China has now surprised the world by striving in another case. Yes, China has made the longest floating path in the world of the size of a huge butterfly.

Guizhou of China is well-known for its natural beauty, captivating charm of its people and it’s also gifted with rich natural resources. When it comes to tourism, China is known for its higher, better, and the best approach.

But many people don’t know about this Chinese province which is home to the longest floating walkway in the world. Aerial view of floating walkway creates a large colorful butterfly shape that can easily attract the attention of anyone.

The 5.2 km long road has been opened for tourists on October 1. The Guinness Book of World Records has admitted that this is the longest floating path in the butterfly-shaped world.

As per the official website of the Guinness World Records, “The longest floating walkway measures 5.13 km (3.19 miles) and was achieved by Chengdu VENI Tourism Development Corp. and Shanghai Qihua Water Engineering Construction Co., Ltd (both China) in Luodian, Guizhou, China on 30 December 2016. The walkway is made of individual interlocking plastic blocks and held in place by anchors spread across the structure.”

As mentioned above, the pathway resembles a giant colorful butterfly apart from which it offers a wide variety of water activities in the park that includes China’s biggest floating swimming pool and the only tropical botanical garden in Guizhou province, as per People’s Daily China.

This route is spread over 13.3 acres. This route is part of the Hooghishui River Scenic Park in Guizhou province of southwest China.

It has been started in the celebration of National Day celebrated in China. Tourists will take more than 30 minutes to make one of these rounds.

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The artists will also be present at different intervals. The Botanical Garden is also built in Scenic Park, which shines in the dark. On one hand, palm trees have been planted in one part. The complete route is made of 2,22,500 interlocking plastic blocks.

There are anchors placed under the water to hold the structure in place. Each four plastic block measure one square metre (10.8 square feet), and each square metre can maximum hold a load of 350 kg (772 pounds). also, there are safety nets installed alongside the whole walkway.