Europe10 Most Beautiful Cities To Visit In Turkey 

10 Most Beautiful Cities To Visit In Turkey 


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Among all the cities to visit in Turkey, some are famous all over the globe while others are still undiscovered or underappreciated. 

The Turkish cities offer the most vibrant culture filled with electrifying night scenes, extreme shopping scenes, and a plethora of historical sites

Besides tourist attractions, the Turkish cities are also worth visiting if you want to try different styles of cuisines.

Almost every Turkish city has something to offer for each type of traveler regardless of their age. 

From the vibrant street life of Istanbul to the stunning beach scenes of Antalya, each city is unique in its own way. 

Whether you are planning a weekend trip or vacation longer than a week, then consider including these top 10 cities to visit in Turkey

Top 10 Cities To Visit In Turkey 



Istanbul is a major metropolis and of the top cities to visit in Turkey. As per the tourist data for 2019, around 14.72 million travelers visited Istanbul throughout the year.

It is the only city in the world that is separated by two continents. About 64,9% of locals reside on the European side while the rest 35.1% reside on the Asian side of Istanbul. 

The European side welcomes the most number of tourists, thanks to the numerous attractions that it offers. 

Istanbul might be the only city in the world that offers a wide array of historical monuments from different eras and cultures. 

Best Time To Visit: March to May or September to November

Tourist Attractions:

  • Hagia Sophia
  • Topkapi Palace 
  • Blue Mosque 
  • Baylerbeyi Palace 

Cost Per Day: 805 Turkish Lira 

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Ankara is the capital of Turkey, yet it is one of the most underrated cities in the country. Being the capital, the city is quite different from modern Turkish cities. 

It is situated in the heart of the country in central Anatolia. Ankara currently serves as the main business and commercial hub of Turkey.

The breathtaking Turkish capital is home to a range of fine restaurants and cafes. The streets in Ankara are generally combined with some ancient monuments and modern architecture. 

Best Time To Visit: June to September

Tourist Attractions:

  • Anitkabir 
  • Musuem of Anatolian Civilisation
  • Ankara Castle
  • Atacule 
  • Haci Bayram i Veli Cami 
  • Kocatape Mosque

Cost Per Day: 522 Turkish Lira 



The second most popular tourist destination in Turkey, Antalya is home to plenty of exotic beaches and scenic landscapes. Antalya is the best place to visit in Turkey for those looking to soak up the sun. 

At the core of the city lies the Kaleici district which houses some of the well-preserved buildings and old towns. 

Another highlight of Antalya is the harbor that dates back to the Roman era. It once was a gateway to the Turkish Riviera and today it offers an array of places to explore with things to do. 

If you are planning a tour to Turkey in the summer, then don’t forget to include Antalya in your travel itinerary. 

Best Time To Visit: June and September 

Tourist Attractions:

  • Tunek Tepe 
  • Kursunlu Waterfalls 
  • Yivli Minaret
  • Perge 
  • Aspendos 
  • Karaalioglu Park

Cost Per Day: 461 Turkish Lira 

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Konya was the capital of Seljuk Sultanate of Rum from the early 11th century till the empire dissolved in 1308.

Today, Konya is one of the most favorite cities among history geeks. The city carries roots from the 3rd century BC and houses some ancient monuments, ruins, and breathtaking architecture. 

Konya is also the final resting place of the famous Turkish poet “Rumi”, widely popular as Mevlana.

If you are traveling near the Anatolia province, then do plan a trip to the historical city of Konya. 

Best Time To Visit: June to August 

Tourist Attractions:

  • Mevlana Museum 
  • Minare Mosque Museum
  • Aziziye Mosque 
  • Catalhoyuk 
  • Alaeddin Tepe

Cost Per Day: 695 Turkish Lira 



Izmir is the largest city in Turkey and is one of the top picks among travelers for its vibrant city scenes and rich lifestyle. 

It is situated in the western region of Turkey and houses the largest port in the country. 

Just like Egypt’s Alexandria, Izmir also served as one of the major cosmopolitan hubs of the Mediterranean. 

