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Mexico’s Incredible Beach- Need to swim underwater to get to this secret beach

This is an underwater passage leads to a sweet hidden beach. You get to see some amazing facts about Mexico’s most incredible beach. It’s a beach for lovers, which is wrapped underneath the island’s surface and offers a safe shelter for love birds. 

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The only way to enjoy this slice of paradise is to swim through this sea cave.

A broad hole opens against a secret beach above the surface of dense green island, which has enough sun, shade, and transparent water.

Playa del Amor, usually known as the Hidden Beach, features one of the Marieta Islands, situated at a distance of about 22 nautical miles which settles at the west of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, at the opening of Banderas Bay. The place will remind of an imaginary novel, a granular grotto having blue waters of the Pacific Ocean flourishing in.

Marieta Islands is a bunch of isolated islands which were formed by undersea volcanic eruptions. The attain the blessing of being the natural wonders. The place was something else rather than the volcanic activity that took place and resulted in the formation of the glorified beach.

There has been a rumor that the crater which created the Hidden Beach was the result of the done-on-purpose bombings during World War I. Marieta Islands consistently have been completely deserted, contributing to making a perfect site for the testing of the army stuff by the Mexican government.

In the initials of 1900s, artillery, and weapons were put to test on the Marieta Islands, a secure distance from the citizens of Mexico but were not that safe for Marieta terrain. For so many rock and cave formations, test bombs are the known purpose on the islands, probably which includes the Hidden Beach.

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You can get to lover’s beach or Playa Del Amor by taking a boat from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

A scientist named, Jacques Cousteau prevailed the guard against the adverse human activity in the 1960s on the islands. The islands were completely given the designation of a national park in 2005 called, Parque Nacional Islas Marietas. This amusing place consists of swimming, sunbathing, kayaking and the place prohibits fishing and hunting all over the island.

Later on, the park was also entitled as the UNESCO MAB Biosphere Reserve. With huge and far-reaching military testing, it resulted in the flora and fauna damage for decades on the archipelago. But the islands have been replenished because of many years of calmness and peace of tranquil crystal-clear water and sea life.

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The entrance is not totally Submerged, So no need to break out the Scuba Gear.

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From outside only, the Hidden Beach can be seen and can be only reached via long water run tunnel which acts a bridging element between the Pacific Ocean and the beach. There is space spaning which spans about six feet above the water level, so the travelers either by swimming or kayaking can reach the beach. The islands continue to be inhabited although are again and again visited by travelers who hit the place to enjoy the magnified ocean life and the bizarre tropical paradise of Playa del Amor.

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Permission is required to visit the island by boat, and for going there one need good swimming skills so to make underwater beach Mexico swim without any trouble.

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What To Know Before You Go!

From the coast of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, within an hour, you can reach the island via boat as mentioned above. There are so many tour companies that offer day journeys to the Hidden Beach. The fee is decided to have a limited number of hidden beach wristbands and are of a different color. These wristbands must be preserved in advance.

A dozen of tour companies can give the voyage for approximately 1500 pesos each. With the hidden beach, tours are explorable and fun which cost 500 pesos each.

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