Dining10 Local And Best Dishes To Try This Christmas

10 Local And Best Dishes To Try This Christmas


Christmas is almost everyone’s favorite holiday. It is during this time that most countries likely to get freezy and with that comes the feel of Christmas.

Taking weather aside, Christmas lights, music, and also don’t forget the delicious food! People especially wait for meals around this time of year.

However, every country is different and usually, they have their own traditions during Christmas, in which different types of food are included.

Though many of us are habitual to the idea of Santa or Christmas cake at this time of the year in some places, there are dishes such as mince pies or salted cod being consumed.

If you are looking for local dishes throughout this Christmas around the world, then we have mentioned some great options here.

10 Christmas Delicacies From Around The World

Assure yourself that you try each of these tasty treats from around the world to make your Christmas even more happy and fun! Which of these would you love to try first?

1. Christmas Goose

Christmas Goose
Via: lagebaston.com

This traditional Christmas meal is part of Germany and it comes from the Middle Ages. It was eaten during St. Martin’s day but ultimately became a dish eaten during Christmas.

The lovely goose is stuffed with apples, prunes, chestnuts, and onions. It is served with cabbages, gravy, dumplings, and sauerkraut.

The dinner is great for those food lovers who really want to have a delicious cuisine. It’s served with Gluevenin, which is a lentil alcohol made from cinnamon, cloves, and lemon.

A few of the desserts include stollen; stollen is a traditional German cake, (a fruit cake made with marzipan, and dried fruit and covered with powdered sugar), spritzkuchen (a donut type dish which is fried and glazed in syrup) and spritzgeback (a German biscuit made during Christmas from butter, flour, sugar, and eggs).

There are beautiful and special marzipan designs made of animals, fruits, and all sorts of shapes.

Location: Germany

2. Panettone

Via: wikimedia.org

If you are in search of the best traditional Christmas food in the world, be sure to go to Italy because they actually consume seven fishes recommended in the Bible. 7 different types of fish are cooked in different ways.

Bacca (salted cod) and calamari are the two fishes that are included. In some places in Italy, they eat poultry, duck or chicken and cook it with various sauces and combine it with wine.

In some places, Lazoia (lamb and potatoes), Apulia (grilled eel) or Sicily ( a baked pasta) are cooked. Dessert plays an important role in Italy during Christmas.

There is a famous sweet called Panettone, a cake full of candied fruits, raisins, nuts, and chocolates. Some other sweets include Marzipan, Nougat, Torrone, Panforte, Cannoli, and Pandoro.

Location: Italy

3. Christmas Pudding

Christmas Pudding
Via: cloudfront.net

The dish is known as a figgy pudding or plum pudding or pud and refers to the Christmas pudding throughout the United Kingdom.

Most people really look forward to this special dessert, which is the best part of the food. Pudding is not really made of plums, but raisins which were considered plums in the Victorian era.

There is a famous sweetener called panettone, a cake full of candied fruits, raisins, nuts, and chocolates. Some other sweets include Marzipan, Nougat, Torrone, Panforte, Cannoli, and Pandoro.

Dried fruits are the primary taste enhancers in the pudding. Apart from this, eggs, spices and molasses also go into it. The best part about it? Brandy is put on the pudding before serving it! Apart from sweets, you can also enjoy some roasted Turkey, goose and mince pies.

Location: United Kingdom

4. Buche de Noel

Buche de Noel
Via: sndimg.com

This is the traditional sweet of France. It is a log-shaped cake that is designed with buttercream and is decorated with unique Christmas figures.

The cake is assumed to represent Yule Log, which was brought inside the house, the liquor was poured on it and then it was burned on Christmas Eve.

After all, no further practice was done, but the case took up the same tradition. The original dish contains a sponge cake with chocolate cream, but since then many changes have been introduced.

Now you can find different types including Tiramisu, Caramel Cream, Raspberry Mascarpone and many more. Apart from this, on the French Christmas table, you will also get smoked salmon, foie gras, and stuffed turkey or goose.

Location: France

5. Melomakarona

Via: akispetretzikis.com

Melomakarona is a sweet cookie that is baked and then soaked in honey or chocolate and it has lemon zest all over it. It is also served with walnuts. And on almost every table, these popular treats appear in Greece.

Since a fast is done before Christmas, it certainly must be a splendid feast.

In addition to delicious dessert, you will usually get pork roast or grill along with Christopsomo or Christ’s bread, which is currently baked at this time of the year. These heavenly buns are usually decorated with a dough cross on top.

Location: Greece

6. Nyama Choma

Nayama Choma
Via: raxcdn.com

Nayama Choma is roasted meat and is generally goat because Kenyans are known as those who love goat meat. Christmas is a bit different in Kenya. Usually, at this time, this happens when the grill starts and neighbors are invited for a BBQ.

The meat should be eaten hot and right off the hot charcoal. The whole goal is to be finished in one sitting. Some tribes in Kenya provide specific parts of goats are for girls and some special parts for boys.

Apart from this, freshly made flatbread, mashed potatoes and peas, and Kenya pilau can be consumed with Christmas cake also for those coming from the city.

If you want to take part in some of the holiday food traditions around the world, this would be the best place to do it.

Location: Kenya

7. Bacalao

Via: gallinablanca.es

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Bacalao or salted cod is not very common in most places but it forms part of the main diet for Mexican people. In the authentic tradition, the fish was snuffed and then was preserved in special ways.

Because the refrigerators are popularly used nowadays, most of the local people do not go through those methods, but some who like to preserve the tradition continue to do this because they say that it gives a unique taste to the fish.

The fish is rehydrated and cooked at the point where it becomes absolutely juicy and tender. In Dish Bacalao, Mexicana Tomatoes is used along with anchovies, potatoes, and onions to create a filling and warming meal.

Location: Mexico

8. Russian King Cake

Russian King Cake
Via: vox-cdn.com

This popular dessert is a three-layered cake made of poppy seeds and cocoa powder. The more new creation is made with more chocolate, more layers and garnished with walnuts. The cake is delicious with different layers of chocolate and walnuts.

This dessert is usually eaten with Russian tea cakes on Christmas day, which are sweet little cakes made with flour, butter, and is wrapped in powdered sugar. Actually, there’s isn’t any proper meal because many people have fast till they see the first star on Christmas Eve.

If you are searching for local dishes throughout this Christmas world, make sure to go to Russia.

Location: Russia

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9. Saffron Buns

Saffron Buns
Via: simplyrecipes.com

The Christmas festival in Sweden is called julbord and it has 5 different courses. The first course involves seafood such as spicy herring or shellfish.

The following course consists of cold cuts such as Christmas ham followed by turkey or roast beef which is eaten with a dark bread called vortbrod. Meatballs, boiled potatoes, and air-dried cod, all come in the third course.

All food is washed with glogg, a mulled wine. The last course will be sweet and although rice pudding is popular so are saffron buns. They are yellow and sweet and baked in the shape of an S with lots of butter.

If you are in search to enjoy festive food all over the world, be sure to take some loose pants when you go for a feast in Sweden!

Location: Sweden

10. Roast Pig

Roast Pig
Via: barbecuebible.com

In the Philippines, Christmas is a tradition of roasting pigs. Fine pork feet, as well as spit-roasted pig, are eaten on this day. The roast is accompanied with queso de bola or cheese ball, pasta, spring rolls, and salad.

Christmas usually starts in the Philippines and this is a very important time. Christmas Carol begins at the beginning of September and continues till January. Food begins early, but traditional festival occurs on December 25.

Location: Philippines

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