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Packing Tips For Year Long Trips

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Traveling is the most preferred way to step away from your daily grind and revive your soul with happiness. However, when it comes to a yearlong trip people get confused about what to pack and what to not. That’s because they don’t have a guide with all the beneficial packing tips. So, they end up over-packing. Had it ever happened to you?

Don’t worry if that is the case so and you don’t want to repeat it again, because we will provide some amazing packing tips for yearlong trip or vacation in this guide. Packing won’t be a puzzle for you from now onwards. So, Cheers!

Packing Tips: Before Creating Perfect Packing List

Since there is no cut-and-dry list for packing as every trip is different. However, you can pull some ideas that fit your goal as per the vacation or trip style. Before setting for a year-long trip, don’t forget to consider this in your list:

  1. Climate– What will be the type of climate while traveling? Is it wintery or tropical?
  2. Places– Will you be eating and staying at fancy places? Prepare for occasional fancy-shmancy splurge.
  3. Outdoor activities-What outdoor activities you will be doing?
  4. After figuring all these, you can move on to packing list.
  5. Long Trip Packing List

Let’s walk through the list of content you need to take for year-long trip.


Travel Backpack

Travel Backpack

A travel backpack gives you most freedom and prevent from over packing. Always remember less is more or smaller is better. Fill your backpack with stuffs that you really need. Pick a good sized backpack that’s dedicated for socially-conscious traveler. For example, if you are traveling to trek like Machu Picchu small pack fits your travel goal.

Travel Clothes and Toiletries

Travel Clothes and Toiletries

Depending on location and weather, you need to pick clothes and toiletries. It includes tops, bottoms, undergarments, shoes, accessories and toiletries.

Some of the toiletries to include are deodorant, toiletries bag, small mirror, face wash, travel hair brush, soap, cotton swabs, hand sanitizer, and toothbrush + toothpaste.

Travel Gear

essential travel gears

Before heading off to traveling, take packing cubes to keep things organized. Gears include multi-tool, collapsible cups, lithium batteries, headlamps, water bottle, sleeping bag, travel locks, notebook, and PSI bands.

Travel electronics to take are Laptop, headphones, DSLR camera, GoPro Hero, chargers, external battery charger.

You can’t go out without medical supplies. Some of the healthcare supplies include first aid kit, anti-diarrheal, vitamin C boosters, arnica pills, and activated charcoal pills to prevent food poisoning.

Get Immunizations

important advice for yearlong trip

No one wish to get sick during travel, however reality is that it happens often. So, stay prepared and visit your regular doctor to get immunized. You can take this massive folio of information to the destination. Don’t forget to take anti-malaria pills to optimize prevention.

Travel Documentation

Packing Tips

Travel documentation like passport, vaccination documentation, paper copies, emergency numbers, travel insurance policies, and copy of documents in cloud drive. Do install travel apps like Google maps so that you can easily find locations via GPS.

A lot of countries need visitor to show proof of vaccination which mostly remains in form of an ICVP or international certificate of Prophylaxis.

Nothing thing not to miss is purchasing travel insurance. Find an insurance that offer overseas dental and medical treatment plus reimbursement for stolen credit and lost baggage.

What Not To Take

While planning it’s important to keep balance of the stuffs you carry. It will make you less prone to travel fails. Here are some of the things not to do-

Avoid Planning Itinerary

Packing Tips For Year Long Trips

It is true that weather can turn anytime. So, you need to take stuffs that fit all seasons. Not only sometimes you can be totally unplanned as well.

Avoid Planning Every Outfit

Year Long Trips

Pack clothes in such a way that it brings color to your trip. For example, cardigan +shirt + pants +scarf, mix like this can be helpful during traveling.

Avoid Planning Every Meal

Year Long Trips

As hunger levels can be unpredictable during traveling, the idea of having a perfect meal could be frustrating, and end up in hanger.

Leaving your meal ideas unplanned is perfectly OK. It is because you will find plenty of fantastic local ideas on your way.

Whew! This seems to be a long list at first but once you get to it, it will help you immensely and you will be able to enjoy yearlong trip. So, follow these long trip packing tips to avoid traveling mess.

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