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Amazing “Rainbow River” in Colombia- Miracle

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River Caño Cristales in La Macarena, Colombia is named as the ‘River of Five Colors‘ and also known as ‘Liquid River‘ or ‘Liquid Rainbow‘. The reason they are called with this name is there’s plenty of colors you can witness below the transparent waters. The shades of yellow, greens, purple, and red seem to be gushing down the Rainbow River as it also depends upon the water and light conditions.


It changes colors because of the Macarenia Clavigera plant.


The colors depend on light and water conditions.


The plant has been in green, red, yellow, orange and even blue.


The river has beautiful circular rock pools.


During the early 2000s, the river was in guerrilla territory.


It was deemed too dangerous for tourists. However, Nowadays it is much safer to visit.


Isn’t it just Stunning!

Colombia’s Caño Cristales River is undoubtedly a breathtaking getaway. Comprising of the freshwater plants – Macarenia Clavigerarooms gives a colorful and vibrant look to the serene waters and the awestruck Sierra de la Macarena, the mountain peak situated in the south of the Bogota capital, the Caño Cristales River undeniably falls in the list of unique vacations to hit on.

What’s the reason behind its multi coloration or kaleidoscopic?

From July to November, corals, the marine plants, moss, along with red floras gets stick to the stones all across the streambed and hence, forms a mixture of colors right below the water surface.

Blue, black, green, red, and yellow shades, makes this river having a resemblance with ‘liquid rainbow’ and it’s one of the top tourist attractions especially during Monsoon.

As per the locals, the best time to visit this place is you can have your presence here right after the storm when all the hues look so clear!

Behind the river terrain, the rich solid remain from the river are 1.2 billion years old rocks that lie below the water surface. When all these things combine with the multicolor plant life of river what results is – the magical spread of colors. However, the rest of the year, the river just emits the glittering grey shade and a few of the green shades expansion is there.

To see the rainbow river is not the only extraordinary photo opportunity, but you can have the fun of swimming in some special parts. A population of only 200 people is allowed to swim here per day, though, as to protect the dainty plants.

Rainbow River
How to reach

Board the flight to reach La Macarena and then rent a taxi to Serrania de la Macarena National Park. From this place, walk or take a horse ride to cover-up the final stages of the trip by foot to Cano Cristales.

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Best time to visit

The journey of Cano Crystals from July to early December is most appropriate. Visitors should keep in mind that booking trips are not possible before or after this season.

Also, besides its beauty, the macarenia clavigera plant is very sensitive to its environmental and climatic conditions. In the month of July to December, the weather is sunny and bright, as light reflects the colors in the best possible way.

Due to the terrorist effect and the probability of forthcoming harm to the natural environment provoked by tourists; the spot was closed for a long time until 2009. Other places worth seeing in the surrounding areas of Cano Cristales areAngostura I waterfall found in Guayabero.

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The content of water must be high for the plants to blossom, but not that much high that you won’t be able to see the bottom of the river, or else they may die and may turn its shade into brown, as per Rove- the travel website.

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