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15 Romantic Destinations to visit with your girlfriend on holidays

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The moments you spend with your partners are enough to make your every single moment happy.  Places will never matter when you are with your beloved ones. But, you can make some moments extra beautiful when you two visit to any heavenly location. Of Course, no doubt your happiness will become double.

The best thing is that those heavenly destinations are located in India, you don’t have to step out from India as it has huge numbers of exotic places.  Here are some of those exotic destinations must visit with your girlfriend.

So, without wasting your time pack your bags and be ready for the love trip:

Goa beaches are very popular for spending romantic holidays. Goa is famous for tourist attractions with international and domestic tourists.  The views from beaches are mind-blowing. With your girlfriend, you can watch an amazing view of the beach front, shopping outlets, clubs, restaurants.

List Of Romantic Places In India

1. Kashmir

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Kashmir is considered as a heaven place on the planet. Kashmir is really a worth visit destination, whether you are just on a trip or for a honeymoon trip you can visit here with your family, friends, and girlfriend. The cold weather and ice will increase the fun. It’s one of the most beautiful romantic places in India.

Heaven on Earth

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2. Kerala


Kertal is a place covered with nature. You can take the experience of complete joy with your girlfriend.  No place is a better place than being in a place surrounded by nature. A nature lover will never ever forget the experience grab here.

Nature at its best

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3. Ladakh

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Breathtaking of beauty can touch your heart, you two will become closer in the beauty of the place. Ladakh has so many attractions to visit, every year the number of tourists visit Ladakh to come and see its beauty. Some unseen beauty of Ladakh will amaze you both.

A destination full of breathtaking views

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4. Sikkim

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If your girl truly loves nature you should not miss visiting Sikkim. It is the best place for nature lovers.  There are so many spots that are really exotic and will turn on your mood.  The night of Sikkim is too beautiful to say.

Unforgettable nature views

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5. Manali

Wow, one can never miss the chance to visit Manali then how can you miss it?  Take your girl to the beauty of Manali and see how happy she will become and will enjoy with you there. Manali is also the most popular honeymoon destination.

Exotic journey

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6. Gujarat

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Gujrat is a really best destination for every travel lovers.  You can visit a variety of places at Gujarat with your girlfriend and can enjoy together. Stay in a luxurious five-star hotel will enhance your trip to Gujarat with your girlfriend.

7. Daman and Diu

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Summer is the best time to plan your trip to Daman and Diu, its climate makes the place that one can visit there anytime.  Another best time is during the monsoon as they celebrate their nariyal Purnima festival. So, visit in monsoon and also take benefit of attending this beautiful festival.

8. Shimla – A Snowy Feel

Shimla credits to be the perfect destination fondly hold your partner amid snow-covered mountains and frosty grasslands. Mesmerizing views are offered that smells calm and peace. You can marvel at the architectural settings and can have a historic walk at these top-class places. It’s one of the best places to visit for couples in India.

9. Alleppey…boathouse experience

Situated in Kerala, also known as God’s own country, Alleppey is the 7th largest city. The place offers lavish amenities of silent backwaters, tranquil beaches, beautiful lagoons, picturesque canals, and lush palm trees.

The mother nature is at its peak with the most attractive panorama. To have the absolute experience, just let your eyes focussed on the beauty of this place. Stay at the serene boathouse that smoothly and quietly glides on the clear amazing water and offers majestic views of small hills and paddy fields.

It’s a must-visit place for the people who love birds. From November to February, is the ideal time to visit Alleppey.

10. Munnar – The aroma of tea attracts you!

Make your way to the beautiful hill station in Munnar which makes you feel relaxed away from the monotonous city life. In this appealing town, you’ll witness large stretches of tea plantations. The romance here is in the air with the tea aroma. have your lovely stay at the Devonshire Greens, styled in a colonial way.

11. Auli – white field

Auli is all snow-covered mountains whose beauty is not explainable through words. It’s a place bucket full of adventure, pleasure, spectacular cliffs, and wilderness in the best form.

This alluring destination surrounds alpine trees and meadows covered in white snow. Love skiing here on the icy slopes of Auli and prompt the adrenaline rush.

Have a walk amid the wintry land, with your beloved and just applaud the magnificent landscapes. In the months of May and November, you will be welcomed by amusing weather.

12. Ooty- spotless lovingness setting

A popular hill station away from the hassles of the city’s life. You will love the hypnotizing views of Ooty valley and the beautiful Blue Mountains. Stretching their boundaries, pine and eucalyptus trees covers a huge area. And for honeymooners, Ooty is an ideal romantic getaway for those in search of tranquility.

A glance at the exotic tea plantations, exquisite coffee plantations will make you feel blessed in this pleasant weather. This place carries the baggage of perfect escape for honeymooners.

13. Wayanad – Another Perfect Romantic Getaway

The place is dotted with mushroom trees amid hills. The place is away from the sophistication. So, immerse yourself in the dense forest, rugged mountains, sub-tropical savannahs, and extensively spread out plantations. The hutments, created from mud gives you the feeling that you are in nature’s lap. You can stay at Banasura Hill Resort or Vythiri resort (tree house) to feel the best of nature.

14. Coorg, The Scotland of India

Coorg is adoringly acknowledged as the Scotland of India. It’s undeniably the favorite amongst the honeymooners. The place beautifies itself with blooming teak, fanciful hills, sandalwood forests, expansions of tea and coffee plantations. It’s one of the best romantic places in India.

For accommodation, stay at Taj Vivanta is positioned amid greenery by a bunch of hills and lavish forest.

Also, you can feel fresh at the Tamara where you find yourself in the heart of nature. Also, camping in Coorg is another best escape among romantic couples.

15. Goa

Stay in the isolated huts and feel like paradise is on Earth! You can even throw yourself in the happening nightlife of Goa, which smells the tradition of Portuguese culture. If you an adventure seeker, visit thick mangroves of Mandovi or go for parasailing adventure or dolphin cruise. Also, you’ll love the sound of waves hitting against the coast, which is an absolute romance for you!

16. Havelock (Andaman Islands)

Havelock is absolutely spectacular, unmatched, untouched and purely away from not so needed urbanization. The place attires itself with clear turquoise waters, sandy beaches, and you with your beloved. Just enjoy the sheer beauty of this place which is not found elsewhere in India. Feel like heaven in the romantic settings here in the Andaman Islands.

17. Kumarakom (Kerala)

The picturesque green environment and the perfect freshness make Kumarakom. The place is about an hour away from Kochi. A perfect place to rejuvenate in the backwaters. Have the memorable experience to spend a lovely night in a luxurious houseboat and try hands on some delicious and fresh seafood.

15. Kovalam- Ultimate Happiness

A lovely trip to the Kovalam town is an infinite delight along with waving palms trees, sparkling waters. While your visit to Kovalam, stay at Leela Kovalam which is perched on hill’s edge. Listen and admire the melodious sound of chirping birds and the thrashing waves seen from the top. From the bedroom, witness the photogenic sea, sand, and sky views. It’s one of the top romantic places in India.

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