Best Natural Wonders You Can Only See In Spring

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Want to spend the summer holidays in nature’s lap apart from the city’s buildings and crowds? Know about these beautiful places whose memory will be settled forever in your mind.

A Glimpse To The Best Natural Wonder Across the World

1. Indonesia

credit:I Like Local blog

What so special about the place: In the far-flung distance of Bali, different from the crowd, there are full of natural scenes. Lombok and Gili island are the most beautiful beaches in Indonesia.

In addition to beautiful cities, shining roads, and colored lives, there are also many beautiful places in the Java Islands where you can enjoy the surviving volcano and wildlife of Pangandaran.

How much to spend: Indonesia is quite cheap in terms of budget travel. There will be an average of 3 thousand rupees and 4-star rooms for 6500 rupees easily.

2. Belize


What to special: There are 87 different types of ecosystems, which benefit from ecotourism and agriculture. This is the main basis of this country’s economy. Myan Temple and Tropical Rainforests are its beauty.

How much to spend: By spending all the expenses including hotels, food, and roaming, one person has to spend near about 6 to 9 thousand per day.

3. Jordan


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Why visit: Welcome to see the new and old culture combing along with natural beauty. Looking at the City of Petra of the Dead Sea and Jordan from the modern city of Amman, you’ll feel a different experience. It’s one of the amazing natural wonders on earth. 

How much to spend: There is a room available at the hotel for Rs 9,500. You can get good discounts as well.

4. Kenya


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What is so special: If you want to spend a lot of time with nature, then this African country of biodiversity is a wonderful choice. There are more than 50 national parks and reserve areas in Kenya, where there are special rules. Apart from this, there are a lot of beautiful beaches surrounding the nation. 

How much to spend: A passenger can live comfortably at an average of Rs 2,500 per day. If you want to enjoy luxury, then you have to spend around Rs 18,000 per day. It’s also one of the best natural wonders you will see.

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