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7 Best Campervan Travel Destinations You Can Consider


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Traveling the world is one of the most diverse things you can do in life. There are different ways to explore the world, and campervans are certainly the best ways to do so. While campervans make explorations cheap and hassle-free, there are numerous aspects that you need to consider before you set off. They make travel even more rewarding. You can head over to wherever you want and do things you wish. Not sure where to go with a campervan? We are always here to help. While you are traveling across the State or around, you have plenty of options to choose from. However, there are also places in Europe and Asia that you will love. Read further to know the best campervan travel destinations for you.

Best Campervan Travel Destinations  

Campervans make experiences more rewarding than ever. Here are the best places to visit while you are exploring through campervans.

1. Ring Road, East Iceland  

best campervan travel destinations
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Situated in East Iceland, Reydarfjördur is a charming little town. Since it’s quite far away from Reykjavik and the Golden Circle, fewer tourists venture here. However, if you’re out on a Ring Road journey through your campervan, you must consider this stop. Although there’s not much to do, there are mountains all around, and everything looks magnificent.

This place seems less windy, and a beautiful view is created when the mountains reflect on the water. You would find it open for camping throughout the year; however, services are available only from May through October. There’s a campground in Reydarfjördur that will offer you almost all the necessary amenities that let you spend a great time.   

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2. Algarve Coast, Portugal  

best campervan travel destinations
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Stretching 150 kilometers towards the southwest along the tip of Portugal, the Algarve Coast is a perfect place for visitors exploring through campervans. It features secluded coves, jagged cliffs, and golden sand beaches. This coast seems no less than a resort. Moreover, there are numerous other beaches hidden within the area. You will find campers and vans lodged in the area here. These are not luxury campgrounds.

In fact, these are not even campgrounds. While exploring the coast, make sure to be self-sufficient and prepared. The positive aspect is that the area has abundant Intermarché supermarkets that make it easier to dump, fill, re-supply. It’s a great place for inexperienced campers. You will have the best of Cliffside camping. You can move out and explore other options and opportunities. It is important to note that camping is technically not legal in the parking lots here. However, you need to be careful so that you don’t put yourself into trouble.

3. The View Campground 

best campervan travel destinations around the world
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The “Mittens” rock formations in the Monument Valley are probably the ones to remain in the limelight from the American West. They have been featured in various movies and advertisements. It is one of the popular afternoon stopovers between Utah and Arizona. Moreover, we suggest you plan one of the best nights here and witness the beautiful rising sun. It will be an intriguing view that you can remember for the rest of your life. There’s a long gravel strip of the parallel parking area that is separated by picnic tables.

No matter what spot you select, you will get the best views of the entire Monument Valley. You will find well-maintained bathrooms, WiFi, and check-in huts. However, there will be limited food options. We suggest you plan things in advance to not get disappointed later. On your drive to and from the Mountain Valley, you will come across various amazing rock formations, just like the “Mittens.” Try to witness the view of the entire view from the edge of the park since it’s one of the best experiences you will have.

4. Yellowstone National Park 

best campervan travel destinations
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Camping in Yellowstone National Park is something that every camping enthusiast dreams about. The national park has many first-come, first-serve campgrounds. Therefore, you need to be aware of the right time to set off for explorations. It is suggestible to make advanced reservations. Located along the Yellowstone Lake, the Grant Village Campground is one of the best choices where you will have a lot of fun and various water sports to take part in.

Since there would be a lot to explore, it’s worth leaving the campground. You will have all the amenities nearby in a little town. From comfy showers to laundry, you can access everything. While in Yellowstone, wildernesses will be all around you. There will be bison, bears, elk, and many more. Taking a drive around will offer you many great experiences. Undeniably, there’s every reason that this one would be one of the best campervan travel destinations.

5. Salton Sea, California  

best campervan travel destinations
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Situated in Southern California, the Salton Sea is a great place to experience van camping during winters. Accidentally created in the early 1900s, this surreal lake is known to be the largest in California. You will come across some of the best views of the Chocolate Mountains and breathtaking sunset views. There are many interesting activities and attractions here to keep you engaged throughout. You can spend some time viewing junk art, visit a nature reserve, or enjoy a banana shake at the popular International Banana Museum and taste some dates.

You would easily find some burger joints, Mexican food, and donut shops. There are also several places where you can park your van along the Salton Sea. If you are looking for free camping opportunities, we suggest you stick to the unique Slab City. California State Recreation Area, on the other hand, will offer you some mid-ranged possibilities with cold showers and toilets. For luxury camping experiences, we suggest the Fountain of Youth Spa with hot tubs, pools, steam rooms, hiking trails, and various other activities.

6. The Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand 

best campervan travel destinations
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Situated on the North Island in New Zealand, the Coromandel Peninsula stretches up to 85 kilometers with rugged turquoise beaches and wildernesses. The windy roads here are the best explored through a campervan. Go hiking through the jungle towards the sweeping farmland along the Coromandel Coastal Walkway. The most highlighted activity here is soaking yourself in a hot tub on the hot water beach. At this place, hot water is known to seep right out of the sand at the low tide.

You will easily find various options to say at night. Make sure you choose only designated camp spots and do everything to keep things legal. There are basic free accommodation options with a hot/cold shower and other basic facilities. You will also find chargeable campervan campgrounds very easily where you will have hot showers, kitchens, and various other facilities. 

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7. Adelaide To Uluru Road Trip 

best campervan travel destinations
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Starting off from the south of Australia and connecting to its center, this route holds on to some of the most iconic explorations. It boasts history and resilience, which let you create memories that would last a lifetime. Uluru, in the middle of Australia, is a flat desert. On your way up till here, you would come across various small towns and attractions. It would be a 17-hours long drive where you can enjoy the scenic views all around. 

Coober Pedy is one of the largest towns here, situated halfway through the drive is a place where opal mining is done. Most of the residents here live underground in order to escape the hot summers in the desert. If you had been planning to take only one-stop, this one is probably the best. While you are at Coober Pedy, water would be the most precious thing you have. Wherever you find a bore, make sure to fill your water bottle. 

For showers and drinking water, you may be required to pay a little fee even at your accommodation. There are several other places to stop by like the towns of Crystal Brook, Woomera, Port Augusta, or at Lake Hart. However, Uluru remains in the spotlight. Ayers Rock campground here is one of the most magnificent places to visit and explore. You will have various workshops and amazing sights to see and things to do.  

Planning to travel with campervans would not be a great mess if you know where you are heading over to and how to deal with everything that’s about to come your way. Mentioned-above are some of the best campervan travel destinations you can visit and grab the best experiences. Make wise decisions and plan things well.

Keep Traveling!

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