Haunted Places7 Most Scary And Terrifying Places In Nagpur You'd...

7 Most Scary And Terrifying Places In Nagpur You’d Never Dare To Visit


‘City of oranges’ Nagpur is known for its natural wonders. This beautiful city of Maharashtra is also famous for its folk culture. Nagpur is a great destination for tourists. But very few people will be aware that this city is also the stronghold of mysterious forces.

In this article, we have included some selected places of Nagpur, where there are signs of negative energy. Here some forests and ponds have been found, where after the evening the ‘satanic forces’ are captured. Know us about the ‘Hidden Paranormal Sites’ of Nagpur where the mysterious climate prevents people from beating.

1. Amravati’s highway


It is difficult to drive a car in the night, it starts sleeping and fear of unknown things. Nagpur- based Amravati Highway gives some similar sighs. This highway is notorious for its deserted and scary scenes. One out of every ten passing through the night here is a victim of an unknown shadow.

The experts believe that there is no white scary shadow in the night. The people who know about this place give their cars a rush, while the unaware travelers become the victims of the scary situation here. Due to the mysterious activities here, this highway has been marked as a paranormal site.

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2. Parse Graveyard

Misty Overgrown Cemetery

Pavlina Jane The Parsi Graveyard located in Nagpur is called the house of ghosts. It is said that those who tried to get a negative experience here did not get up for many days. Most of the people have heard the shocking voices here. Experts believe that here is the dwelling of the evil spirits.

For many, this is just a story, but for those who have faced the power of strength here, this graveyard is not less than a nightmare. Many people who do not believe in these things also come here to get scary experiences. Here the weird-poor voices have made this place in the hunted place of Nagpur, where afternoon no mistake wanders.

3. Dev Nagar of Nagpur


Dev Nagar of Nagpur is today decorated with beautiful buildings and places. But perhaps, very few people know that from today 20-25 years ago the Muslims were blown up. It is said that here is the shadow of souls wandering on life’s laughing-life.

Many times the people here have experienced strange experiences. According to experts, when a building was under construction, a man’s secret death had been made at that time. But there are some people who do not believe these things. They should definitely take the experience here.

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4. Wardha Rail Track


The Wardha rail track is included in those places of Nagpur, where there is evidence for the wandering souls. It is said that a young girl was raped and killed on this train track. After that, the soul of that girl wanders on this railway track.

Many passengers have heard roaming voices here. No one else stops here after listening to it. The cry and screaming screams have made this track quite scary.

5. Jungle wild animals

Credit:Jungle wild animals

The mysterious death of humans makes them a ghost or a looted soul. But do not you think that even after the death of animals do they take the form of ghosts? Because animals are animals like humans, they will have something like a soul inside them.

It is said that the ‘Monkey Jungle’ situated in Nagpur is inhabited by the souls of animals. Many people have seen the decline of odd-poor things here. Some things have also been seen that give evidence of ghosts. The weird size of the trees here make this forest very scary.

6. Mystical Ramtek


Black magic has often seen stories happening in movies or in movies. But does it really exist? If you want to remove this suspicion, once Ramtek in Nagpur will definitely come. It is said that the trees here are subject to humans. This whole place is said to be the stronghold of black magic.

The experts believe that the nightmares of satanic forces begin in the night. Those who pass by this are able to subdue humans. This place has become so dangerous that you can tell the local residents of Nagpur well.

7. Hauted Pond 

The Friday pond situated in Nagpur is notorious for the name of the pond which commits suicide. Here more than 100 people commit suicide every year. It is said about this pond that there is no magnetic power here which provokes people coming here to commit suicide.

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This pond is said to be of black magic and demonic forces. Many people embrace death in the affair to calm their curiosity here. Due to these mysterious incidents, it has been included in the most dangerous places of Nagpur.

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