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8 Best Hot Springs In Iceland For A Magical Getaway


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Iceland is definitely one of the dream travel destinations. The natural attractions and spellbinding landscapes here can leave you overwhelmed. However, amid so much to explore and see, we don’t want you to miss out on something really great. We thought of listing down some of the best hot springs in Iceland for those who want to embrace nature a little more.

There are plenty of hot springs to explore here. While some are settled amidst mountains, the others sit alongside the river. They make up the most stunning holiday opportunities. Moreover, you should check out some important hot spring etiquettes before you enter one of them. Also, read further to know about the best Iceland hot springs.

Most Stunning Iceland Hot Springs

1. Myvatn Nature Baths

best hot springs in Iceland
Via: myvatnnaturebaths

If you have planned to spend an entire day in Myvatn to the north, local baths offer an amazing option. Myvatn Nature Baths are quite engaging with its excellent steam baths, alkaline lagoon, and a restaurant.

You will also have showers and on-site changing rooms along with lockers to keep your items safe. While entrance charges vary according to months and seasons, this is a great place to spend an interesting day.

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2. Fontana Geothermal Baths

best hot springs in Iceland
Via: viajesislandia

The Fontana Baths are situated on the edge of Laugarvatn with a wonderful lake-view. Just an hour’s drive away from Reykjavik, this could be a perfect day trip. Being located within the Golden Circle, you can find various major attractions of Iceland including Gulfoss, Silfra Fissure, and Geysir.

You will come across the most relaxing and pleasant sights of Iceland. If you reach here early you can watch the staff there, retrieving the daily bread. This bread is baked underground using geothermal energy near the lake.

3. The Secret Lagoon

best hot springs in Iceland
Via: gastrogays

Popular as Gamla Laugin among the locals, this is definitely one of the oldest and best hot springs in Iceland. The major function here was to conduct swimming lessons for the local children. While in the pool, you can also check out the original changing room from far. It is situated near a town, Fludir.

There’s also a cafe where you can grab some good food and drinks. If you’re not prepared you can rent swimsuits and towels here. Make sure you don’t miss the boardwalk trail around the hot spring. This would be a great experience with several small geysers and elf homes.

4. Blue Lagoon

best hot springs in Iceland
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Every traveler deserves to visit this hot spring at least once in a lifetime. The Blue Lagoon possesses a massive swimming area that will never fail to offer you seclusion and quiet environment despite the huge crowds here.

However, early morning or late night visits are the best for such experiences. There are steam rooms, changing rooms, showers, lockers, and an on-site public restaurant. To make it even more interesting and relaxing, go for an in-water massage.

5. Seljavallalaug

best hot springs in Iceland
Via: followmeaway

This scenic hot spring is situated in southern Iceland in the mountain ridge near Seljavellir. It is one of the oldest pools in the country, known to be built in 1923. However, the water in the pool is not really hot as the other hot springs. Although warm water is said to be fed into the pool it’s still pretty chilled during winters.

There are no on-site lifeguards, therefore, think before you decide to swim. Moreover, the good thing is that you won’t have to give any entry fees here. The pool is cleaned by volunteers, once in a year so based on when you visit, you may find algae growing in there. Make sure you include a quick hike in your itinerary. The splendid views of the mountains around are absolutely worth your time.

6. Landmannalaugar

best hot springs in Iceland
Via: landmannalaugartours

Being situated in the Icelandic Highlands, Landmannalaugar is easily accessible during summers. This is a stunning place with basaltic rock formations and waterfalls and of course, a hot spring. You may go around hiking and take a dip in the famous pool.

Although most of the hot springs here are alkaline enough to keep bacteria, this pool often gives and itch to the swimmers. It still remains one of the most popular spots for travelers. On the edge of the Laugahraun lava field, there are a handful of cold water and hot water streams and hot springs along with a small warm river.

7. Heydalur Geothermal Hot Pot

best hot springs in Iceland
Via: adventographer

This area in Westfjords has plenty of pleasing sights of nature including fields and manmade waterfalls. Staying at the Heydalur Hotel will let you enjoy in its campus, plush with geothermal pools, rose bushes, and cherry trees.

There are also options to explore another remote hot spring near the hillside, to the other side of the river. This is a small hot spring surrounded by a rock wall which is the only special thing about it. During spring this pool in the glacial valley gets ornated with colorful flowers.

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8. Reykjadalur

best hot springs in Iceland
Via: tripsavvy

If you want a day full of hiking that ends at a beautiful hot spring, Reykjadalur can be surely added to your itinerary. It is a 40 minutes hike from Hveragerði that takes you up a small mountain in a beautiful valley. There are geysers, bubbling springs, and spectacular valleys all around here.

Because of the geysers, there’s a layer of steam to the view which adds on a magical vibe. Along there’s a boardwalk with dividers. Usually, the water towards the top of the river is known to warmer than any other area. This is definitely one of the best hot springs in Iceland.

From this list of Iceland hot springs make sure you explore the most. These places are likely to turn out to be the best ones ever. Plan it well.

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