Europe11 Cheapest Cities In Europe For A Pocket-Friendly Holiday...

11 Cheapest Cities In Europe For A Pocket-Friendly Holiday Experience


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Europe is one of the favorite travel destinations around the world. Along with its irresistible attractions, colorful culture, and historical treasures, there’s a lot more that makes it worth visiting. While you may be running short of funds to be able to do everything you wish, there are still some cities in Europe that are the best to live your dreams.

It may be hard to go budget-friendly in Europe however, selecting the right destinations will always take you towards great experiences. Sometimes, it’s good to move beyond prominent places and explore the lesser-known ones. Well, waste no more time and read further to know about the cheapest cities to visit in Europe. 

Cheapest Cities In Europe To Include On Your Bucket List 

If you think that London, Paris, and Rome are the only great experiences on the continent, you will surely change your opinion after visiting even one of the places mentioned here. The world is full of experiences that are lesser-known or not known at all. You will never be short of amazing activities at the European cities listed here.

1. Budapest, Hungary 

cheapest cities to travel
Via: talesofabackpacker

Budapest is one of the best places to live like royals within a small budget. With extremely touristy places, amazing city views, history, and architecture, it is a world-class tourist destination that is unusually cheap. There are castles, cathedrals, thermal spas, and great activities for perfect backpacking experience. 

Proper research will help you to find great value hotels in the city. While it looks like one of the most expensive cities in Europe, you will be glad to find it among the cheapest picks. Get ready to experience all the pleasures without taking a toll on your pocket. 

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2. Český Krumlov, Czech Republic 

cheapest cities to visit in Europe this year
Via: roadaffair

The Czech Republic is another great tourist destination in Europe, you should visit at least once. It is a jewel among all the places you would consider on your travel list. Although it’s not dirt-cheap, you will find it to be a good-value place in all respects. Český Krumlov is one of the cities here that is shockingly cheap. 

With the beautiful Serpentine River, the Old Town, historic buildings preserved attraction, you will be overwhelmed here. Food, drinks, and hotels, everything is available here at absolutely affordable prices. This city is seldom talked about, however, it’s a worthy, picturesque exploration. Thorough research would help you reach out to the best of everything.

3. Istanbul, Turkey 

cheapest cities to travel
Via: nina-travels

While many may be confused about considering Turkey as an Asian or European country, let’s consider it to be a part of both. The important thing is that it’s one of the best pocket-friendly places to explore. With incredible architecture and adorable culture, Istanbul will prove to be a great inclusion in your wish list. 

The magnificent mosques and souks are some of the best sights you will collect from around the world. Get around the city, stroll, go shopping, eat, drink, and enjoy. While you are likely to come across more cultural explorations, you can taste a bit of everything.

4. Santorini, Greece 

cheapest cities in Europe
Via: thecrazytourist

Santorini in Greece is one of the most popular and picturesque travel destinations. Well, many of you may not have paid attention to the fact that it’s one of the most pocket-friendly breaks you can seek in Europe. It has a few attractions but its spellbinding beauty makes it a desirable getaway. 

People are mostly here to relax by the sea and its azure views. Go dining at one of the best restaurants with serene views of the island. The blue-white houses offer the best instagrammable backdrops. Capture many great pictures, share snaps, and delve into the surroundings.

5. Tenerife, Spain 

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Via: makalius

The Canary Islands are counted among the most preferable warm-weather getaways for most of the Europeans. It is known to be the most popular and largest island with the highest population of English speakers. Prices for most of the services will be similar or quite lower than the ones prevailing in midland Spain. 

With amazing activities and a relaxing environment, you will be glad that you chose it as your travel destination. Some worthwhile cultural attractions can be visited and explored if you want something different from beachside activities.

6. Split, Croatia 

cheapest cities on your bucket list
Via: vsichkioferti

Split is partly popular for being a major transportation hub sitting along with the Croatian coat. It also offers a getaway to various other islands nearby. This city is way older than Dubrovnik.

With amazing historical attractions, old towns, and interesting activities available at absolutely affordable prices, you will love to include it as a travel destination on your list. Visiting Split will make you reconsider the importance you had been giving to Dubrovnik. Good research will help you plan your visit even better.

7. Ibiza, Spain 

cheapest cities to visit
Via: hotels

Although not a backpacking destination, Ibiza is surely a great place for budget-friendly holidays. You can find considerably cheaper hotels apart from July and August. However, nightclubs may require you to spend a little more. Apart from that, hanging out on beaches and islands is always affordable. 

While you already know that hotel prices will be more during summers, try planning your trip at some other time of the year. You can also try bargaining. And if you are really into enjoying drinking you can go for cheap happy hour drinks at selective places. 

8. Valletta, Malta 

cheapest cities in Europe
Via: medium

Situated to the South of Sicily along the Mediterranean, Malta is a pleasant holiday destination with various touristy attractions. Valletta is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with pleasant beaches and historical treasures.  

Most of the visitors are generally off across the harbor in the town named Sliema. You will find some English speaking people here. There are many old town charms and historic buildings to visit and get along. Travel other than summers and avoid major holidays for the best and cheapest experiences. 

9. Prague, Czech Republic 

cheapest cities in Europe
Via: tourmagination

Prague had been one of the best cities to explore in Europe. No doubt, it’s pocket-friendly. However, you cannot expect it to be as cheap as several other cities on this list. You may consider stay options other than hotels to keep things under budget. 

Prague is mostly loved for its architectural glory. It could be a great alternative if you were planning to visit Copenhagen or Oslo. Make sure to research things well and then plan according to your budget. 

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10. Bruges, Belgium 

cheapest cities in Europe
Via: happytowander

Bruges can be considered as a cheap alternative to various other European cities on your list. With pocket-friendly tourist attractions and reasonably priced hotels, Bruges will offer the best of experiences to you.

Prices may be high during summer, therefore you can plan your trip during some other time of the year to cut off your costs. The city boasts some amazing views and interesting activities that will let you create memories of a lifetime. You can call it a replica of Amsterdam, slightly cheap.

11. Lisbon, Portugal  

cheapest cities to travel in Europe
Via: travelinspires

Lisbon is often neglected as a travel destination because of its out-of-the-way location. It holds on to some of the best experiences and attractions of all time. You will easily find excellent and cheap hotels to stay and worthwhile activities to enjoy. While you may be ignoring it for a long time, a visit here would make you want to visit over and over again. 

While you want to travel without spending too much of your money, this list of cheapest cities in Europe will surely come handy to help you plan an amazing trip. Choose smartly. 

Keep Traveling! 

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