Destinations11 Famous And Affordable Shopping Places In London

11 Famous And Affordable Shopping Places In London


Big Ben Tower, The museums of London and the River Thames, are definitely some of the best attractions in London. But, they are not only the factor the city is so popular for. The ultimate shopping centers and the chic culture in London are also making it famous among all the places on the map.

London has a number of distinct shopping areas and commercial avenues, most of which have their own styles and specialties. It is a great venue for shopaholics.

Take a look at the most famous shopping places to shop during your holiday in London.

1. Bond Street

Bond Street in London
Via – chapmanarchitects

Bond Street is highly popular for shopping centers. This place is full of fashion designers and antiques art. This shopping street is recognized enough to attract celebrities and popular faces from London.

This London shopping street has several types of shopping centers and shops for shopping lovers. This place has been famous since 18th century as the home of many famous designers.

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2. Oxford Street

Oxford Street
Via – thoman-hanry

The Oxford Street has a long list of shopping centers; it has more than 400 shops, which offer great quality of designer clothes to most expensive boots. It is located in the center of London city. It’s known for its varying shops and expensive shopping material. You will find anything here from celebrity wear, style trading to cheap products.

3. Covent Garden market

Covent Garden market
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Covent Garden is a wonderful place to explore, whether you want trendy style, amazing gifts, famous sweets, or beautiful jewelry. This venue is a heaven for shopping lovers. Trendy footwear, cosmetics handmade jewelry, cosmetics, fascinating bags are some things you can purchase from here.

Covent Garden Market is a famous shopping area in London city. It has lots of shopping centers, Monmouth Street, St Martin’s Courtyard, Floral Street, Shorts Gardens, Seven dials and Neal’s yard, etc.

4. Knights Bridge

Knights Bridge London
Via – fletchepriest

If you’re searching for the world’s luxury elites and prestigious brands then this place is made for you. You will also find famed fashion designers on this shopping street. Here you will find high-quality Top shops and stores. This venue is known for its luxury, style, expensive shops and various types of shopping material.

Knights Bridge is a high-class shopping market situated in the heart of London city. With a variety of shops and departmental stores, this place has all the top brands in the house and boasts the trendiest fashion ever. No doubt, you’ll find a huge crowd here.

5. Camden market

Via – theseetestway

Camden market is an excellent shopping spot for shopping lovers; here you can find some of London’s most unusual shops. Get off the Camden Town Tube, walk along Camden High street, and you will find various shops selling trendy fashion clothes, parlours and tattoo canters.

Camden market has 1,000 stores lined the streets with amazing bars and cafes. If you are looking for some birthday gifts and fascinating jewellery then this market is an excellent venue for you.

6. Notting hill

Notting Hill
Via – travelandieisure

This is the biggest shopping center in London and an excellent place for all type of shopaholics. Including small and exclusive shops to vintage stores to high-end luxury boutiques with a combination of street wear and trendy in retail, you’ll find everything here.

It offers several types of small, huge and unique shops. Notting Hill is the most famous destination all over the world because of the “same name” film.

7. The king’s Road market

The Kings Road Market
Via – kingscross

This place is home to some of the best varies types of shops in town, located on King’s Road. It has more than 30 trendy cloth shops this place is absolutely great for shopping lovers and it won’t let you down.

Total length of this market is 3km. most of the interesting shops are on the first km. after that, the shops are getting less and less and you can hardly it a shopping street.

8. Savile Row

Salive Row in London
Via – gq-maganize

Salive Row is the most famous and oldest shopping destination in London city. If you’re one of those people who love handmade and tailor-made clothes, London will have a lovely destination for you.

Salive Row known worldwide as the birthplace for British tailoring, is the place to come if you want tailors made clothes and handmade suit.

9. Carnabi Street

Canabi Street in London
Via – robertsiondon

The Carnaby Street is the most famous shopping place in London city. It is the place where fashion revolution started in the 1960s; it has more than 120 shops, more than 60 cafes and restaurants,

The Carnaby Street will offer you several types of designing clothes and jewelry. The place is located Soho in London city. Carnabi Street is known for its oldest and luxury style material.

10. Regent Street and Jermyn Street

Regent Street and Jermyn Street
Via – Pinterest

Regent Street and Jermyn Street is a typical British fashion shopping places. In this venue, you can find the oldest and modern both types of fashion things. These places offer an excellent collection of mid-priced and good range stores.

11. Brick lane market

Brick lane market
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Brick lane market has a variety of shops that sell everything from antiques and home ware to vintage clothing and beverages. It is a paradise for the bargain customers. Brick lane market is one of the most famous shopping places in London city. Small store to luxury shops every type of shops you can find in this area.

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In these shopping destinations you can find easily so many things in affordable prices as compared to other places. These shopping places are especially meant for all age groups. Along with shopping, you can enjoy some great food items also. You can easily find these places in London.

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