, Bay Islands

Utila, Bay Islands
Via: jorgechavezonroatan

People who don’t have a high budget, they can travel to Utila bay Island. It’s a budget-friendly place.  There’s main attraction will be domino games, dive centers, etc. The Dive operators also provide visitors the opportunity to swim or dive with whale sharks.

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4. La Tigra National Park

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If you search for the most beautiful place in Honduras, then you will find La Tigra national park on the top of the list. This national park is home to monkeys, pumas, and ocelots, although you will be able to see mammals. This park is also home to various birds. It is also one of the most visited national parks in the world.

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5. Carambola Botanical Gardens & Trails, Roatán

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This Botanical garden will offer you a great tranquil experience. It winds through ferns, palms, fruit trees, spices, orchids, and mahogany. You can take the best breathtaking views from the mountain path.

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