Best restaurant views

Travelers always strive for something unique. And yes, among all other attractions and explorations, food remains to be an important element when you travel. Changing trends bring in a different perception. One of them is the idea of dining and enjoying the best restaurant views. Believe me this can make your meal really special.

Not only what you eat matters, but where you are eating plays a major role too. Even the most delicious food would make sense in a restaurant if you are not able to grab something good at the place. Therefore, at least when you travel it is great to look for unique places to dine.

Most Beautiful Restaurants in the World

When you have stunning surroundings a mediocre lunch or dinner would turn out to be a splendid event of your life. Therefore you cannot miss a chance to grab some of the best experiences at the most exquisite places and luscious menus.

Here are the restaurants that would let you enjoy food along with the most spectacular views:

#1 Lycebettus, Santorini, Greece

best restaurants in Santorini with a view, Lycebettus
via: homeaway

Clinging along the steep cliffs high above the Caldera in Santorini, this is an award-winning hotel from the Andronis Suites. Santorini cliffs are already known for the exquisite atmosphere they create with their views.

Named after a hill in Athens, the Lycabettus is undeniably one of the best restaurants in Santorini with a view. The terrace here features the dramatic rocky outcrop located just above the gushing sea waves. Time here becomes even worthwhile with the Mediterranean recipes served here.

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#2 Sense on the Edge, Oman

best restaurant views, Sense on the Edge, Oman
via: thestylejunkies

This is an indigenous village style spectacularly set with sandy beaches on one side and dramatic mountains on the other. With beautiful views in the surroundings, this restaurant is a part of the Six Senses Zighy Bay Resort.

When you’re exploring the Oman Sultanate, this can be a perfect place to have a memorable meal. Stars above in the sky and breathtaking views around would make a combination like never before. You will also love the seven-course meals and degustation wines here.

#3 Le Jules Verne, Paris, France

best restaurant views, Paris
via: atabula

Perched up high 410 feet above from the ground, on the second level of the Eiffel Tower, this restaurant will let you grasp the expansive, fabulous views of the City of Lights. Guests here put on their views out from the slate gray rooftops and wide boulevards.

While you can soak in bright city highlights, evening let you capture the twinkling scenes. The culinary French traditions are known to be highlighted in the menu here. Also, you would love the long list of perfect French Wines.

#4 Asiate, New York

best restaurant views, Asiate, New York
via: telegraf

This restaurant would offer you the best views of Manhattan’s Midtown from its 16-foot windows. The leafy oasis of the Central Park and various sleek vertical marvels just a sight away from you.

This elegant dining room on the 35th floor is a part of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, New York. French classical and subtle Asian flavors are brought down on the menu. This place is, however, suggestible for a drink, afternoon snack or tea. You would really cherish these breathtaking views.

#5 Sierra Mar Restaurant, Big Sur, USA

most scenic restaurants, Big Sur, USA
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With breathtaking views of the Pacific, Sierra Mar makes its place high atop the Big Sur cliffs. Granted with the Wine Spectator’s Grand Award, this is a signature restaurant of the Post Ranch Inn Hotel.

This would probably be regarded as one of the most scenic restaurants in the USA. You would have a fine unconventional dining experience with the eclectic menus presented here. The place and culture is highlighted well in the dishes served.

#6 Un Piano Nel Cielo, Amalfi Coast

most beautiful restaurants in the world, Amalfi Coast
via: theluxurytravelexpert

Situated on the beautiful Amalfi Coast, this is the gourmet restaurant of Hotel Casa Angelina. Fresh produce and culinary traditions combine with innovation to form the best of meals that are served here.

This rooftop restaurant holds on to a really breathtaking terrace where the sky and the sea seem to meet to bring in the glory. This is the best place to spend time on the most beautiful coats in Europe also to experience the Italian-style “art-de-Vivre”.

#7 Vertigo, Bangkok, Thailand

beat restaurant views, Vertigo, Bangkok
via: cocozaza

This is known to be the highest situated open-air restaurant in the world. Located atop a luxurious terrace of the Banyan Tree Hotel, Vertigo will let you have some of the best frescos dining experiences. You can expect a collection of jaw-dropping views at Vertigo.

Seafood and steaks are the best for feasts here, while the vast skyline of Bangkok presents some unmatchable treats for you 61 floors above. You may prefer coming here during dusk so as to soak in the views of the city during daylight with the pre-dinner cocktails.

