9 Most Creepy Abandoned Locations To See Around The World

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There are so many incredible abandoned locations, it’s rather challenging to pick just a few to share with you. Some are hauntingly beautiful, others bring back memories of fighting, pain, and suffering while many remind people of happier days. Each and every one of them has a remarkable story to tell, which we’ll share with you today.

1. Hot Spot For Tourists


This Island goes by several names, either Hashima Island, Battleship Island or Ghost Island. It’s an Island that was bustling in the late 19th to the mid-20th century and had hotels, hospitals, homes, shops, and parks.

And it was thanks to the coal that was plentiful at that time. When the coal ran out, so did the work. Everyone upped and left and the island was empty from 1974 and left to crumble. This has become a tourist hotspot, as the area is just steeped in history! Definitely worth a visit!

2. Nobody’s Home


This beauty of a castle was built for Polish Royalty in 1910. Over time, things became very uncertain and yet the castle survived a lot. It didn’t always serve as a castle though, and as the times changed, so did the purpose of the building.

It survived fights and disputes, became an agricultural education center changed to a center that looked after mentally disabled children and it was closed down in 1997 for good.

3. Get Out Of Jail Free


Considered a “Model Prison” this is Presidio Modelo in Cuba. It’s been empty since 1967 and was commissioned in 1926 by Gerardo Machado. Fidel Castro spent time in this prison.

The way the prison was designed allowed the guards to stand in the center of the room and be able to keep an eye on all 2,500 inmates at once. You can only imagine the stories that this prison has to tell.

4. Wasn’t Meant to Be


This little town in Brazil was established by Henry Ford in 1928. Fordlândia was meant to supply rubber for the automobile industry to try and bypass buying the rubber from the British. Sadly, it didn’t work out at all.

The Rubber trees were not able to survive in the hilly and infertile land that Fordlândia had to offer. The people living there were also not happy about wearing ID badges and eating American food, so they revolted in 1930 and things went downhill from there. The city was abandoned in 1934.

5. Long Story In Short


In the Russian forests, you will find many of these exquisite abandoned wooden houses. Due to their extreme isolation, many of them are perfectly intact, barring what nature dealt out.

6. If The Walls Could Speak


You can’t have a list of abandoned locations without including an asylum! This is New Jersey’s Marlboro Psychiatric Hospital, which operated from 1931 till 1998.

Lots of strange activity was reported from this hospital, like patients that went missing, choking to their early demise and freezing to you know what. The hospital was demolished along with all its stories in 2015.

7. Just One More Visit


The images that surface of the Hotel De Salto in Columbia is surreal. This hotel opened in 1928, and one of the drawcards was the Tequendama Falls which was 433 feet high!

It’s hard to believe, but it’s said they shut the hotel down when people lost interest in the waterfall! It’s been a museum since 2012, and the hotel is amongst the haunted places now!

8. Off The Rails


It’s an abandoned railway station in Czestochowa – Poland. In its heyday, during the industrial revolution, this station was exceptionally busy. Now, it’s one of the most mysterious places you can go visit in Poland.

9. Not So Magical


Discovery Island is an abandoned part of Disney World. It was originally called Treasure Island, but they renamed it Discovery Island. On the island, you could see exotic animals like lemurs, giant tortoises, rare birds and more.

The area closed down in 1999 and the animals moved to the new Animal Kingdom. There were rumors circulating of very dangerous bacteria that was found on the island, but that hasn’t been confirmed. There have been several ideas to reopen this area, but none have come to fruition.

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