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Have to see it to believe it- worlds most dangerous Road to Tianmen Mountain

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Imagine navigating this on your commute. It is one of the dangerous roads in the world. And it was also stated that the longest Cable car system in Tiananmen and across the world.

Spanning around 7 kilometers to travel the Tianmen Mountain from Zhangjiajie, in the northwestern Hunan Province, China; it takes 30 minutes to reach the place. The trip is stunning and also thrilling than you can ever expect. It’s Known as one of the dangerous roads on earth. It’s the picturesque landscape which was the inspiration for the movie “Avatar.”

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This Is The Road To China’s Tianmen National Park


It features 99 hairpin turns and winds up 1,100 meters or forego the drive and take the mountain cableway extending over 25,000 feet. it features 98 passengers cars, but your climb doesn’t stop here!


To explore this park, you’ll also need to ascend 999 steps And go via a giant natural archway.

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A large Buddhist temple where visitors pray and leave wishes and lockets.

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A Footpath Hugs The Cliff Side At 4,600 Feet In The Air


Parts of this place are made of glass so, try not to look down!

The topmost slope is at astonishing 37 degrees. Tourists can opt walking a few kilometres of the track created at the cliff face at the mountain top, including regions with glass floors. With an 11 km road and having 99 bends, you reach the top of the mountain and takes the tourists to Tianmen cave, situated at a height of 131.5 metres, a natural hole in the mountains.

A cable car was manufactured by the French company Poma from the neighboring Zhangjiajie railway station to the top of the mountain. Tianmen Mountain Cableway is acclaimed as the longest passenger cableway of high cliffs in the world” in tourist publications; it features 98 cars and a total length of 7,455 meters and 1,279 meters climb.

A huge temple is situated on the apex with chairlift or footpath access. The original temple was given shape during the time of the Tang Dynasty. Currently, with the advanced construction technologies, Tang dynasty architecture holds the site and consist of a vegetarian restaurant in the setting of 10,000 square meters.

Best Things to do at Tianmen Mountain

Tianmen Shan Cable Car

Enjoy the ride at Tianmen Shan Cable Car which takes half an hour to travel from the Zhangjiajie city to the Tianmen Mountain. You’ll remember this journey for a lifetime and it’s worth to visit it!

The Cliff Hanging Walkway

Tiananmen Mountain is praised to be one of the world’s most beautiful mountains. Does the question arise, why should travel here? To have the adventurous ride of the world’s longest cable cars, walk the slim path, path made of planks attached to perpendicular hills of Tianmen Mountain, walk on the glass skywalk and head towards steeping onto to climb 999 steps to Heaven’s Door. There lies nothing except for air. It’s a damn long pathway down to the ground below. Amazingly, the passageway settles 1,400 metres off of the ground.

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