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9 Essential Packing Tips For Your Next Vacation (Post-COVID-19)

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All set for your vacation? Packing? that’s daunting right? Well, we are here to help you with that too. While you think that you’re doing everything right, there may be a few mistakes you make in packing stuff for the vacation.

Now, if you don’t consider this to be really important, you may end up wasting a lot of your time on the vacation with regrets. Well, we do not want that to happen to you. Therefore, we decided to highlight a few mistakes that you are likely to make while packing for your vacation and a few tips that will let you handle it better.

How To Pack For Your Next Vacation?

Certainly, with the Covid-19 situation around the world, you have a lot of time to learn and improve various aspects of travel. There’s no denial of the fact that travel will not be the same anymore. Therefore, it is important to consider and adjust yourself to the changes. Here are some travel packing tips you need for the future.

1. Do Not Wait For The Last Moment

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Okay, while on a vacation, you should go with the flow. However, postponing your packing until the last day or the last moment isn’t a smart idea. Start a few days in advance and work systematically.

Make a list of all the activities you will be doing and places you will be visiting, consider the duration of your trip. Based on this list decide what all things you will need to make you comfortable. Last moment packing would stress you and you will end up packing unnecessary stuff. Thus it is a good idea to start working on things early.

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2. Roll Instead Of Folding

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When packing for a long vacation, it is common to run out of space in your suitcase. After all, you have so many things to pack. Or maybe you were doing it wrong until now. When you have more things to pack than the actual volume of your suitcase, rolling the stuff is a sensible choice.

This way each item takes less space and there is room for more. You can even use compressible, reusable plastic bags to roll and pack your clothes. It will also help you to avoid those wrinkles on your clothes later.

3. Stick To The List

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Making a list not only helps you be careful about not forgetting necessary stuff but it also helps to avoid overpacking. Befriend your list for over a few weeks, keep checking until you are sure that you’ve got everything you need. Start packing once you collect everything on the list.

4. A Different Suitcase For Each

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While it sounds sophisticated to carry a different suitcase while traveling with your partner, it may increase the possibility of messing up. In case, you lose one of the suitcases, one of you may be left with nothing.

Considering the unexpected events, it would be smart to pack half of your stuff in each other’s bag or suitcase. Even if something happens, you will still, have the rest of your things to use on the vacation.

5. Pack According To The Weather

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You should know the usual weather of your destination at the time you will be traveling. Accordingly, choose the colors and fabrics you should prefer. Also, this will help you pack layers for days and nights to keep you comfortable.

6. Shoes Can Make More Space

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Shoes may be important little things to carry on a backpacking or adventure trip. Moreover, you can save a lot of space by using the hollow space inside your shoes. Stuff little items like socks or underwear inside them. This will not only save some space in your suitcase but your shoes will maintain their shape.

7. Keep Your Toiletries Well Packed

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Get those safe, zip-top bags for non-solid things like shampoos, gels, mouthwashes that may leak. Also, with the existence of COVID-19, a lot has changed. Since you need to be careful with everything you do and use, make sure to keep your toiletries well sanitized and clean. Carrying your own stuff is preferable instead of being dependent on stores out there.

8. Masks Are Must

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Traveling anywhere around no matter how near or far is now unsafe without masks. We are still fighting and even if you get to travel, a little mistake can risk your life and others’ too. Make sure to carry a bunch of clean masks. They are easy to lose plus you should not use the same mask for too long.

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9. Products For Sanitizing

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Traveling post-COVID-19 may not be as easy and simple as it used to be. You cannot be dependent on others to keep your surroundings clean. Therefore, it is suggestible to carry disinfectants and sanitizers to clean the areas you use.

This may be on a plane or while using other public transport. In fact, you should consider sanitizing the beds and pillowcases you use in hotels.

While you decide to travel post-COVID-19, make sure you are extra cautious. The above-mentioned packing tips will help you pack correctly and efficiently for your next vacation.

Stay Safe.

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