Destination WeddingIreland, An Ultimate destination Wedding Under budget

Ireland, An Ultimate destination Wedding Under budget


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Ireland is admired to be an ultimate destination wedding which is blessed by the god itself as its natural beauty impresses everyone by providing a great location for the perfect destination weddings.

However, not everyone can afford to have wedding in other country as it cost a lot to organise wedding there. But price tag won’t stop you to make your dream come true as here are the reasons to choose Ireland when you have budget issue:

1. Economical


Everyone want to have a beautiful, well decorated place where they can say “ I Do” to each other but such decoration requires a lot money. With such a natural beauty, you don’t need to worry about the decoration thing. Along with this, airlines tickets are also damn cheap so it will save lot of your money.

2. Unique and international experience

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Getting married in a different country is something which is out of a box. In Ireland, they will experience different culture along with new lifestyle. Along with this, seeing new place has always been exciting.

3. Delicious food & drink

Delicious food & drink

Whether you are in your home country or outside it, food is that thing that makes everyone happy and at wedding, it is must to have good food for guest. The cuisine of Ireland is delicious and thus serving your guest international flavours bring a big smile and satisfaction to your guests.

4. Hospitality & culture


Irish people know how to take care of their guest as they are quite experienced in hospitality. So, you along with your guest will get good hospitality and they would definitely love Ireland.

5. Abounded of beauty


Enchanting gardens and landscape of Ireland make you fall in love with this country. The harmony and beauty of it make your wedding extra beautiful without any efforts. Your heart and soul will definitely love this place.

6. Castles & Stone Lodges

Castles & Stone Lodges

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If you ever dreamed about a fairy tale, ultimate destination wedding, then Ireland would be the right destination. With so many castles and lodges, you can have your wedding ceremony in there or even go for themed wedding. Historic sites even add more theme and spice in your wedding.

7. Memorable experience


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Have you ever thought about a lavish wedding in Ireland? If your answer is yes then explore this beautiful country. I bet that lakes, hills, beautiful gardens, monasteries etc. will give your wedding ceremony the view and look you always desired. Most important thing is that, this all could be possible in your budget.

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