Europe15 Most Instagrammable Spots In Turkey: Photoshoot Spots That...

15 Most Instagrammable Spots In Turkey: Photoshoot Spots That Are Not Be Missed 


Turkey is without a doubt one of the most picturesque countries in the world. There is an endless list of Instagrammable Spots in Turkey which are worth perfect photography.

Though Istanbul and Cappadocia are always the top picks for an Insta-worthy photoshoot, there are other places too that are not to be missed. 

In this article, we have listed the 15 Most Instagrammable Spots in Turkey including the best time to visit and some tips for perfect photography. Read along to know more about the top spots for photoshoots in Turkey to make the most of your trip.

Top 15 Instragrammable Spots In Turkey 

Dolmabahce Palace 

Dolmabahce Palace

Dolmabahce is one of the most beautiful Ottoman Palace in Turkey. It contains influences from Baroque and Rococo architectural styles. The palace is one of the most popular spots for an Insta-worth photoshoot in Turkey.  

The construction of Dolmabahce Palace was started in 1843 by the order of Sultan Abdulmecid. It served as the main residence and administration for Ottoman Empire between 1856 to 1884 and 1909 to 1992.

Opening Hours: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM 

Opening Days: Tuesday to Sunday 

Cost Required: 

  • Entry Fee- 90 TL
  • Dolmabahce Palace+Harem Ticket- 150 TL
  • Dolmabahce Palace+Harem Ticket+National Palace Painting Museum- 200 TL

Location: Istanbul 

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Love Valley 

Love Valley

Situated just outside the Goreme town of the Cappadocia region, Love Valley is a palace filled with numerous natural wonders. 

While in Love Valley, don’t forget to take part in the International Hot Air Balloon Festival. The festival is celebrated every year between the month of July and August. 

The multicolor air balloons drifting across the landscapes make it one of the most ideal Instagrammable Spots in Turkey

For a perfect photoshoot, come earlier in the morning or at least one hour before the evening.

Best Time To Visit: July to August 

Visiting Hours: 24 Hours  

Entry Fee: Not Required  

Location: Cappadocia

Red Valley 

Red Valley

Red Valley is a popular place to witness the best sunset and sunrise views in Cappadocia. It is situated just a few distances away from Love Valley in the heart of the Goreme National Park. 

It is referred to as Red Valley due to the presence of fairy chimneys and red color rock formations. 

Apart from this, Red Valley also has a 5 km trail for hiking that leads to the Cavusin Village. 

For a perfect photo session, reach here at least one hour before dusk. Also, do check out the observation terrace to enjoy beautiful ariel views.

Best Time To Visit: July to August 

Visiting Hours: 24 Hours  

Entry Fee: 6 TL

Location: Cappadocia

Grand Bazaar 

Grand Bazar

As the name suggests, the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul is the greatest shopping center not only in Turkey but across the globe. The market covers a massive area of 30,700 square meters.

While on a trip to Istanbul, the Grand Bazaar is a place not to be missed. The Grand Bazaar is usually crowded especially with foreign tourists. 

The market is a good place to take wonderful pictures, especially near the area surrounded by carpets sellers and sparkling lanterns. Almost every spot in Grand Bazaar is worthy of insta-worth photographs. 

Make sure, you take permission before taking the picture from the shopkeeper. Some shopkeepers may also charge a fee before allowing you to shoot.  

Opening Hours: 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Location: Istanbul

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Yet another wonderful destination in Turkey that is worth for an Instagram picture. Pamukkale offers the most unique setting which will force you to take numerous pictures. 

Pamukkale is encompassed by travertines, a kind of limestone that is generally found near hot springs. These travertines are formed by the volcanic occurrence of volcanic eruption underground. 

The popular sites for photographs in Pamukkale include Hierapolis ruins, travertine thermal pool, and Cleopatra pool.

Best Time To Visit: Spring or Autumn 

Location: Denizli Province

Galata Tower 

Galata Tower

Arguably one of the most photogenic sites in Istanbul. You must have seen Galata Tower on most travelers’ Instagram accounts. 

The Galata Tower is among the world’s oldest towers, It once served as a dungeon during the earlier period. It went through several reconstructions over the years and now stands as the city’s major highlight. 

The site is usually busy as there are various shops and restaurants adjacent to the tower.

Do consider visiting the terrace of Galata Tower in order to witness the wonderful panoramic views of Istanbul’s Asian side, Bosphorus, Golden Horn, and many more.

Best Time To Visit: 9:00 to 10:00 PM

Entry Fee: 130 TL

Location: Beyoglu District, Istanbul



Enjoy the stunning panoramic views of Istanbul from the rooftop of Kubbe. Spend some time on the rooftop while relaxing on cushions and enjoying delicious Turkish delights, fresh cherries, or Turkish tea. 

