Adventure TripAdventurous things to do at Antarctica

Adventurous things to do at Antarctica


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Nowadays, Antarctica is becoming the top travel destination for true adventure lovers. So, many people dream to travel Antarctica once in a lifetime. If you ever have the chance to go there, then don’t miss that opportunity to take its full advantage.

Before visiting there, let me tell you the best adventurous things to do in Antarctica for getting an unforgettable experience.

Best adventurous things to do in Antarctica

1. Climbing through the Snowy Mountains

things to do in antarctica
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Undoubtedly, one of the planet’s most adventurous, remarkable, dangerous, an expedition to the South Pole. Trekking to the South Pole is surely the most historic adventure in Antarctica and might be the toughest one too!

You will get the opportunity to touch untouched Antarctica! Walk through the snow-loaded grounds and up the mountains for the unending striking perspectives that Antarctica brings to the table.

For those adrenaline searchers, you will even have the opportunity to sled down a portion of the slopes on your goods (which is the significantly more agreeable than walking downhill).

2. Penguin Colonies and Baby Penguins

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The very must thing to do while you’re in Antarctica is, to hang out with Penguins. Fortunately, this unforgettable experience is damn special and guaranteed, whenever you pay your visit.

Six types of Penguins are found in Antarctica, namely – Emperor, Adelie, Gentoo, Rockhopper, Chinstrap, and Macaroni. You’ll find millions of these cute beings roaming around the continent.

Appreciate seeing them trek and fall, slide on their guts. On the off chance that you are sufficiently fortunate, you may simply get the chance to witness a penguin egg bring forth, uncovering a lovable, feathery infant penguin.

As per the saying of Personal and environmental responsibility, you have to stay more than 2 metres away from all wildlife. But, you’ll glad to know that these penguins down in Antarctica being unfamiliar and calm with humans, might walk right up to you. So, don’t be surprised!

3. Zodiac Cruising

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All on board, Zodiac gives you an unwinding, stunning background. As you weave in and out between chunks of ice, you will start to get a handle on the sheer self-importance that is Antarctica. Make sure to be watchful for penguins hopping in and out the water, Leopard seals floating by, winged creatures hovering above, and even whales whose wake will shake your zodiac!

4. Sea Kayaking

famous places in antarctica
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This alternative must be reserved before the flight in the event that you are keen on doing this movement amid your undertaking. In the event that you so pick, you will be ocean kayaking to and from the arrivals (zodiacs as yet bring kayakers aground, yet they frequently invest little energy there and paddle). Work your arm muscles as you embrace this exceptional method for encountering Antarctica!

If something extravagant you wanna try, then head to the polar regions and go for kayaking in Antarctica. It’s by far one of the best things to do in Antarctica and the undeniably the most fantastic place to do this. If lucky enough, you’ll see the closest encounters with this amazing marine life.

What to expect more apart from watching a humpback whale breach right next to your kayak – We must tell you – one of the best experiences in Antarctica!

5. Antarctica Camping

tourist attractions in antarctica
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So, camping under the stars is your fantasy, that too in Antarctica? On the off chance that conditions allow, you will be offered the chance to physically camp on Antarctica!

Equipped with high-quality bivy sacks and warm clothes, camping in Antarctica will absolutely be something that you’ll talk about the rest of your life. So, prepare for one of the best, restless evenings!

6. Visit A Science Research Station

This research station is one of the remote places on Earth. A lot of research is being conducted in Antarctica. And one of the cool things to do here is – Antarctic Peninsula expedition. You can visit some of the amazing active stations.

One of the most popular places in Antarctica – Vernadsky Research Station. Over time, it was transported to Ukrainians and the scientific focus was basically on the climate. It’s that place only where they discovered the hole in the ozone layer!

The doors are always open to visitors for the people of Ukraine. With a small group, you can have a tour of the base managed by one of the scientists. So, a wonderful sight is waiting for you to see the awesome work being conducted here.

7. Take The Polar Plunge

In quest of doing one of the coolest things to do in Antarctica? Why not think over – swimming in some of the coldest waters in the world?

Recognized as the polar plunge, this brief dip in one of the planet’s most ultimate destinations is certainly something that will make your heart beat running like anything!

8. Skiing On Snowy Mountains

Are you a real daredevil? Then embellish yourself to be a skillful skier or a snowboarder!

Going for a special campaign at the beginning of the season, you’ll witness some of the beautiful peaks on the Antarctic Peninsula. So, make your path, an epic one!

Here, you will need experience in ski touring, but let us tell you – skiing in Antarctica might be the hardest nut to crack.

9. Cross The Drake Passage

You have two ways to reach Antarctica. Firstly, you can take a lavish charter flight, or can travel via ship. For the adventure seekers, sailing from the edge of South America to the Antarctic Peninsula is something that shouldn’t be missed!

This bizarre stretch of sea, known as the Drake Passage, is known for being the home of some of the most dangerous seas in the world. The vast ocean currents flow through comparatively narrow channels, which churn the stormy waves and big storms.

In spite of a bad reputation, the Drake Passage is not that dangerous as it used to be. Credit to the much better ship-building technologies and satellite weather monitoring.

10. Practice Your Photography

Antarctica is that unique place where it’s almost negligible to take a bad photo. So, you can literally try your hands on a camera in any direction you want!

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