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8 Unbelievable Unique Shaped Islands Around The Globe

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Gleaming white-sand beaches, sparkling sea, palm-filled landscapes, and paradise-like surroundings, Yes we are talking about the islands that make us forget the rat race of the city. And when summers are right here many of you might be planning the next trip to the dream destinations, Isn’t it? The Maldives, Bora Bora, or Seychelles will definitely get a place in your list but this time take a tour of these unique shaped islands.

They are not only about rocks and sands; these famous islands of the world will make you wonder how they are formed.

Smiley Islands of Sabah, Malaysia

unique shape islands

We all have that one smiley emoji that we can’t stop using all the time no matter whether it connects to the emotion or not. Well, this one will definitely connect to your holiday mood as landmasses in Sabah around the coast of Kota Kinabalu have got the unique smiley.

Sulug, Mamutik, and Manukan are small islands that together form a smiley if we look from the sky. These are the protected landmasses and fall under the Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park. You can also enjoy the view from the nearby International Airport.

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All the islands are open for visitors and include adventurous facilities to make your vacations fun and memorable.

Elephant Rock Island, Iceland

elephant rock island

Sounds impossible! But, Elephant rock island is for real. This massive island with an elephant structure is formed naturally after a volcanic eruption near Heimaey island of Iceland in the Westman archipelago. It’s a real eye-cheater but a major attraction among visitors.

Moon Island Of Hawaii

moon island

No need to book a trip to the moon, well you can’t enjoy a vacation right there but Hawaii let you feel it within the warm blue waters. Molokini Island exactly looks like a crescent moon from the top and is a great attraction and wonder for tourists.

Home to several species of coral reefs and algae, Molokini is also a perfect destination for scuba diving enthusiasts. The island was formed due to a volcanic event resulting in a crescent-shaped structure that lies above 160 feet of the ocean.

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Unfortunately, you cannot walk on the moon of Hawaii but can take a boat ride to the island and enjoy water activities like snorkeling and scuba diving. The waves are calmer and safer around the islands and thus perfect for scuba divers.

Dolphin Island Of Li Galli, Italy

dolphin island

Li Galli Islands in Italy along the Amalfi Coast are known for their unique landmasses that resemble dolphins when seen from the above. The island is called Sirenusas and there’s a strange reason behind its name as well. The island was home to dangerous creatures called sirens who had a beautiful voice. They used to lure nearby sailors of the island and damage their boats. Sounds horrifying!!!

It is unknown whether the story is true or not and if it is then do Sirens still exist? Maybe no, otherwise Dolphin Island has not been in our list of famous islands in the world and Rudolf Nureyev (dance icon) would not have bought a villa on Dolphin Island.

Turtle Island Of Yilan, Taiwan

turtle island

No, the island isn’t home to turtle species; instead, whales are famous among tourists of Guishan or Yilen Island in Taiwan. The shape of the island is an attraction to visitors beside whales as it looks like a turtle from above.

And not just the shape, size is impressive too as it’s the largest among all the islands in Taiwan’s Yilan and the only active volcano here. You might be wondering who would go there if it’s still active but to your surprise around 2000 people live near the shoreline of turtle island.

It’s a great place to enjoy activities like hiking, boat riding, and watching whales and dolphins dancing on the rhythms of ocean’s waves.

Heart Of Fiji

heart island

Tavarua is the heart of Fiji not just because it resembles a heart but because of the serene beauty, landscapes, and clear water at the shorelines. This is the smallest of all islands here and a hearty place for couples.

There are restaurants and resorts with all the facilities of dining, relaxing, and entertainment for the visitors. And not just the facilities, the beauty of surrounding coral reefs will leave you amazed. For adventurers, Tavarua is a perfect spot in Fiji as they can enjoy lots of water sport activities like surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, and more.

Seahorse Of Ecuadorunique shaped islands

6 active volcano shields formed a structure of seahorse in the Galapagos archipelago million years ago. This unique merger has attracted tourists across the globe and has a huge population of the tortoise as well. The island is the largest and youngest of all in Ecuador’s Galapagos.

The turquoise water around the landmass is home to some amazing sea creatures like penguins, sea lions, and white-tipped reef sharks. Wildlife enjoys the warm water and weather here but the Isabela or Seahorse Island is also the favorite of tourists coming to the country.

Helicopter Island Of Philippines

helicopter island

Dilumacad aka Helicopter Island in El Nido is famous for its massive size and shape. What’s unique apart from its shape is the color of sand and water that’s why tourists enjoy hours lazing on the sand soaking the sun rays.

Islands come in all shapes and sizes and these are definitely the eye-cheater but perfect to create unforgettable memories. So, where are you planning the trip in the summers?

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