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8 Interesting Things to Do in Le Marche

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While Le Marche is one of the least known places in Italy, it holds on to some of the best-kept secrets here. Being one of the most interesting travel destinations, this place has a lot to offer you. 

Verdant hills rolling down, long stretches of vineyards, and honey-colored houses, azure sea, and pristine beaches poise excellent experiences for you in Le Marche. Tuscany’s beautiful neighbor will prove to be a great holiday destination for you. 

Best Experiences For You in Le Marche 

As you move across places you get to discover vivid cultures, traditions, and lifestyles that will leave you awestruck. While you’re ready to start with this interesting exploration in Italy, here are the elements you will cherish the most. 

1. Urbino: Medieval Charm 

Le Marche
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This place in Le Marche holds on to a medieval touch. The well-designed hilltop towns and villages of the Ressainance town will catch up with your attention. Having retained its charm over centuries, this place certainly turns out to be a delightful exploration. 

You will have numerous opportunities to know more about art at this place. The museums and art galleries are worth visiting. If you really want to dive deeper into history here, surely visit the Duke’s Palace. 

2. Ascoli Piceno: The City of Hundred Towers 

Le Marche
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Ascoli Piceno has a long history and evidence of existence pre-dating Rome. Largely built out of travertine stone, this city was said to have 200 towers out of which 50 are still standing. There are numerous historical sights to explore; grand buildings, piazzas, cathedrals and squares that will let you know more about this place. 

3. Loreto: The Pilgrimage 

Le Marche
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While Italy is one of the most religious places you will ever visit, Le Marche takes you through basilicas and hilltop churches to embrace the religious atmosphere. Situated in the Ancona region, Loreto is a popular Catholic pilgrimage site. 

Its 16th century, late Gothic Style architecture is quite impressive. It holds on to beautiful mosaics and artworks by excellent artists. 

4. Frasassi Caves: Underground Adventure 

Le Marche
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Visiting here would be one of the most pleasing experiences in Italy turning it into one of your favorite travel destinations eve. It is known to be the largest subterranean cave systems in Europe. This will be an 18-kilometer cave exploration.

You can take up a guided tour to know the place even better. You are likely to come across formations that resemble the Niagara Falls and Grand Canyon. It will surely interest you. 

5. Monte Conero: Serene Beaches 

Le Marche
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The beachsides on this enviably long coastline are quite popular among explorers. You may the beachsides occupied with sunbeds, umbrellas, and people relaxing under the sun. The azure sea waves and limestone peaks make up worthwhile views to cherish. Furthermore, there are several historical explorations too along with excellent restaurants to let you savor some interesting dishes. 

6. An Opera Evening  

Le Marche
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Summers in Le Marche will let you experience the best of music and entertainment. There two major opera festivals held within this region. The first one is the Macerata Opera Festival that continues for about a month. The performances are staged at Arena Sferisterio, attracting aficionados from all over the country to the Macerata hilltop. 

The other one’s Rossini Opera Festival, this two-week festival at Pesaro’s seaside resort, pays homage to Gioachino Rossini the famous composer. If you love musical retreats, this one’s a great exploration. 

7. Monti Sibillini National Park: Amidst Nature’s Wildernesses 

Le Marche
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This place in Central Italy takes you through some of the best wildernesses. This mountainous Southwest of Le Marche has 10 peaks which are more than 2000 meters in elevation. There are extensive trails for cycling and hiking that your adventurous self will surely enjoy. This is a wonderland for nature and adventure enthusiasts. You will also love exploring the hill town Sarnano and the Rocky Canyon, near Montefortino. 

8. Savor the Best Street Food  

Le Marche
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You will have some great street food experiences at Ascoli Piceno. The local specialty food is good enough that no bars and restaurants can match the pleasure it offers. As you wander around the animated town, you may enjoy the views, streets and street food altogether. 

So, while you’re all set to explore Le Marche, the above-listed places and activities will let you have a great time here. Plan your trips well. 

Keep Traveling! 

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