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Get married on these beautiful fairytale wedding venues in Europe

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If you have ever dreamed about beautiful fairytale wedding venues abroad? then here are some venues for you. Just like every girl wants to get married in a fairy style way where she and her prince charming exchange their vows and then they live happily ever after.

Perfect fairytale wedding venues waiting for you!

1. Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany 

Via :bavaria.by

When you look at this masterpiece then you will understand that it took a lot of dedication to build this beautiful castle. The Neuschwanstein castle is on the hilltop surrounded by beautiful mountains and lush trees giving it a fairytale view. However, although it reminds you about the past days here you will get Morden services along with Wi-Fi and quality services.

2. Ashford Castle, Ireland

Via: mayo-ireland.ie

Country Mayo consisted of this castle, built in 1228 the castle remind us the fairytale days. Well, this luxurious hotel castle is a prime destination for weddings. In Europe, it is considered the most beautiful castle in the whole country plus has a large space for your wedding guests. From elegant luxurious rooms to breathtaking bathroom s, the castle looks stunning from inside and outside.

3. Dundas Castle, Scotland

Via: rankinephotography.com

When it comes to historic castles then Dundas is the first name that comes in the mind of people. It is located in Scotland, with a beautiful lawn and internal decor, its beauty is incomparable. Besides this, it is a perfect place for a wedding as it contains 17 bedrooms, a romantic Boathouse and a great hall that makes it one of the perfect fairytale wedding venues.

4. Hluboká Castle, Czech Republic

Hluboká Castle, Czech Republic
Via: kurtvinion.com

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It is a cultural monument along with being a favorite venue for a wedding. With idyllic surrounding scenery and Neo-Gothic architecture, it has been the favorite spot of people for getting married.

The castle rooms are decorated in Renaissance-style plus a number of Dutch masters paintings make this room enchanting. With a reception hall, restaurant and Czech cuisine, it makes a perfect venue for a wedding.

5. Castello Odescalchi di Bracciano, Italy

Via: italy.com

Italy is known for its romantic environment and it is impossible to not to mention this romantic place in the fairytale wedding list. Talking about the castle architect, atmosphere and decor then we give it 10 out of 10 in all aspects. Along with this, it has space for around 150 guests plus a special half for wedding and reception purpose. When it comes to food then your wedding guests will eat their fingers along with the food.

6. Pena Palace, Sintra, Portugal

Pena Palace, Sintra, Portugal
Via: paradijsvogelsmagazine.nl

The castle is surrounded by natural beauty including lots of exotic plants and trees. Because of its beauty, it’s one of the ideal fairytale wedding venues in Europe. Besides this, one will also see fountains, black swans and ponds in the castle. With this castle, all your fantasies will come true. Along with this, the castle architect is made in Roman style and thus reflects that era in Morden way.

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