While visiting the city with diverse culture, check out the famous Kemaralti Market. The market offers a glimpse of the city’s local lifestyle and cuisines with insight into Izmir’s past. 

Best Time To Visit: May to August

Tourist Attractions:

  • Izmir Agora 
  • Pergamon Acropolis 
  • Alacati Town
  • Ephesus
  • Kemeralti Market 
  • St. Polycarp Church

Cost Per Day: 399 Turkish Lira 

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If you have ever dreamt of living in the fantasy world, then now is the chance to fulfill your dream right here in Cappadocia

The landscape in Cappadocia is unmatchable and you will feel like living somewhere outside this world. 

The things that make this Turkish city different from others are the fairytale-like chimneys, and the rock formation surrounded by air balloons. Consider taking an air balloon tour in order to enjoy the incredible panoramic view of Cappadocia. 

In addition to this, there is a bunch of caves, valleys, and historical ruins that are worth exploring.   

Best Time To Visit: July to August

Tourist Attractions:

  • Uchisar Castle
  • Devrent Valley 
  • Kaymakli Underground City 
  • Cavusin 
  • Soganli Valley

Cost Per Day: 303 Turkish Lira 



Yet another Turkish city that lies on the Mediterranean coast is the lovely city of Fethiye. It is a popular spot for yachting and offers plenty of water sports to indulge in. 

Also listed among the best places to visit in the Mediterranean, the harbor town of Fethiye is an ideal location offering a range of attractions with things to do. 

Many Turkish locals and European head towards Fethiye to relax after a hectic week. 

Nonetheless, Fethiye also has some UNESCO-protected sites including natural wonders and historical landmarks. 

Best Time To Visit: June to September 

Tourist Attractions:

  • Kayakoy ruins 
  • Xanthos 
  • Tlos Rock tombs 
  • Butterfly Valley 
  • Saklikent Gorge

Cost Per Day: 396 Turkish Lira 

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Trabzon was undiscovered among travelers until the arrival of middle eastern tourists. Its popularity is growing day by day and today Trabzon is one of the most popular cities to visit in Turkey

While most travelers spend only a few days or just a weekend in Trabzon, a week or more would be worth it. 

The wonderful city of Trabzon offers an ambiance like a hill station, as it lies majestic mountains. 

The main highlight of the city is the middle age mosque of Aya Sofia, which was originally built as a church. The must-visit sites include the Greek Orthodox ministry of 346 AD and the Sumela Ministry. 

Best Time To Visit: March to May or September to November

Tourist Attractions:

  • Aya Sofia Mosque(Middle age Church)
  • Sumela Monastery 
  • Trabzon Castle
  • Ataturk Kosku

Cost Per Day: 800 Turkish Lira 



Eskişehir is the main university city in the country. It is quite popular among young visitors for cafe culture and night scenes. 

If you traveling to Turkey with your family, then consider going for a trip to Eskişehir. During summer, many locals and foreign travelers come here and spend most of their time exploring the old towns, picking, and riding on the river. 

Today, Eskişehir is easily accessible from the major cities like Istanbul, Ankara, and the historic city of Konya through a high-speed train. 

Best Time To Visit: April to May 

Tourist Attractions:

  • Archaeological Museum 
  • Sezova Park 
  • Osmanli Evi 
  • Tulomas Museum

Cost Per Day: 620 Turkish Lira 

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Bursa was the first capital of the Ottoman Empire and has now grown into the 4th largest city in Turkey. It is also nicknamed Yesil Bursa, due to the numerous mountains and parks it has.

The city is globally popular for its unique yet delicious cuisines. The most popular food in Bursa is the traditional kebab named Iskender Kebab. It is available in almost every restaurant as a yogurt kebab.

Among the main tourist attractions in Bursa include the Yesli mosque, the tomb of Sultan Murad, and the old village of Cumalikizik.

Best Time To Visit: Spring

Tourist Attractions:

  • Muradiye Tombs 
  • Golyazi Village
  • Uludag Resort 
  • Citadel Neighbourhood 
  • Bursa  Grand Mosque 
  • Iznik

Cost Required: 283 Turkish Lira 

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