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7 Locations From Shakespeare’s Plays That Actually Exist

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Sir William Shakespeare had been an excellent writer, who left his impressions forever on the world with his amazing poems, plays, and sonnets. While some really beautiful places have been mentioned in his plays, travelers who love Shakespearean creations would surely want to make a visit there at least once. They are equally loved like any tourist attractions.

If you had been wondering about the amazing locations from the iconic plays, here’s a list of places from Shakespeare’s plays that actually exist and can be visited.

1. Juliet’s Balcony, Verona | Romeo &Juliet 

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This is one of the most popular tourist attractions of the modern era. A location from the famous play ‘Romeo & Juliet’, Juliet’s Balcony is situated in Verona, Italy. There’s a stone window ledge where it is believed that Juliet stood waiting for Romeo, her lover. This balcony is a part of the building known as Casa di Giulietta.

Although the characters in the play are believed to be fictitious, every year this place welcomes many travelers from, around the world. They stick a note on the wall to try their luck in love. You can do it too!

2. Romeo’s House, Verona | Romeo & Juliet 

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This is yet another popular place in Verona where visitors arrive in large numbers. It is believed to be the residence of Romeo, which is not really far from Juliet’s place. It is a massive 13th-century building where the Montechhi family lived.

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3. Ardennes Forest, France | As You Like It

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The forest of Arden seems to be almost the same as the locations mentioned in ‘As You Like It’ the Shakespearean romantic comedy. It has been a site of play for many other scholars. This beautiful forest stretch spreads across Germany, France, Belgium, and Luxembourg. However, the one in France is said to be the best.

4. Boar’s Head Inn, London | King Henry IV

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Eastcheap, London is believed to be the favorite bar where the drunk Falsestaff used to head over in ‘King Henry IV.’ Although the bar was destroyed in 1666, during the Great Fire of London, a building was built to honor the tavern.

5. Jerusalem Chamber, London | King Henry IV

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Situated within the Westminster Abbey, the Jerusalem Chamber is one of the places where final moments of the play King Henry IV have been plotted around. Also, it is the place where he died in the year 1413.

Before being used as a general place, it served as an abbot chamber. There are several historic tapestries and a periodic chandelier. However, this place is not open to the public.

6. Kronborg Castle, Denmark | Hamlet 

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This ornate fortress is situated on the eastern edge of Denmark. In the play, ‘Hamlet’ it is known as Elsinore. In the 1420s it was a sea fort that was later transformed into a castle. It is a historic place. As per the play, it is the place where Hamlet saw the ghost of his father.

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7. Pontefract Castle, Pontefract | Richard III 

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This place is related to Pomfret from ‘Richard III’ that Queen Elizabeth’s doomed brother mentions as the place where Richard II was hacked up in a prison. Well, this really happened. On being deposed Richard II was taken to a tower at Pontefract Castle and was believed to be killed there. several ruins of this castle are open to visitors.

Travelers can witness their favorite Shakespeare’s plays as they visit these places and explore them for the fictitious events mentioned by the legendary writer and poet. Seek some out of the box travel experiences here.

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