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Another Spine Chilling Scary Places Nobody Dare To Visit

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From the tallest unoccupied building to Bond villain’s hideouts, here are Another 9 Eerie Abandoned Places That Will Creep You Out!

List Of Most Haunted Places 

1. Back From The Dead, It’s Holy Land, USA


Built in the 50s, Holy Land, USA closed its doors in 1984. But recently someone–or something–has lit up the crucifix on the hill! Get your shit together, this might be the second coming!!!

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2. Weird Forest Ghost Boat


Homebush Bay, west of Sydney, is a ships’ graveyard where old hulls usually come to die. However, the SS Ayrfield, now a floating forest of foliage, has become a spooky spectacle that draws visitors and photographers from around the world.

3. $750 Million Pyongyang Hotel Disaster


Whilst it may look like the set of a Hollywood science fiction movie. The reality is worse, Kim Il-Sung blew 2% of North Korea’s GDP on the tallest unoccupied building in the world.

4. Hidden Underground Cathedrals In New York City

Credit: Pintrest

Did you know that there are abandoned stations in NYC’s underground network? The decorative tiles, skylights, chandeliers make old City Hall station look more like a Gothic cathedral than a train station.

5. The Island That Went Feral

Credit:The Guardian

Once a bustling community of 5,000, now the Bond villain’s hideout from the movie: Skyfall. Because of public curiosity, Hashima Island in Japan has reopened. There is a growing market for badass secret hideouts here. It’s one of the scariest islands here.

6. Vandalized & Stripped Of All Vestiges Of Value & Decoration!


Built in 1901, St. Agnes, Detroit was once the hub of a thriving community. The place is now a struggling neighborhood that doesn’t have enough parishioners that can even fill a fraction of the pews.

10. Lofty Ambitions Gone Wrong


Vandals, squatters, and farmers (and perhaps even the odd zombie) have reclaimed the abandoned Wonderland Amusement Park in China. Financial problems stopped construction in 98 and then in 2013 the remaining structures were demolished and now it’s just a fading memory.

11. The Future That Never Was


Built-in 1978 as a seaside resort on the northern coast of Taiwan, a series of fatal accidents and rumored ghost curses caused the project to shut down in 1980. Attempts to demolish the UFO pods have been blocked, and they are now becoming a bit of a kitschy tourist attraction.

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12. Rusty Junkyard, New Orleans


Opened in 2000, Six Flags Jazzland, New Orleans was sidelined when Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005. Now, it’s just another post-apocalyptic abandoned amusement park. It’s one of the most haunted places here.

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