Come here either Early in the morning or just before the evening to enjoy stunning sunrise or sunset views.

Best Time To Visit: Early Morning or Before Dusk

Entry Fee: 100 TL

Location: Istanbul 

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Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia is one of the top things to do in Istanbul. It was the main cathedral church of the Byzantine Empire until 1453. Today it serves as the Muslim place of worship and a major center of attraction in Turkey.

Its exterior and interior are equally beautiful and contain influences from Ottoman and Byzantine architectural design. 

Both the interior and exterior of Hagia Sofia are among the top Instagrammable Spots in Turkey

Best Time To Visit: 9:00 AM

Location: Istanbul 

Bodrum Town


The picturesque town of Bodrum lies on the Aegean coastline of Turkey. The town is combined with numerous modern architecture and some ancient ruins. 

Bodrum is admired by several well-known artists and even celebrities. It offers both a luxurious and traditional ambiance to visitors. 

During summer, millions of tourists prefer to come here to spend most of their on beaches, clubs, and trendy restaurants and cafes. 

There is an endless list of spots for an insta-worthy photoshoot in Bodrum Town. Some of these spots are surrounded by natural wonders while others represent the Aegean culture. 

Best Time To Visit: June to September

Location: Bodrum Peninsula, Aegean Coast



Balat is situated in the old city of Istanbul and it is the most color neighborhood in the city. The main highlights of this lovely town are the small stone streets lined up with countless colorful houses. 

These wooden made houses are around 50 to 200 years old. Besides, it is home to various mosques, churches, and synagogues(Jews’ places of worship). 

Today, Balat is transforming into a modern district by renovating a bunch of old buildings, and housing bars & cafes on every street. 

The district Balata is also featured in famous Turkish TV series named “Cennet Mahallesi. For pictures or paintings, head towards the colorful stairways or Fener Greek High School.

Best Time To Visit: Early Morning

Location: Old City, Istanbul

Kaputas Beach

Kaputas Beach

While seeking a perfect spot for a photoshoot how can you miss the beaches in Turkey? The country has dozens of stunning beaches on the Mediterranean coast and Kaputas is the most popular one. 

Kaputas beach is golden sand sandy beach encompassed by turquoise sea waters and a high cliff. 

Even being a popular beach, Kaputas is still untouched and offers an ideal spot for sunbathing and swimming. 

The temperature of the water is usually cool due to the flowing spring water. During high season, tourists can hire umbrellas and sunbeds for rent.

Visiting Hours: 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Location: Between Kas and Kalkan, Southwestern Turkey

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Taurus Mountains

Tauras Mountains

The Taurus Mountains is a stunning landscape in Antalya that offers the best hiking trails in Turkey. The mountain spans up to the area of 560 km in total. 

These mountains were formed after the massive collision of the African and Europe plateaus. The erosion of limestone leads to the formation of waterfalls.

If you are planning to hike, then depart earlier in the morning and experience the serene atmosphere between the mountains. Don’t forget to carry a high-quality camera to take the perfect shot.

Best Time To Visit: Spring

Location: Mediterranean Coast, Antalya

Oludeniz Blue Lagoon


The spectacular setting of Blue Lagoon in Oludeniz represents the true beauty of the Turkish coastline. The electric blue water surrounded by rocky mountains makes this place even more photogenic. 

Being a popular tourist destination, Blue Lagoon remains crowded regardless of the season. Visit earlier in order to experience the peaceful surroundings. 

Do take pictures while posing near the beach or while paragliding.

Best Time To Visit: May to June or October to November 

Location: Fethiye, Mugla Province

Blue Mosque Courtyard

Blue Mosque

After visiting the grand mosque of Hagia Sophia, consider taking a tour to yet another Instagram worth site “Blue Mosque. 

Though, its original name is Sultan Ahmet Cami but is widely regarded as Blue Mosque due to the presence of blue Iznik tiles. 

The Blue Mosque was built by taking inspiration from the architecture of Hagia Sofia.

Avoid visiting during the prayer timings, especially on Friday. Get here between 8:30 to 12 PM to avoid the crowd and don’t forget to capture some nice pictures.

Best Time To Visit: Any day between 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM

Location: Istanbul 

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Seven Hills Restraunt

Seven Hills Restraunt

Seven Hills Restaurant is Istanbul’s most popular restaurant. It is stands just behind Hagia Sophia

The restaurant offers an incredible panoramic view of Hagia Sofia from a glass window and open rooftop dining. 

Not only this, but it also offers a beautiful view of the entire Istanbul making it a dreamy Instagrammable Spots in Turkey.

Opening Hours: 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM

Location: Near Hagia Sophia, Istanbul 

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