Europe11 Unmissable Things To Do In Split, Croatia

11 Unmissable Things To Do In Split, Croatia


There are numerous exquisite places on the world map and the more time you waste staying in your beds, the more pleasure you lose. One of the most visited Croatian destinations Split is where you will find many of those pleasures you seek in life. We thought of listing down the best things to do in Split, Croatia, and a few ways of making your visit more interesting and memorable. There are gorgeous beaches for nature lovers and spectacular museums for history enthusiasts. Know what’s perfect for you.

Things To Do In Split, Croatia

1. Stroll Through The Old Town

things to do in Split
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You will find this local area to be really fascinating. This place had been into highlights being a location for the filming of Game Of Thrones and various other productions in Hollywood. This beautiful old town seems to be much similar to the south of Dubrovnik and north of Sibenik and Zadar.

You will come across some spectacular fortification, cobbled streets, and ancient walls. There are some places that belong to the 4th century. The ancient marble walkways in the city will fascinate you. If you’re into history, you should definitely consider visiting here.

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2. Visit Duje’s Cathedral

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The fact that it’s the oldest cathedral in the world, makes the cathedral one of the most popular tourist attractions in Split Croatia. There’s the mausoleum of one of the most conspicuous Roman Emperors. Apart from that, you will come across numerous glorious remains from the past and intriguing artifacts that you would love.

3. The Diocletian Palace

things to do in Split
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Overlooking the Split harbor, the Diocletian palace is one of the great examples of Roman architecture. This is the focal point of the city. It dates back to 1700 years back. Visit the Peristyle Square, right in its center.

It is a good place to sip on some beverages and experience local cultural events. During summer months, you will witness the liveliest experiences at this place with live music and dance. Nearby, there’s a temple of Jupiter which will be a great addition to the plan.

4. Remiscise The Glorious Past At Trogir

things to do in Split
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Trogir is one of the most worthwhile UNESCO heritage places to visit in Split. Mostly you will come across baroque style architecture and Romanesque buildings here. Being one of the most popular destinations in Croatia, this town sees thousands of tourists every year. Visiting here will be one of the best things to do in Split.

5. Froggyland

things to do in Split
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Visiting the Froggyland will be the most unique experiences of all. It is the world’s largest display of taxidermy frogs. It is something that will interest kids the most.

This collection features 507 frogs in human poses like playing tennis, sitting in a classroom, performing gymnastics, etc. The excellent detailing is what blows off your mind. You will come across a lot of hilarious stuff in here. Well, that’s all really entertaining.

6. Relax At the Kašjuni Beach

things to do in Split
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If you had been looking for a clean, nudist beach here, then this is it. This one is one of the most secluded Croatian beaches. It is distant, isolates, and beautiful. There are many aspects to love about this mesmerizing, seductive beach including the fact that you can take your dog here.

7. Klis Fortress

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Surrounded by the Split hills, the Klis Fortress offers some spectacular views. You can come here for witnessing one of the most breathtaking sunsets and the magnificent views of the Adriatic Seas and stunning vistas.

It is 2000 years old, once ruled by the Romans and Croatian kings. There are plenty of explorations for history buffs. It is also one of the filming locations for the Game Of Thrones.

8. Explore Ancient Ruins At Salona

things to do in Split
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Situated to the northeast in Split, exploring Salona will be like taking a brisk walk in the magnificent past. There used to be a large population living here. However, at present, this place is abandoned and isolated. There are an amphitheater and various scintillating glimpses of the past in this archaeological park.

9. The Riva

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If you miss this one you’re going to miss a lot of great things. The waterfront promenade is mesmerizing and surrounded by some really good restaurants and cafe bars. The Riva is a perfect place to grab some good views of the harbor, the boats and watch the locals.

There are various cultural events. You can come here for an evening beer or a morning coffee. The Riva is a major public location in Split. You can’t miss it out.

10. Bačvice Beach

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There are various great beaches in Split that will let you enjoy the sun, sand, and sea. This one could be a worthy option for a day trip. This beach is the closest to the city center and often crowded with locals, who are here to enjoy a game of picigin. Although there are better options out there, there’s no harm in giving it a try for some different experiences.

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11. Krka National Park And Waterfalls

things to do in Split
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This is one of the best day trips you can take from Split. Krka National is the park that is one of the best in Croatia. It is an expansive territory of rivers, waterfalls, lakes, forests and glades, and amazing hiking trails.

This is a perfect breathtaking, picture-postcard destination that will offer you the great stuff for your Instagram feed. Late September would be a good time to be here since the crowds are thin by then.

Although the list can still go on, consider these amazing things to do in Split for a memorable experience. Plan it well.

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