#8 Felix, Hong Kong, China

best restaurant views, Felix, Hong Kong
via: forbes

From the 28th floor, the Felix restaurant will let you have the captivating views of the dramatic cityscape. The floor-to-ceiling windows give the best views of the city’s neon skyline, the shopping district Kowloon and Victoria Harbour ships. Fresh seasonal dishes make up a major portion of the contemporary menus here.

#9 Signature Room at the 95th, Chicago, USA

best restaurant views, Chicago, USA
via: pinterest

Located atop the super tall skyscraper, 875 North Michigan Avenue, the Signature Room offers dazzling skyline views and lovable food. Even the interior creates an inviting atmosphere with its art deco and wood designs.

The most enchanting part is the breathtaking 360-degree views of Lake Michigan and the entire city. The south-west views near windows would let you have the most spectacular views. Pick your table accordingly!

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#10 Delaire Graff Restaurant, South Africa

best restaurant views, Delaire Graff Restaurant, South Africa
via: thepinsta

The lure is held by the bistro-chic cuisine served splendidly in this restaurant situated amidst the wine lands of the Western Cape. Though, desserts hold on the triumph of originality and indulgence, the dishes her use the highest quality ingredients and seasonal supplies from farmers.

Under the stippled canopy of pin oak trees, guests can choose to relax on the terrace when the weather is good enough. You would be surrounded with some of the most breathtaking views of South Africa to soak in and take pleasure. There’s no doubt that this you’ll have the best restaurant views here.

#11 Dasheen, St. Lucia

most beautiful restaurants in the world, Dasheen, St. Lucia
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With award-winning cuisines and lovable views, Dasheene is a signature dining resort of Ladera Resort. The turquoise Caribbean Sea and breathtaking Pitons allure the place. Guests here would be able to enjoy luscious tradition St. Lucian dishes. This is something you’d love.

#12 Nautika, Dubrovnik, Croatia

best restaurant views, Nautika, Dubrovnik, Croatia
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Located in Croatia, Dubrovnik is a restaurant with some of the most spectacular views on the edge of the sea Pile. This exotic restaurant overlooks the fortress of Bokar, the Adriatic and Lovrijenac featuring exclusive terraces and exquisite views. This restaurant is situated in Dubrovnik’s former School of Maritime Studies.

#13 Rosellinis, Ravello, Italy

most beautiful restaurants in the world, Rosellinis, Ravello, Italy
via: luxeaboire

The craggy cliffs and coves of the Amalfi Cost house the Palazzo Sasso and the terrace tables of Rosellinis. 1000 feet below, the sapphire-hued water of the Mediterranean is dotted with fishing boats. You would be able to cherish the views only when you take a seat outside or one near the window.

Here basically, Mediterranean ingredients to prepare a perfect Southern Italian menu including some Neopolitan dishes too. An important thing is that Rosellinis is known to be open only for dinner and only from mid-March to October. Though reservations are accepted, tables are allotted as per the first come first serve criterion.

#14 Eagle’s Eye Restaurant, British Columbia, Canada

best restaurant views, Eagle’s Eye Restaurant, British Columbia, Canada
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Situated 7,700 feet above sea level you will have to make your way till the Eagle’s Eye Restaurant via a 15-minute gondola ride. This restaurant is known to be situated in the Kicking horse Restaurant in British Columbia. You may have the views of over 1000 snow-capped mountains standing all around.

This is one of the most scenic restaurants in the world with awe-inspiring views entering in from the windows. French cuisines are known to be the special serves here along with the British Columbian wines.

There are many delicious recipes to taste. You may crave for some extremely romantic evenings here. The restaurant is known to be open from June to October and December through Easter. You may, therefore, plan your visits accordingly.

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#15 The Dining Pod, Thailand

best restaurant views, Thailand, The dining pod
via: ivona

This is another restaurant with the most spectacular views located on the Koh Kood Island, Thailand. Eating here would let you experience and live some indescribable moments of your life. A comfortable seat in the free hoisted bamboo pod from where you can savor exotic cuisines and admire the views of pristine sea waves; makes it lovable.

#16 Hotel Cipriani, Venice

most scenic restaurants in the world, Hotel Cipriani, Venice
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Hotel Cipriani restaurant still remains to be a great lure in Venice, Itlay. Located on the Giudecca Island, in the center of Venetian archipelago, this restaurant offers the most exotic views outside from its windows.

You can admire the charm of the city Venice and the lagoons which make their place in the surroundings. The hall of the restaurant is the best place to soak in the best views outside. With luscious cuisines served here, you would catch up with the best experiences ever.

These are some of the topmost picks for best restaurant views. You may enjoy dining here as you travel around. Grasp the best experiences. Keep Traveling! Keep Exploring!