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Paradise awaits in the blue waters of Tahiti — swim with sharks, manta rays, and whales for the ultimate trip of a lifetime

What’s Special About French Polynesia? 

Tahiti’s outer islands have got you beat known for their Volcanic Islands jutting into the sky. And the best recognized by the infinite Shades of Blue. One of the best place in the world to sail, dive, and hike.

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Believed by some to be the birthplace of Polynesia, many sailing voyages across the Pacific began here.

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Earning Polynesians the title of some of the best navigators in history. The islands are protected from waves by barriers reefs forming crystal clear, Tranquil Lagoons.

Reading the colors of the water tells you the depth indicating safe passage for sailing, and with only 0.1% of the country above sea level. There are lots to see underwater!


Sharks, Rays, and fish are abundant, even Humpback whales! And with fewer tourists in an entire year than Hawaii gets in one day.

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It’s truly the tip of a Lifetime!