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Manchester is popular for its culinary delights and nightlife. Whether you are a backpacker or a local traveler to explore who desire to feel the real feel of Manchester city.  Then there are some exciting and delicious dining options that expand day by day.

With several exclusive restaurants as well as new experiences to choose from it can be immense to make the right decision. So we have selected top 5 restaurants in Manchester to aware of the delicious restaurants in the city.

5 Fine-Dining Restaurants in Manchester

The French:

The French

This restaurant is a prestigious restaurant in the Midland Hotel. The head of the restaurant Adam Reid is known as the Finest chef of Manchester. He combines all traditional  British food with interesting and new flavors.

This restaurant so many times renowned for always producing fresh food, if you are looking for getting a fine dining experience along with a luxurious setting, then the French is must visit.



Tattu is one of Manchester’s most elegant as well as sensory dining experiences. The decor of the restaurant makes it extra special for you to visit. With the finest cuts of meat, that is infused with oriental spices oils as well as fresh vegetables.

The refinery:

The refinery

When it comes to the outstanding traditional British Cuisine, this bar is on the top. Some of the best cocktails are available only in Manchester. It offers high-quality cocktails in your budget.

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This restaurant is not for vegetarians.  If you love meat a lot, then you will really love Fazenda. You will love their cuisine as they offer it in a Brazilian lifestyle.



It is the equivalent of Barbie’s playground. It has pink cocktails, burlesque entertainment, and also a bathtub! This is one of the sophisticated places in Manchester where you can dine, drink as well as get entertained a lot.