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11 Amazing Things To Do In Seville, Spain On Your First Visit

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Like all the explorations in Europe, Seville in Spain is the one aligned with colorful, quaint villages, incredible traditions, enthusiastic people, and amazing historical architecture. We decided to take your attention to one of the less considered yet amazing travel destinations in Europe.

Seville, Spain is a perfect escape into the new cultural and traditional surroundings with various historical explorations that will remain embarked in your memories forever. Unless you visit here, you will not have any specific idea of what you are going to miss.

Of course, we are still amid a pandemic. However, you need to bookmark this place for the next time you get to travel overseas.

Things to Do In Seville, Spain

1. Visit The Seville Cathedral

things to do in Seville
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This beautiful architecture will make you curious about its history and you may end up gazing at this art, losing yourself to time. It seems to be a little alluring world. The Seville Cathedral is the largest cathedral in the world on the basis of volume. It is a World Heritage Site with 80 chapels.

As you look around there would be numerous places and elements you want to capture and keep them forever. There is something spectacular and divine about this place that makes you feel pleasure every time.

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2. Explore The Plaza De Espana

things to do in Seville
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Situated inside the Maria Luisa Park, this is a semi-circular plaza with a canal and a spectacular curved palace. It is also popular as the “Venice of Seville”. Various administrative buildings in the city are situated here. However, a walk beneath the gallery is what you will cherish more.

Rent a boat ride, a bike, or a horse to enjoy it better. You will also come across the Sevillian azulejos. These are painted tiles that showcase the most popular monuments, local food, and culture here. Grab a scoop of ice cream and savor the pleasure of doing one of the best things to do in Seville.

3. The Real Alcazar

things to do in Seville
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If you have watched the Game of Thrones you will surely recognize those backdrops and reminisce those scenes shot in this royal Moorish palace. It was used by the royal family in Spain. It was designed during the 14th century based on Moorish architecture for non-muslim buildings.

As you stroll through the beautiful courtyard, the carved coffered ceilings will leave you amazed by their elegance. There are expansive gardens offering some chic views. There is an underground bath where you would love to take a few pictures.

4. Take A Street Stroll At Barrio Santa Cruz

things to do in Seville
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Setting off for one of the most memorable strolls at the jasmine-scented, narrow streets of the Barrio Santa Cruz is among the best things in Seville. Barrio Santa Cruz earlier served as Jewish Quarter.

The streets are aligned with popular restaurants, tapas, artisan shops, palaces, and art galleries. The locals here are very friendly, you will love getting to talk to a few of them. There are various streets where tourists from all over the world arrive and lose themselves in an amazing place.

5. Metropol Parasol

things to do in Seville
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Metropol Parasol is one of the most popular and “not-to-be-missed” sightseeing destinations in Seville, Spain. This is a unique modern sculpture, designed by a German architect.

The polarizing structure and amazing views grab the attention of visitors. However, this modern structure in the old, historic surroundings of Seville is often criticized. You would witness some spectacular views here during sunsets.

6. La Giralda

things to do in Seville
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Situated next to the cathedral, The Giralda is a bell tower and an enduring emblem in Seville. It is the minaret of the former mosque that was believed to be built here and represents Moorish origins. An unusual fact about the tower is that instead of stairs, there are 34 ramps leading to the top.

This helped the Muezzin ride up to his horse to the tower to lead the call to prayer and he will not have to walk. There are several archeological exhibits on the way that breaks the monotony of the climb. Moreover, the view from the top of the tower is so good that you will forget all the hassle anyway.

7. Relax At La Caleta Beach

things to do in Seville
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La Caleta Beach in Cadiz is known to be the closest beach in Seville. It is situated right outside the City Center and lets you rest under the sun or enjoy some beautiful sunsets. You can rent chairs, umbrellas, and cabanas. This beach spans up to one kilometer. There two forts Castillo Santa Catalina and Castillo San Sebastián that can be visited.

8. Watch a Show At Sevilla de Opera

things to do in Seville
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Sitting on the right of the river this is a hidden gem in Seville. At this theatre, you will come across high artistic quality and guests that are enthusiastic and impressed. It is definitely one of the best operas here. It can seat 160 guests at a time and the circular stage makes the show amazingly visible.

9. Go For A Flamenco Show At Casa La Teatro

things to do in Seville
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If you miss out on a flamenco show, your visit to Seville will be probably incomplete. There are many tourist-focused theatres in the city where you can visit.

However, Casa La Teatro actually shows the art and heart of this dance form. It is a small and intimate cafe with passionate musicians, singers, and dancers. Each show lasts for an hour and you can easily get a budget-friendly deal.

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10. Tapas

things to do in Seville
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Like its history and culture, Seville is also popular for Tapas. There are tons of places serving the best tapas all over the city. The interesting part is that each of these places or restaurants has its specialty.

La Brunilda is one of the best sit-down restaurants to try this local dish. Here they consider adding a modern flair to the traditional recipe, presenting it exquisitely.

Although the list of things to do in Seville, Spain can be quite long, you may surely consider the topmost activities and attractions mentioned here. Plan it well.

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