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Trip of a Lifetime: French Polynesia

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Paradise awaits in the blue waters of Tahiti — swim with sharks, manta rays, and whales for the ultimate trip of a lifetime.

What’s Special About French Polynesia? 

Tahiti’s outer islands have got you beat known for their Volcanic Islands, jutting into the sky. And the best recognized by the infinite Shades of Blue. One of the best place in the world to sail, dive, and hike. What you call as the drop-dead gorgeous beauty is, French Polynesia. Enjoy to the fullest at the spellbinding coral of Taha’a or set trail in the shimmering seas off of Rangiroa.

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Believed by some to be the birthplace of Polynesia, many sailing voyages across the Pacific began here.

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The islands are protected from waves by barriers reefs forming crystal clear, Tranquil Lagoons. Reading the colors of the water tells you, the depth indicating safe passage for sailing, and with only 0.1% of the country above sea level. There are lots to see underwater!


Sharks, Rays, and fish are abundant, even Humpback whales! And with fewer tourists in an entire year than Hawaii gets in one day. It’s truly the trip of a Lifetime!

Scuba Diving

Although it’s pretty tough to believe that French Polynesia is much more beautiful below sea level. Rangiroa Island features some of the best diving in the world and if you are a beginner, this is the apt place to start your learning.

There are dive shops all across the island, along with internationally famous spots for everyone from beginner to skillful divers.

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The Breathtaking Marine Life

One of every 118 islands of French Polynesia gives the picturesque sight to behold right off of its coast. It will be like you never want to get out of the turquoise water; you’ll find yourself in the middle 800 unique fish species, coral, reefs everywhere, spectacular dive surroundings, and bizarre snorkeling.

Island Hopping!

It is quite convenient to go for boat transfers and interisland flights to French Polynesia. Boat trips are quick, easy, and perfect for sightseeing, and most of the hotels offer boat shuttles from local airports.

The Admiring Sunsets

You’ll fall in love with the sunsets in French Polynesia. Hit the Matira Beach on Bora Bora to witness an unparalleled view.

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Culture Celebration

You need to explore French Polynesia’s culture, Living in such an aloneness, a unique way of life is being lived by this small population, celebrating fascinating traditions. Along with the history of 3,000 years, French Polynesia’s songs, dances, and craftsmanship of French Polynesia are just on top.

Fresh Seafood

You’ll get to taste a top-notch and predominant French Polynesian’s seafood. While having a seat at the beach, enjoying the delicious seafood is one of the best things to do here. While you visit this place, be sure to try hands-on Poisson Cru dish, also known as ‘Ota ‘ika. It’s a dish made from marinated raw fish in coconut milk and lime.

Indulge In Adventure Opportunities

The word, boring is never in the dictionary of French Polynesia. The endless striking sights of above and below the sea level will make your eyes feel the best. Get involved in activities like hiking, spelunking, waterfall climbing, cliff jumping, and exploring lava tube on Tahiti.

Nort Solely For Honeymooners

Sure shot, French Polynesia is crowned as one of the best dream tropical honeymoon destinations. The place envelopes romantic resorts and over-water bungalows all over the islands, but doesn’t mean it’s only for lovers!

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